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Little Itchy Bumps on Son's Body

I am having a problem with our youngest 5 year old son. He has developed itchy little bumps all over his body. At first,it was on his hands and I thought it looked exactly like my other son's eczema, so I began putting cortisone cream on him that was given to us for his brother. It seemed to help as those spots have cleared up. Then I started noticing that these tiny mostly colorless bumps are developing all over him and he itches at them until they are red or bleeding. We wondered if it could possibly be flea bites from the dogs but there are just too many to be flea bites and they just don't look like flea bites. (Not to mention I would be getting bitten too and I'm not.)
In the meantime, I am having my own issues with double vision until I can have a surgery to my eyes in June, so it's been very difficult driving my kids to appointments and my husband works over an hour away in the opposite direction. I have been giving him benadryl liquid and putting cortisone cream on it but just curious if anyone else has experienced anything like this. If it does not get better soon, I will get him to the doctor somehow. I just haven't hit the panic button yet.
Sorry for the ramble!

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Hi everyone! First of all...thanks so much to everyone who replied and gave me some ideas as to what we were dealing with. My husband took the day off on Thursday and took our little one to the doctor and for those of you who guessed we were dealing with Scabies, give yourselves a gold star! I am pretty yucked out by the whole thing. My husband asked the doctor how on earth he could have been in contact with such a thing considering he stays home with me and I watch a few little ones during the day but they have seemed fine. The doctor said this is a very common problem and he sees it all the time! He gave us a cream to put on him overnight and we just washed it off this morning. I have gone through the entire house washing anything he has been in contact with and changing bedding along with vacuuming everything I can possibly get to. Hopefully this will take care of our yucky little problem! It makes me wiggly just thinking about it!
Anyway..thanks for all the replies and also a special thanks to all the moms sharing that they also suffer from Fibromyalgia. It's nice to know I am not alone in my suffering. Sometimes just knowing that others understand how it feels is comforting. I wish you all a wonderful day and God bless!

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I remember my son had that and the dr said they are harmless but my son did not itch. The dr prescribed a creme Retin A but it was very expensive. It eventually went away.
I also have the fibro thing! try yoga or water aerobics

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You need to read and utilize the book REVERSING FIBROMYALGIA. Twenty years ago.....there WAS no such thing. There's a reason for that!

Take the child to an allergy doctor. They can tell you what nutrients he's not getting, things that might be toxic, etc. Where are you located?

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Without seeing them it's hard to tell, but it sounds like it could be scabies. If so, you would need to see a doctor to get a prescription to get rid of them.

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I have a few tiny colorless bumps on me as well as some red bumps, & I also have fibromyalgia! I don't have any answers about the bumps, but my thought is--do you notice any correlation with certain foods or additives that he eats? My fibromyalgia was caused by silicon dioxide & talc in my thyroid pills & vitamins. It is getting better, as I have quit taking these. (I'm going to talk with the doctor at the end of the month on how to treat my thyroid instead of taking those pills....)

Anyway, the bumps on me seem to be getting better as well. It makes me wonder if it's related. I have read of other additives/chemicals that are suspected of causing fibro. as well, so maybe they could also cause bumps??

BTW, our daughter is seen at Riley Children's Hospital for spina bifida & hydrocephalus, and we have been happily married almost 16 years, too. :)

Oh--reading other responses reminded me: sometimes we use Eucerin Calming Creme on skin issues with good success. (Yeah--that "brain fog" from fibro. is FRUSTRATING!! It's amazing to have mine getting better; praise God!!!)


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Without seeing them it's hard to tell, but it sounds like it could be scabies. If so, you would need to see a doctor to get a prescription to get rid of them.

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From someone who has a child that has gotten darn near everything:

Hand foot and mouth will cause some bumps, but it generally presents with high fever and blisters in the mouth as well. Your son would be horribly uncomfortable if this was the case, including vomiting. It was god awful, my son has had it twice and I hope it never happens again.

