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I have been trying to figure out a good pet for having a 2 year old. I grew up haveing pet I would like my son to have one. However I live in an appartment and no pet aloud except caged pets. I was thinking a bunny but have been told that they are not good pets for kids. I really don't want a fish or bird. Any ideas?

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Thank you for all you wonderful advice I do think that I am going to get a guinea pig. I just have to find a place in my tiny appartment. But I do think Iwill get one this weekend for us.

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Hi, I worked at at pet store for 4 years and I have owned everything! Guinie pigs are good but be very choosy, some do not like to be held at all and they could scratch (sometimes more than a rabbit) also they cannot close their eyes very fast and 2 year olds like to touch :), they usually only close their eyes to sleep. My kids are 7, 3 and 1. Rabbits are good, but I would not get a young one for a first pet, get a older calm one, I had one that was a doll and loved to be loved (all the time) by my kids, unfortunatly her cage was gotten into outside :( and she is no longer with us. Hampsters are too small for a younger child and like to get loose, lol, my kids have three and I find them all over the place. also the younger kids like to squish them. Let me know if you have any questions about any and all animals :)

I'm 52 years old and have 2 grownup kids. I would wait until he is around 4 years old to get any sort of pet. He would proably enjoy a toy fish tank that plays music ,lights up and the fishes swims around.

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Rats are the best pets for kids.

D. J.

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A rat. I know it sounds weird, but I got my first rat when I was about 3 or 4. Rats are very gentle and rarely bite like hamsters do. They live about 3 years and are fun to watch and hold. They are not the dirty sewer rats that we all think are gross, they are clean animals and can be good pets for little kids. Make sure to watch him though, because little kids don't understand yet that these little animals are alive and can't be played with like a toy. Good luck!

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I can't imagine why anyone would think a rabbit would not be a good pet. They're quiet, it's easy to clean up any messes, and if you get one young, it will adjust to your family just as well as any dog or cat. We raise rabbits, chickens and goats for both meat and as pets, and I would say congrats on finding a good pet for your child. But I wouldn't get a dwarf or mini, stick to the larger animals, just in case your little guy isn't as gentle as the animal would like. Good Luck and God Bless.

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well bunnies stink if you can handle that and bite when necessary. When my 4 kids was young we had/still have Turtles, Stick bugs, Beta fish (requires a small bowl), Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Hedgehog - interesting animal that looks like a porcupine, etc. The stick bugs are the coolest!

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I'm 52 years old and have 2 grownup kids. I would wait until he is around 4 years old to get any sort of pet. He would proably enjoy a toy fish tank that plays music ,lights up and the fishes swims around.

I read an artical somewhere that Leopard Geckos are great pets for kids. I don't know first hand but the artical said that they are friendly and social and tend to be fairly clean. It's not a bird or a fish... You might want to check out a pet shop and ask about them.

Try a Hamster. Kids love em.

What ever pet you choose, I hope you know that you will probably end up being the one to take care of it. My son who us now 9 years old has had stick bug for years. They live in a fish 5 gallon fish tank, eat blackberry vines/water, there is no smell and they haven't bitten him. They are pretty cool creatures. The only down thing is they do reproduce, alot. Of course on the upscale of that, they make great gifts. My kids do have 1 outside cat, 1 outside dog and 6 chicken w/2 roosters. And my husband and I have ended up taking care of them all. When I was growing up we had everything. Horse, chickens, pigs, goats, cats, dogs but we had to take care of them ourselves. If you decide to get a pet just take into consideration that it might die and then you will have to try and explain that to him. Get one that could live for along time. I have had my bird for over 15 years. If you want some stick bugs to try out, let me know via message.

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