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Looking for Groups, Individuals Who Choose Not to Vaccinate

I am a mom who is very concerned about the by-products found in vaccines. My daughter had a serious reaction to a vaccination, and now I space them out over a long period of time and have the doctor give her one at a time. I am interested in finding people, especially organized groups, who are also concerned about this issue. Thanks!

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I have read some about the dangers of getting autism from the combo shots and also do not want my son to get them. A professional Speech Therapist friend of mine said there is a group called DAN! Doctors (Drs against immunization?) and I am trying to find some. If you find Ped in Dallas that give the single shots please let me know!

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Hi S.,
I'm a mom of an almost 16 mo old who has never been vaccinated and is a very healthy little boy. I too would like to become more associated with groups or individuals who choose not to vaccinate, did you have any responses to your original request? If so, could you please forward them to me at: ____@____.com
Thanks a bunch!
F. H.

I am a mother of a 20 month old daughter and I have chosen not to vaccinate her. I am a chiropractor and I have seen a lot of negative results from immunizations. My pediatrician is a D.O. so she supports my decision and doesn't push me to have my daughter immunized. There is a great natural health website called Mercola.com that I was referred to by a patient who's daughter was severly injured by an immunization. Hopefully, it will help!

I have read some about the dangers of getting autism from the combo shots and also do not want my son to get them. A professional Speech Therapist friend of mine said there is a group called DAN! Doctors (Drs against immunization?) and I am trying to find some. If you find Ped in Dallas that give the single shots please let me know!

Good Day S.! I commend you for being interested in more information about this subject. When I began working in the field of natural medicine (Chiropractic) several years ago, I became aware of the serious suppression by the medical community of the ill affects of vaccinations. At that time I was not yet a parent but I made the decision then that I would not vaccinate my child. When the time came I realized quickly that it was going to be a challenge being that is still such an uncommon choice to make. She is now 2.5 years old, am exceptionally healthy from birth. Although I by far an expert on the dangers of immunization, I trust I made the right decision based on the small amount of information I have acquired. For as long as I can remember I have not prescribed to the traditional eastern culture of medical treatment. I have always trusted that God made our bodies to be able to heal themselves if we treated them properly and He created plants and natural resources along with that to aid us. I welcome the exciting opportunity to share more with you about my experiences 'on the other side', education websites, holistic doctors who will support your decision further, etc. I prefer to communicate from hear via my personal email. We can then exchange phone numbers if you wish. May God continue to bless you and your family. Peace, K.

Hi S.,
I am a grandmother who has a 1 week old grandson, my first grandchild. I have caused considerable disention in my son's home because I believe as you do and cannot get my daughter-in-law to listen to me. I have found a wonderful schedule of information and spacing of the vaccines on www.tacanow.com - look under Vaccines then "the new DAN protocol. The DAN website offers a lot of information too "defeat autism now" (google it), but I could not find a pediatric doctor listed under the DAN doctor's listings. There a Dr. Rao, listed in Plano that specializes in allergies, asthma and innoculations, but I cannot get 'mom' to make an appointment. It would be wonderful if we could get him to lecture to expectant mothers.
My daughter-in-law's belief system is that her doctor is trained and educated to know what is best. So, it follows that I don't know what's best. I've seen my grandbaby once since he was born because I'm giving 'mom' some cooldown time. My concern is that she will continue on the "trust the doctor only" path and the baby will get shots he doesn't need. He had the completely unnecessary Hep B vaccine when he was one day old because of the perceived 'control issue' between us.
I tried to educate both parents before the baby was born, and they seemed to understand and be in agreement about waiting and spacing and not getting the shots that are not necessary, but since his birth, it has been a big issue. I understand that the doctor hasn't studied the side effects and he does't know any better and would never intentionally harm that baby, but my daughter-in-law will only listen to the doc. My son is just trying to keep peace in the home, and has decided because of that to "just take our chances". I'm heart broken and upset that somehow I have pushed too hard and made it (in her mind) a competition when all I want is for them to have a happy home and a healthy baby.
Who first mentioned to you about the vaccine danger issues? Do you have anyone in your acquaintence that has learning disabilities or autism?
I would appreciate any advise you can give me about how to get 'mom' to understand.
Also, if you look in the school system's website you can usually find a statement about opting out of the vaccines either because of religion or because of conscience (I think I'm saying that right.) Usually the information is directing you to get a form from the state of Texas and turn it into your school. Look on the Allen ISD website and follow some links to the parent education. A friend told me about that and then I found it in Carrollton's. You have to look pretty hard because it's buried, but the info is in both of those school district's websites. It's probably in your's too.
Follow the 'parent education or information path'
You're on the right track.

You may want to read this book:
Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide by Aviva Jill Romm
This book is very balanced and well researched.

We are delaying our daughter's vaccines indefinitely, due to many different reasons. She is a very healthy baby girl!


My husband and I are also concerned about vaccines. we have actually chosen to not vaccinate our son at all right now. he is 16 months old and doing fine. there are several books out regarding dangers of vaccines. My husband is a chiropractor in dallas and advocates against not vaccinating in his office as well.

Hi S. -

I'm mom to 3 boys, ages 13, 9 and 22 months. My oldest had a very mild reaction to DTP, but it was enough to make me research. We stopped giving him shots at 18 months and never vaccinated either of the other 2. I have a wealth of books and websites I can direct you to so you can research yourself and make an informed decision that's right for your family. Unless your doc is very open minded, I can pretty much bet he/she won't share both sides of the story. The links are too voluminous to include here. Email me directly and I'll send you back the links. FYI - There is a great "informed consent" group here in Texas called PROVE and a very strong national group called NVIC. Will send you their info too. J.

I too have chosen to pick and choose the vaccines we give our 8 month old daughter after she screamed for 4 hours straight, would not eat for 12 hours, and was dificult to arouse for almost 24 hours after a DPT shot. I am a physician for adults and this really scared me. After doing lots of reading I have decided not to do any more pertussis vaccines or hepatitis B whick I think is unnecessary in babies and small children. We are going to postpone MMR as long as we can-we have a nanny so don't have to go to daycare thankfully.

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