Chicken pox- he should have watery blisters at the end of the bumps. A mild case can cause itchiness with no fever, and they do not necessarily spread all over. My son had them just on his upper back and on his face. But they are viral and normally go away after a 10 day cycle.

My suspicion-

Scabies- You said it started on his hands. Look at the skin between his fingers, and see if you can see any marks. If he has had them for awhile you might not, but if you aren't familiar, scabies is a kind of small, parasitic bug that burrows under the skin through the fingers. My brother got them when we were kids, awful, but cleared up relatively quickly once the doctor got involved. He had bumps that itched like crazy and would scratch them til they bled, and because they are bugs the bumps move around (not visibly generally but they can).

We used to clamor around the woods all the time as kids and my poor mom dealt with ticks, scabies, leeches, poison ivy and the sort all the time. Even if he hasn't been out in the woods, he is a little kid and could be susceptible to wind spread poison ivy without actually having to have contact with the plant itself.

I would go to the doctor and talk to him, see if they can determine what the problem is. He might be in need of a different kind of treatment, systemic instead of topical or a special kind of antibiotic ointment, like they use for scabies.

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Does the bumps look almost like pimples? If so, Those are CHICKEN POX!! You can get chicken pox still if you had the shot for them. My girls had. They didn't get them seriously bad, but they have gotten them. Other than that, fleas do bite and could attack only one person out of 5 in the house. We have 2 dogs, a puppy and 3 cats and fleas were really bad last year. And they would usually go after my fiance and my two older girls. I don't know if its a seasoning that we eat or an enzyme that is in our system that they don't like or do like. The more you vacuum, the less of the problem. But make sure that you vacuum where the pets are the most...if there's pets. Than get rid of the bag or empty the container in a plastic garbage bag outside. That way they don't reinfest. Also, it can be dry skin. Try Cetaphil lotion. That will clear it up if its that. Hopefully its nothing serious. Good Luck!

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What are you wanting for, get your son into the doctor asap. call the nurse and tell her what you have posted to us and what he is experiencing. You don't want to make matters worst. Wash the dog twice a week and make son wash hands more often especially after playing with dog. check on the laundry soap and body soap you are using also.

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Hi K.!

I wonder if you have changed diet or detergents, or soap or anything like that. I personally don't get large hives like many people with allergies do, but I get small bumps that by themselves would be hardly visible, but there are so many and they itch when I change things. I always thought it was dry skin and would moisturize and try different moisturizers because none would get rid of it. I was making it worse with trying all the different moisturizers. Once I found out it was allergies, I was very careful with what shampoos I use, even. I, personally use a lot of products from The Body Shop. It sounds like you might be near Indianapolis in which case there is a store in the Keystone mall. If not, you can search on their website and they have at-home consultants you can order from. Their products are all-natural based and I don't have reactions to them (except ones with almonds as I am allergic to those). Their body butters are extremely rich so if it is just a dry skin issue, that would would wonderfully. Good luck.

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Hi K., When my kids were small, about the same age as yours they also got these strange bumps on them. Took them to the docs and they had the scabies, which is a tiny bug that gets under the skin and lives, trails of red lines are usually there. But you might want to take him to the docs and have him checked for scabies. A special cream will get rid of it and wash EVERYTHING in hot water. Good luck. Kathy

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When my daughter was about 3 yrs. old she had these weird clear bumps on the back of her legs. I took her to her doctor and he gave her a creme for it. It didn't clear up but it did get worse. She would scratch them and they would bleed and scab up. After taking her to the doctor 3 different times and him not getting it cleared up I finally took her to another doctor. That doctor (now our family DR.) told me it was maluscum (I think that is how it is spelled). I had to take her to a dermatologist to have them burned off. You might want to get him to a DR. as soon as possible. Ask a family member if they can take him. I wouldn't wait any longer.

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