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My family is currently looking for a church in the South Elgin/St. Charles area. I was raised Baptist and my husband was raised Catholic. So maybe a non-denominational church would be good for us. I would prefer a church that has age appropriate programs for children during church services. We have a 4 year old son and would like an enviroment where he can learn and grow spiritually also.
Thank You in advance for what I know will be great help and advice.

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We absolutely love First Baptist of Geneva. I've also heard great things about Christ Community Church in St. Charles.

I second Laura's suggestion. I've been attending Christ Community Church in St. Charles for 2 years now and love it. They have great programs for kids and adults.

There is a smaller church located in Bartlet, Illinois called Poplar Creek Church. Their website is www.poplarcreek.com. It is a congregation focused and passionate about their faith, (yours will become transformed too) and they consider each other family. It has changed my life, marriage and family. I encourage you in your search for a church; and continue until you find one that will grow your passion about your Christian faith and walk.

I don't know if it's too far to travel, but we are members at Glen Ellyn Bible Church (an easy find from either Geneva Rd. or Roosevelt Rd.). I have a 4 year old daughter and we love it here! There are lots of 4 year old buddies, an impressive children's program, many ways to get connected, friendly atmosphere, and most importantly...they teach/preach straight from the Bible. It's non-denominational, too.
If it's too far, I also highly recommend Christ Community in St. Charles or First Baptist Church of Geneva. They are also wonderful churches. If you google them, you'll probably find more details. Good luck!

have you tried a unitarian universalist church. there is a nice one in countryside which isnt too far. they offer wonderful kids programs and the services are non denominational (although depending on the minister can lean towards more christian)
M. silver

My son and I attend Willow Creek Community Church, he LOVES Promiseland! I love attending worship, and have found a couple of areas to serve in, Guest Hostess and Prayer team.

My son actually cries when we miss church. It doesn't happen often.

Willow Creek's main sight is in South Barrington, but they have other locations. That siad I serve with a lot of people for ELgin and St. Charles area.

Good Luck with your search, I hope you find you match soon!


You can google Willow Creek.

Hi N.,

My family attends Alliance Bible Church in Bartlett. It is a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, which I had not heard of until we started attending. But my husband, kids (ages 5 and 3) and I love it there. This was a great choice for us because of the small, family atmosphere. We were looking for a church that taught from the Bible, was friendly and welcoming, and gave us an opportunity to truly connect with others. I also love their focus on reaching out to the community.

After quitting my job to stay home to raise my daughter, I was struggling with feeling like I belonged somewhere. This church has really become what I consider my extended family. They have been there for me during some especially trying times. My 2 best friends (who I met there) attend there as well.

The website is abcbartlett.org. The site has recently been reworked (by my husband actually) so much of the ministry information has yet to be updated/included, but the information about our church (location, what we believe, etc.) is all there. You can also listen to sermons online or download them to get a feel for our pastor's teaching style. Child care/programming during the sermon is available for infants through grade 6 by the way. If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me or the church!

Hope you find a church that is a good fit for your family!

I also grew up Catholic and my husband is non-practicing Greek Orthodox. I wanted a church we would look forward to attending that would be a middle ground. Not as hard fast ritual as the Catholic church I'm used to, so my husband would also feel like he belonged. We have been going to Westridge (on rte.20, just west of Randall) for 6 weeks now. And throughly enjoy our Sunday mornings. They also have age appropriate daycare/sunday Study for children.
Also, near you is a church my girlfriend really likes and belongs to with her 10 year old daughter. Church of Christ on Randall North of North Ave.
Good luck in your search.

I've grown up in St. Charles and recently moved back. I couldn't wait to return to my home church. I've been going to Bethlehem Lutheran Church (on Rt. 25 north of Rt. 64) for 30 years now. My daughter is only 8 months, so I haven't personally become involved in the childrens' programs yet. Bethlehem has a Saturday night service, two traditional services (8:00, & 10:30) and a contemporary service (9:15). They have two sessions of Sunday School. I'm not sure if Lutheran would work for your family, but I would be happy to share more with you if you are interested. Bethlehem is much smaller than Christ Community. Best of luck to you and I hope you find a church that fits your family's needs.

N., I saw your message and couldn't help but to respond. I live in St. Charles, and have two boys (6 and 3). My family attends Christ Community Church on the corner of Randal and Bolcum. We LOVE it. Their "Kids World" programs are wonderful and my boys absolutely love going on Sunday. My older son also is involved in Awana and looks forward to his Wednesday nights out at Church with his friends. Christ Community is non-denominational and has numerous small groups (community groups) that offer babysitting. They have services at 6:00pm on Saturdays, and 9:00am and 11:00 on Sundays. I can't say enough about how nicely this Church fits in with our family. Both my husband and I were raised Catholic but didn't get married in the Church. Once we step foot in Christ Community we knew we had a new home and we felt very welcomed. If you try it out, please make sure to stop in by the Welcome Center to get some additional information (and a free gift). I occasionally work in the Welcome Center, I guess this is why I was so excited when I read your message. Also, check out their website CCClife.org. Good luck! T.

