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Looking for Birthday Games Ideas for 4-6Yr Olds

I am having a birthday party for my 4 year old son and I am looking for some ideas on icebreaker games or just fun inexpensive games to play. Please let me know all you moms out there who have any ideas.

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I know this is an old game, but my son loved musical chairs. The kids had a great time. There were no winners or losers. Everyone got a goody bag at the end of the game. We had kids from age 2 to 10 playing at my son's last birthday( he is 7)
Good luck.


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My daughter loves this game.

Tie a long piece of ribbon to long balloons. Then tie the string to every child's foot. Everyone runs around trying to pop the others balloons and keep theirs from popping.

Pin the tail on the donkey...use a poster of some sort and stickers with each childs name. That way no one has to worry about tacks.

Do you have a sandbox. Have a little treasure hunt in the sandbox to look for prizes.

Make a treasure map with pictures of furniture and places in the house or yard...each place has a clue to the next clue until they find the treasure. I do this on rainy days sometimes and the treasure box has a little chocolate candy for each child. You use pictures because they kids can't read.

give them crayons or colored pencils and have draw them draw a picture off their monther or father or their best friend and get some $1,00 store frames to put them inand
they can give them to their parents after the party.

Buy the pens that especially made for wash off tattos and have someone nake tattos of them or paint their faces.

Beads;;;;;;;; the girls can make necklaces and the boys can make key chains.


MUSICAL HATS! For many parties I have done Musical HATS!! Works just like musical chairs only with HATS. Just don't put them in a pile (or there will head clunking) but put them in a line and have the children go around. We used santa hats, fireman hats, construction, army hats, crazy halloween wigs, winter hats, baseball caps, and more. It's really easy to do. We had a punk rock purple wig and it was funny to see the boys hesitate to grab it.

SLIPPER TOSS! Get a few pair of adult slippers and then have the kids line up and one at a time put them on and kick them to a HULA HOOP (Laying on the ground a distance away) See how many make it in the ring.

I know this is an old game, but my son loved musical chairs. The kids had a great time. There were no winners or losers. Everyone got a goody bag at the end of the game. We had kids from age 2 to 10 playing at my son's last birthday( he is 7)
Good luck.


We held a birthday party for our son when he was in first grade and invited the whole class of 22 kids!!(We were younger and crazier then!!).We set up some carnival type games-ball toss into a big box with circles cut out of it and a clown painted on it,we let each kid decorate their own cupcake and eat it,we had make your own sundaes(lots of plastic on floor/tables),played pin the tail on the donkey,played musical chairs(all the stuff we did when we were kids)and it was mid-January and SNOWING so we went outside and built snowmen and had a snowball fight,but if it's hot why not water balloon fights or slip and slides?

Lori C

Dance contests to silly songs. There are so many songs for kids that have actions in them..."hop three times" etc.
Disney Kid songs, Sesame Street "Hot,Hot,Hot!" Album. Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey. (The library is the best place to find new music) We DJ the Family dances at our elementry school, and the Perschool/Kinder. Contests are the most fun, because they love to dance and aren't embarraced. Have fun

For lots of ideas, go to www.familyfun.go.com
You can search by age for games, crafts, treat ideas etc.
Have fun!

At DD's 5 year old party...we played Musical Chairs...did a practice run for the kids then played two rounds....we started with 8 kids each time....to soften the blow the kid who didn't get a chair got to choose the chair to be taken away...then we assembled a "cheering" section for those eliminated...funny the two 3 year olds and the party one each time...and they all had fun...no prizes given either...also they liked Pin the Tail on the donkey


I have done a pinata for my daughter since she was 3. They have the ones where you pull the strings since they are not strong enough to break it with a bat. You can also play a game where they all sit in a circle. You start someone with a new ball or new stuffed animal. You play music and they pass the object around to one another. You stop the music and whoever has the object is out. Keep going until there is one child left who is the winner. They get to win the object that was passed around. Good luck!

Hi E., I my self have a 4yr old and a 2yr old. When I did my 4yr olds b-day party they all really seemed to like the whole pinata thing. Now that its warm out you can do some catching games with water balloons, or you can do raffles and get little toys for their prizes. Another idea if you do the party outdoors is if the parents are ok with it, you can buy water guns and play tag. I hope my ideas help and have a great party ! ! !

Hi E.,

party impressions one stop party shopping has a nice affordable game package especially for little ones. The package includes 3 of the favorite games for this age group.

The 3 games are pin the tail on the donkey, birthday toss and musical spheres. It is about an hour of fun.

The 3 games inflate and are dropped off at your home already inflated with directions on how to play each game.

Their number is ###-###-####

good luck with your party!!!

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