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Little Pimples on 2 Year Old's Cheek

My daughter has been breaking out with these little pimples on her cheek lately. They don't seem like a big deal, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with break outs on two year old skin. She hasn't had any thing of the sort since newborn acne, and she didn't get that too bad. Could it be an allergy? Are there hormone changes at this age? Thanks!

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Thanks for the advice. We saw her pediatrician today and he said they are normal, and that we should wash with soap (wish I don't use too often on her face). Thanks again:)

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It sounds like she has eczema, which can be caused by a host of allergies. Is she taking any medications? Have you switched laundry detergents? (her pillow might be irritating the skin). Other than trying to eliminate allergens, just try to keep the skin hydrated by using a mild lotion after baths.

Just to be on the safe side, keep an eye on it to make sure it isn't staph. If your child goes to the gym childcare center, she may have been exposed. We all carry staph, but if she had a tiny scratch or something and the germs got in, it can cause staph. It will look like those hard painful pimples you get during your period. They take a while to develop a white head, and feel sore, hot and a bit hard, lie a bead under the skin. Left untreated staph CAN be very serious, but sometimes the bodies immune system will win out... On the other hand it may be as simple as a reaction to an environmental stimulus of some sort(air or food)good luck

Its probably an allergy, my grandson has developed a rash around his mouth and he is only 1yr. take her to the doctor and have it checked out maybe cream will help.

A grandmother who's been there 3 times

Hi J. -

Those pimples are either milia or baby acne, both very common in young children, and very prevalent in the winter. Just wash your child's face as normal, and use a very light lotion -- they seem to happen when children's skin gets a bit dry.

Nothing to worry about unless there is also redness on her face...


I think that it is very normal. You can doublecheck with your doctor. My son had acne once in a great great while from newborn to his current 3 years old and it goes away. I remember reading about not popping it and leave it be. Good question about any hormone changes? I would be curious about that.

My daughter has had the same thing. I took her to a pedi and she said the same thing my son's pedi recommended when he had them. To cleanse with a mild soap and use a mild facial lotion. This does clear her skin but she seems very prone to them. What have you found out for your daughter?


My son who is now 5 1/2 has had those pimples. Our pediatrician wasn't worried about them and they disappeared after about 3 weeks or a month.

It might be best to take your daughter to your pediatrician just to be sure it isn't something other than a pimple.

Happy Holidays.

Hi J. K, this happen to my daughter when she was little and the doctor said that it was the sweatglands developing and nothing to worry about.
They will happen sporatically as she grows.

I have older children, and what I learned is that "bumps" on the skin can be a reflection of topical reactions to what your child is eating and/or what products you are using on her skin (body soaps, shampoos, clothes soaps, etc). I would suggest you look into making sure that not only is she eating well (fresh and raw unprocessed foods as much as possible) but that you are using clothes washing products without dyes or chemical fragrances, and that you are using body products that are plant based with the correct skin pH balance and no fragrances. I am happy to speak with you more regarding this!

Hi J.,
I don't have any children right now, but we're working on it! However, I am a chiropractor and work on several children. Often i've seen the breakouts happen due to food allergies. How is you're daughter's stool been lately, or has she been sick more often recently? Milk is a common culprit. Keeping a food journal of what she's eating and when she gets the breakouts. Start weeding out different sources of allergens for a couple of weeks,such as milk, then try white wheat products (which is just about in everything) then eventually try getting all sources of sugar out, including juices. Hopefully that helps you out. Also, you might wanna check the detergent or softner you're using, she may be allergic to that. Could even just be hormonal, if so, avoid too much soy products and possibly use paraben free products, which can increase estrogen in the body. Hope some of this helped. Good luck

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