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Looking for Good Bible for My 5 Year Old Daughter

I am looking for a Bible for my daughter who is 5 1/2. She is reading quite well and is always wanting to find the story that is being taught at church in her bible. The problem is that most kids bibles appropriate for her age only have a few of the most common stories is them. I'm really looking for something with the full text in it, but not too old for her. Thanks!!

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Go to Northwestern Bookstore. They have a section for kids and the bibles are marked by ages. I went there to find one for my 8 year old niece and they had a huge selection. She really loved it and takes it everywhere with her.

Almost any version is good, but just get large print. My kids grew up reading King James and they were able to read and understand it, but I really like the English Standard Version for readability and accuracy. Don't waste her time and interest on getting dumbed down, abridged versions. The Word of God can speak to a five year old, just as it can to any age.

Once when one of mine was about 6, he did something very naughty. He got a hold of the family video camera and dropped it. He knew he had been told not to touch it without permission and his dad and I weren't home at the time. He put the camera back in the case and sent himself to his room. He had a Bible that he had gotten from church that had the Ten Commandments listed on the flyleaf. He decided to check to see how many of them he had broken. When he realized (for a 6 year old) he was in deep trouble, he called out to the Lord for mercy and in serious repentance. In his words, he felt cleaner than he ever had before after he had done that.

The Word of God is living and powerful and as sharp as a surgeons knife, able to cut even a 6 yearold's conscience.

It is exciting when young readers are interested in finding stories and reading out of the Bible themselves. We have a few Bibles from Zonderkids. They make many different, age appropriate Bibles. The NIrV Kid's Quest study Bible is nice.
My six year old has a really little Bible that she loves. I'm not sure where we got it but it is one of those pocket size Bibles (great for little hands), it is only the new testament and Jesus' words are in red - she loves that! Whatever Bible you get, I would put on tabs if it doesn't already have them. THe color coded tabs make it easy for them to find the Gospels, New Testament etc. You can find those at any Christian bookstore. If you are in the bookstore, just flip through all the kid Bibles and you will probably get a good feel for one at her level that you like.
Happy reading!! L.

I have two thoughts on this: one, you might want to check with your church's leadership--I have a book or two given to us by thoughtful, loving family members for our children's baptisms, and one of them is Noah and the Ark--and it says, "God killed all the bad people." Which, in one sense, of course, is true. In another sense, I do NOT want my four year old thinking God is going to smite him because he sassed me today! Your church might have a really good idea, and one that works well with your church's teachings. That said, two, I found a Bible I really liked for my son at K-Mart--I think it's published by Scholastic, of all things. It's like a storyteller's Bible, but it has a lot more stories; we too are wanting something beyond Noah, creation, and Jesus' birth.

Have you tried Osterhus book store. It is located in Robbinsdale. They have some children's bibles and books. You can even get her name inprinted on it.

When my daugter was born my Godmother gave her the Precious Moments Bible. It's kid friendly and is the entire book. Hope this helps!

My daugher is 7 and has a precious moments bible. The only problem with this is that it is not the NIV that we use in church, so some of the words are different. I was planning on going to Northwestern book store to find another one for her. I had bought a bible for my brother a couple of months ago and was amazed at how many different kinds they had.

When I was pregnant I bought The Beginners Bible and have been reading a few stories a day to my daughter since I was 3 months prego with her. She is now 2 1/2. She loves it! She likes to sit and page through it and she has many of the characters memorized. It is quite long and has hundreds of bible stories in it. It is worded perfectly for children. I'm sure your daughter would love reading it. It also had cute pictues on every page. I bought it at a book store but I just saw it at Target the other day. It was around $15 I think.

I go to a church that has some great choices in Bibles and they have them for different ages in the church bookstore of Living Word Christian Center, I found my daughter one there be looking for age and showing her if it was one that would keep her interest. I think Northwestern Bookstore( I think I have the name right) a Christian bookstore in several locations in the Twin Cities would also have good choices and would be able to give advice, they have a large variety of Christian resources.

I too was an early reader, so, The Christmas I was 5, my parents gave me a copy of "The Childrens Living Bible" It's paraphrased, and I've never compared it chapter by chapter to an "adult" bible, but has always seemed complete to me, just with somewhat easier language.

It was published by Tyndale House Publishers. Of course my version is from 1973, so I don't know if they are still out there! But might be worth looking at!


you can look around at the adventist book center website and see the other books they have to offer, but i highly recommend this Bible. it might not really be for her young age, but she wont be that age forever, and this Bible will be able to be used until she is much older, and wants a more adult style Bible.

good luck on your search!

My 5 yr old got a bible from a friend from our church. she got it at a store called DIVINE TREASURES and it is located at 5701 HICKMAN RD. They have quite a selection of childrens bibles. I know that my kids have loved the one that they got and the easy reading helped my 5 yr old understand it well. hope this helps.

My daughter loves the New International Readers Version, but as everyone else has said, there are lots of good Bibles out there for kids. Take your daughter with you to the bookstore and let her read through a few of them. Then let HER choose. If she chooses it, she'll read it more. :)

Try the New Life Version. It's the full Bible, but in simplified vocabulary. I bought one for my son who had reading problems and it was a big help.

SAHM of seven

My dad got our kids each a bible when they were younger and they loved them. They each had NIrV The Adventure Bible for Young Readers. The website I was just looking at to get the name from says it is for ages 6-10, but if she can read pretty well, I think it would work for her as well. It also has some illustrations of some stories (my step daughter really liked/s that - she will be 12 in Sept and still uses it even though we got them all different ones for Easter).
To make it easier, my stepmom put tabs in their bibles for them before they gave them to the kids. So they just have to find the tab with the book they are looking for and then find the chapter. You can get the tabs at a Christian bookstore (or probably where ever you get the bible at).
Here is a link to the site I was looking at (they have pretty good deals on Christian books): http://tinyurl.com/6kddh5
Or you can go to www.christianbooks.com and then look for bibles. I think when I clicked on the bible link on the left, The Adventure Bible was on the first page of results. They have ones for boys and ones for girls (geared more towards each)
Hope that helps!
God Bless

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