I know a lot of people who go to the big Christ Community Church in St. Charles. The youth pastor is an old friend of my brother's, and the pastor is an ex's uncle! I've heard great things about this church, though I've never checked it out myself. I go to Calvary Community Church in Schaumburg, and we'd love to have you there as well. It's a VERY different atmosphere. Pretty small, but it's really easy to get to know people. You can check out both websites. I'm not sure of the exact URL for Christ Community, but ours is www.calvary.ws. Hope you find the right place for you and your family!

Hi N.,

I have a church you will love. My family currently attends First Baptist Church of Geneva. I was born and raised catholic but wanted something different as an adult. My husband and I church "shopped" for over a year. Until one day I was told about this church and it's wonderful pastor Brian Coffey. We decided to give it a try and have been there since the day we stepped in the door. I know we are a baptist church by name but I too was looking for a more non-denominational church as well, and I think this church is very much like a non-denominational church. Our church teaches from the bible. The children's programs for every grade level are amazing....we have many kids that don't attend our church who come to our youth programs they are that well liked. Our church offers two types of services, traditional, something similiar to what your husband experienced at the catholic church, and a contemporary service with drums, guitar and music like you hear on K-love. My kids love it. You can go to the web page, at FBCG.com, I think. You can see all the services our church offers and different programs. There is woman bible study, men's bible study and so much more. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. It is located in Geneva, we live is St. Charles and it is 10 minutes from our house. You should give it a try, I think you will like it.

Good luck, and maybe we will see you there!


We attend Christ Community Church at the corner of Randall & Bolcum Rds., St. Charles. I could listen to Pastor Jim talk 24/7. They are all about the kids. It's a large church but with so much to offer to make it seem small. My husband was Methodist and I was raised Catholic. We continue to learn so much. When we first checked it out about 11 yrs. ago, we knew we found home.
S. D.

I also say christ community church they are geat. I dont go there I go to st charles free methodist church and they are wonderful too, but for children christ community is out standing
Hope you firnd what yoour looking for

Here are a few choices.

Northwest Bible Babtist on Nesler Rd in Elgin. Very strict, fundamentalist Babtists

Harvest Bible on Randall Rd across from Walmart. Very big, good private school, has three campuses...one in Elgin, one in Crystal Lake, and one in AZ (I think).

Highland Church on Highland Ave in Elgin off of Randall and Lyle. Kinda charasmatic...name it and claim it, speak in tongues at times. Good private school.

Willow Creek...Babtist foundation but more modern with K-Love and the Fish style music program. I think it is located in Barrington. Big church.

Have you tried to Google churches in Elgin?

N. ~ Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin (located on Randall Rd.)would be perfect for your family! There are special classes for children of all ages while you are in the service. Check it out at harvestbiblechapel.org for the Elgin campus information. You will not be disppointed!

B. L.

Hi N.,
If you don't mind driving just a bit further, the Geneva United Methodist Church has a great kids program for sunday school. They also provide two different types of services, at the 9am it's a traditional service and 10:45am service is an interactive service designed to have the kids join in.


Hi N.,
Harvest bible church is in Elgin on Randall Rd. My brother
in-law is a ministed at the one in Palatine.They have everything you are looking for.

Have you visited Harvest Bible Chapel? I attend the one in Naperville but we have a sister church in Elgin.

Here is their website if you want to check it out online first.

This is the one in Naperville that I attend

There is an non-denominational church that is very nice on Randall Rd in Elgin called Christ Community. We are Catholic and we have attended services there. My teenage son was not crazy about it but my husband loves it. My friends 16 year old daughter loves it as well. They are very family oriented for children of all ages.

We attend West Ridge Community Church on Elgin. It is a non-denominational church that has an AWESOME kids' program. The church has been around for about 10 years, but we just recently moved into a brand-new facility on Rt. 20. Check out the website: www.westridgechurch.net. Hope to see you there!

I was baptised catholic and raised lutheran. I fell away from my faith for a while and I was looking for a non denominational church also. My 15 year son started going to church with his girlfriend and her family. I went to check it out to see were he was going and have found my home/faith again. It is a Christian church. It is located in St. Charles. The name is Christ Community Church. The resources there are great. The new kids world is amazing. Check out the web site at www.ccclife.org

Hi N., My Name is D., I belong to a Church of Christ in Burbank ILL. They have A Church of Christ in Elgin too. They do have classes for kids. The Preacher is Joshuah Ellis. I been to Elgin when they will have gospel meetings.
The Bible study starts at 9:30AM, Worship at 10:30AM, then at 6:00pm and on Wed. 7:30pm I think.
My brother is the preacher at the Church of Christ in Burbank ILL.
I hope that helps! You can look them up in the phone book for their address.
Take care and God Bless

Hi! My husband is the pastor at Abiding Peace Lutheran on the corner of Randall & College Green (across from Meijer) in Elgin. We're small but the members are friendly. We have several families with kids around your son's age. While we don't have specific kid's programs during services, we love having kids in the service with us and have children's sermons every other week. We have Sunday school for the kids at 9:15 while the adults have Bible class, too. We also have a Mornings with Mom program on Thursday mornings for kids and parents to come and play. It may not be what you're looking for, but I wanted to let you know we're here and invite you to come and check us out.

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