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Looking for a Doula

I'm fast approaching 30 weeks and am looking for a doula; referrals would be great.
I don't have a lot of money so can't swing one with a high fee but don't want to trade off expertise and skill either. I'd prefer one who's very compassionate & patient, down to earth, and plain spoken. I'm almost 40 so one who's closer to my age might be nice. Sometimes it's hard to lean on a 20-year-old if you know what I mean.
I know it's really all about a good fit, but I thought a referral (or a warning) might be a good way to start. If you have used a doula lately and can tell me how it went I'd appreciate it.

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Hi S.,
I know of a doula who is also an acupuncturist. Her name is Cristina Terre and she's great. Unfortunately I was not able to use her as my doula because my son was born premature, unexpectedly, therfore we didn't have time for anything!! I have used her for acupuncture and she's great. Down to earth, soft-spoken and smart!! Her number is ###-###-####. My name is I. Quintana and I saw her at the office in Brooklyn in case she asks if someone referred you. Good luck!!


Hi S.
I am a doula in Hoboken, NJ www.hobokendoulas.com. I am certified by Doulas of North America (DONA.org) i have a listing on mamasource. Please feel free to call me. ###-###-####. we can chat and then you can decide if you want to interview me. I am turing 38 tomorrow, and have 2 daughters.

Hello S.,

My name is E.. I am a doula, I have assisted in 17 births and would be more than happy to work with you on your fee issue. I am currently at student at the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy I graduate in April, so I will graduate in time for your baby to come even if She/He is two weeks early. You can Call me at ###-###-####. I also teach Lamaze and Personal training which is included with my fee.

Thank you

A. E. Fobbs

I know a mid-wife/doula in NYC on the uws- she was our lamaze teacher and doula to people in her class- she works out of roosevelt hospital- very nuturing, in late 40's-maybe 50. was a dancer. don't know her rates- her email is ____@____.com. goodluck! M.

I highly recommend Sharon Gray. I used her for my hospital birth a year ago, and couldn't have had a more positive experience. She is a former labor and delivery nurse, so she really can guide you through the process, and is open to whatever interventions you may or may not choose. I used her through Valley Hospital, so I'm not sure what her exact fee is. I googled her and believe this is her correct info, though I can't find my own records of it:

Bergin - NJ
Sharon Gray
Birth Doula

You can mention that she was recommended by C. Loccke (me). Good luck!

Hi S.-

I know you said you want a doula closer to your age, but I would still like to recommend Katherine Wilson to you. She is only 25, but carries herself years older. More importantly she is great at what she does and has incredible passion from being a doula. She was our doula for our daughter's birth in August. I can't imagine not having had her in the room with me, she made me feel safe and kept me believing that I was made to bive birth, that I could do it. I believe it is because of her that I was able to have an unmedicated birth at Lenox Hill, which is known for being quick to perform interventions. I hope that you'll at least meet her. Her cost is extremely reasonable, especially considering what many NYC doulas charge! Her email is ____@____.com let her know that S. and Christopher gave you her name.

Best of luck and congratuations!

Hi S..

I used a doula named Stana Weisburd and she has a sliding-scale fee. Her email is ____@____.com back-up (who sounded even better and I think has more experience) was Haya. Her email is ____@____.com luck!

Try Meg Darnell (megdarnell.com). She is a massage therapist in Brooklyn. She is doula as well, but I'm not sure if she's still doing that, but contact her anyway, as she may have referrals for you. She is my teacher for massage, and she is great! I understand that she has been a doula for several years...Good luck!

I have a 5 week old daughter, and the doula I used was Annette Perel from Clearbirth.com. Her number is ###-###-####. I loved her - she was everything you could want and need in a doula. I had a very positive experience with her, and I highly recommend her. I wish you the best of luck with your delivery and motherhood.

Hi S.,
first off congratulations!
I didnt use Linda (who I will recommend) as a doula, however she has tons of experience and is also a night time only baby nurse.
During the day she works at Englewood OB/Gyn Associates in Englewood, NJ ###-###-####)
I Have known her since I was pregnant with my first child, and I absoultey adore her. Her daughter baby sits for me and when she isnt available Linda is always willing to help out if she can. I urge you to interview her (as well as all the doula's you find) to find the best match for you.
Her full name is Linda Koth and her cell number is ###-###-####. Best of luck. L. Aimi
please contact me if you need anything else

I just gave birth 2 1/2 weeks ago and had a wonderful doula. Her name is Deborah Badran and she was absolutely fantastic. I had a very difficult labor and could never have gotten through it without her. She is probably in her mid-40s/early 50s and has assisted over 700 births. She brought the perfect balance of experience, support, patience and knowledge to our birth experience.

You can reach Deborah at ###-###-####.

Hi S.. I am almost 40 as well. I have 2 boys 5 and 8 yrs old. I was just recently going through my old business cards and cannot get myself to throw out my doula's card! She was so wonderful. I imagine she is about the same age as us. Her name is Rachel Young. Her # at the time was ###-###-#### and her "pager" ###-###-#### and e-mail ____@____.com

She had a thermos with hot water for a cup of tea at 2:30 am on June 2nd, 2002. It was sooooooo perfect! I will never forget how she comforted me and helped me through the natural birth of my 2nd boy. The 1st was the most opposite experience, forcepts, drugs etc...I highly recommend her!

Best of luck to you. J.

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