Looking for a Good Relationship Counselor

Updated on July 22, 2008
B.J. asks from Valrico, FL
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My fiancee and I are going through some very very rough times. I am looking for any advice on a really good relationship counselor in the Brandon area who can help us work to stay together. I really have to make this work for our 9 month old son. I have been told by alot of people that counseling does not work and it will just make us split up sooner, but I feel very strongly that I have to make this work.

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Toni Brown specializes in relationship/couples counseling. She is in Brandon - her number is ###-###-####. She has an excellent reputation in the community. Unfortunately many people wait until it is too late to seek help with their relationship - until they are in crisis or until they are filled with hurt, hostility or resentment - that is the reason that couples counseling does not work for some. I would suggest you go quickly and make it a priority in your life. Counseling does work for many, many people.

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I used Lydia Cerpa in Brandon (her office is at Baylife Church on Kingsway).....I went by myself but it was about my relationship with my boyfriend while he was dealing with his ex and how i could be supportive, what to expect as the girlfriend and soon to be step mom of two children (ages 14 and 11 at the time)



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Tom Edwards at Overcomers in Brandon. I have known him for over 20 years and he is amazing. He specializes in marriages. This is a Christian based organization but all are welcome



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My husband and I went to counseling after I experienced HORRIBLE postpardum depression and it really does work. I suggest going twice a week. Some suggestions:
when you go in, don't start male bashing (if your husband is wrong the counselor will let him know)
stay calm and do not get worked up- it just makes things worse.
Be COMPLETELY honest- even if you think your fiance doesn't want to hear it. It only works if your no holds barred honest.
My couselor was on waters ave, a bit of a hike for you. His name is Peter Dell. I believe he has an office elsewhere- it may be by you. Google him and see. I wish you the best of luck. Contact me if you need to- I'm here to help.

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