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Looking for an over the Counter Flea Medicine for My New Cat.

I just got a cat that has been living outside and am now looking for a flea medicine that I can get at PetSmart or somewhere similar. I see the commercial about Front-Line but is it really the best? And if they are which of their flea products are right? Also is there a certain brand of cat shampoo I should get for when I give him a bath? Or is people shampoo the same as pet shampoo? Any help is appreciated!

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I am a veterinarian, and I would advise you only use Frontline or advantage. Stay away from the hartz brand and other over the counter flea medications, esp. for cats. The other products usually contain permethrin or like chemicals that can really be bad for cats. I have seen a lot of reactions to those products. Fronline is fipronil, and advantage is imdacloprid which are much safer and over the counter now. Revolution is also a wonderful product, but you can only get that from a veterinarian. You want to always use the one labeled for cats and the dose is based on weight. Also, for shampoo I would just recommend a mild shampoo that is labeled for cats. I wouldn't use a flea or tick shampoo on a cat. Also, if you are bringing him inside to live with your family you should have a stool sample checked for intestinal parasites and get him vaccinated just in case!! Let me know if you have any questions!

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All of the other the couter flea medications do not work and are very dangerous to your cat. The two best topical products to use are either Advantage or Frontline. You may shampoo your cat, however some cats just hate to have baths. I am a register veterinary technician and if you have any questions please just write me back.

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Frontline is the very best. I worked for several years in an animal hospital, and I cannot tell you how many cats and dog's had severe reactions (some even death) to the cheaper brand Hartz. Also, Hartz hardly works at all.

You know what formula to get for the cat by the cat's weight. It will say on the box. There are other good brands, like Advantage.

Go to PetSmart, and the customer service people will be able to help you pick which is the best for your cat's needs. Also, don't use human shampoo on animals. They have very sensitive skin and a different cooling system (they don't sweat) like humans do, so they need a special shampoo. Once again, the people at PetSmart can help you pick the best shampoo for your cat.

Frontline is the best, becuase it works for an entire month, and it kills the live fleas as well as new fleas that hatch from eggs. Many of the cheaper brands don't do that.


It's also expensive, and it needs to be applied monthly. You can order them for cheaper from here:

This link is for Advantage:

This link is for Frontline Top Spot:

This link if for Frontline Plus (it is the most effective flea killer, and so it is a bit more expensive):

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I do rescue.....Frontline or Advantage drops that are applied monthly is the best and both work. As to shampoo use Ivory dish soap...it kills fleas and is gentle on the skin - it is what many breeders use.......thank you for adopting this poor fella...

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I've heard that dish soap works.

At the Handley Feed Store on the corner of Sandy Lane and Lancaster in Fort Worth you can buy Advantage (usually you have to go to the vet for this one) 3 aplications for $40. WE've only atempted to bathe our cats once... it was a nightmare. We used flea shampoo... I think it was blue, but I don't recall the brand name. I will never try to bathe them again.

Over the counter products do not work! Frontline is really the only way to go. You should be able to walk into any vet's office and get it. It's totally worth the money!

I have used frontline on my cat but it didn't work. I finally broke down and bought advantage from 1800petmeds and it worked GREAT! It was expensive but it's the only one that worked.


put 1/8 teaspoon of garlic in his food each and EVERY time you feed him. it really works however it will take a couple of weeks before you can tell the difference. The reason it works is because the fleas cannot handle garlic and as you know ( im sure) it will be in his blood and body oils. An added plus is garlic is good for the heart. Try this and let me know how it works for your kitty. Just so you know I have 8 cats and 1 dog and we have NO FLEAS.

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