Looking for a Holistic Pediatrician/pediatric Naturopath

Updated on December 09, 2007
L.H. asks from Bellevue, WA
5 answers

Does anyone have a recommendation for a holistic pediatrician or a naturopath specializing in pediatrics? I had my baby's 2-month check-up today & got "the look" and an earful due to my desire not to vaccinate him until at least 6 months of age. I would like to find a new pediatrician who would be more supportive of my belief system. Thanks in advance.

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Where are you looking? Dr. Tracey McDaniels is wonderful at Seattle Natural Family Medicine.



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I don't know where you live, but you can always call Bastyr. They have a clinic. One of the beautiful things about living in this part of the country is that there is plenty of access to "alternative" care givers.

Also, there are pediatricians who will work with you and not give you "the look." Dr. David Springer in Wallingford is an MD but also is knowledgable in many non-allopathic medicines.




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Hi L.,
I haven't yet taken my son to a naturopath but I plan on it. I was referred to Kim Kelly and if she's not taking new clients she will refer you to someone she works with.


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Hi L.,

We use one in Isaquah in conjunction with our regular pediatrition. It is a place called Isaquah Valley Natural Medicine. They are great! You can also google Natural Medical Doctors in your zip code. It is great that you are so health conscious for your child! :)





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Dr Candace Aasan at Cascade Natural Medicine, ###-###-####
She is wonderful. She has a huge pediatric practice,(she is a naturopath) and has been my son's primary care doc since he was 5 months after I switched due to getting "the look" from an MD!

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