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Little Girl Is Harassing My Daughter for Having Two Moms

I have a gorgeous wife(we're not legally married, but I call her my wife)and almost six years ago, I gave birth(through artificial insemination)to a little girl. She's happy and intelligent, naturally curious, so she did ask why she didn't have a daddy. We decided to be honest with her, and she accepted it completely. However, we've been having problems with a family in our neighborhood. They are very Christian(even though my wife and I are both Catholic, we don't take it to such an extreme)and they openly disapprove of us. Their daughter(eight years old)has been bullying my girl, calling her "dyke child" and telling her that she and her mommies should die and go to hell. Becca-Marie was very afraid, and timidly asked me if we would really die. I assured her we wouldn't, and that she woouldn't go to Hell ever. Becca-Marie seemed happy and confident the next two weeks. However, yesterday sher came home, crying - apparently, the girl had been throwing stones at her, telling her to burn in Hell's flames, saying that her moms were sinners and that she didn't deserve to be born. What are Reagan and I supposed top do? Becca-Marie has been so scared and sad, and it is just not okay for a girl to be treated like that. What should two moms do?

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What can I do next?

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Call the police NOW! Trust me, these arent people you are ever going to reason with. These are hate CRIMES. Go to the police please!

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This sort of behavior is not appropriate in any child of any family, whatever their religion or non-religion.

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Call the police. That kind of ignorance runs deep, and talking to the parent might stop the physical attacks, but not the verbal, which can be just as scarring. People that ignorant need a BIG message sent to have behavorial changes, b/c mindset changes will sadly never happen.

Oh yeah and staple a WWJD bracelet to the order of protection :)

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Call the police. File a report against their threats, assaults and hate-crime behavior.

Then contact their church, tell them what their parishioners are doing and say you will call the local news station if this behavior isn't stopped immediately.

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First, as a Christian, I am soooo offended! I have NEVER called someone that or thought that way. I have many gay/lesbian friends and even though we don't agree on some issues, there is no reason to be hateful or disrespectful about their sexual orientation. Being a christian, you are called to LOVE EVERYONE! Its not our job to determine whether or not someone will go to Hell or judge them period.

In my opinion, I would go down to their house-confront them and say you have been hearing X, y,Z comments from your daughter. She has said it was from ___their daughter's name. Tell them that you don't know if they are aware of this hateful behavior(they may or may not) but tell them it needs to stop! Say if you hear the comments again, you will be making a report to the police. Not sure what they can do, but I would say its borderline harassment! Good luck to you and I am so sorry they are doing this to you!!!


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Two moms should do what two dads, a mom and a dad, a single mom, a single dad...ect, would do. You march over to that child's house and tell the paretns what is going on. You lay it on the line....her daughter is bullying your daughter, it's not okay, it's not to continue. You let the parents know what is going on because maybe they are not aware of how their child is behaving. IF they are aware...shame on them! You tell your daughter to stay away from them, that there are people in this world who are closed minded and hateful and continue to love and support your daughter. Also, give her persmission to have a voice! To tell this other little girl off, that she is perfectly fine in telling this other little girl to get away from her and show how she does not want to speak with her.
I didn't read through your answers...sometimes it's hard on this board since some people areso very "right"...
Just knowthat if your daughter wasn't getting made fun of for this than it would have been for something else. It just so happens that kids (and I find little girls in particular) are really nasty little creatures sometimes!
Good Luck mama(s)

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sorry I haven't read the other responses. This is so horrible what this little girl is doing to your daughter. Obviously her ignorant parents have taught her to behave in this manner. I would press charges if I were you--contact the police. This is harassment and violent. Please seek the help of an attorney and the police and keep your girl away from this sick family. Some Christians these people are!

And it is really ignorant for people to say things like "Gay couples shouldn't have children because then it is hard on the kids". Maybe if you taught your child acceptance and tolerance instead of hatred, then other kids wouldn't have to be bullied. Since when is it the fault of the victim? This is a very illogical argument that is far outdated. Maybe years ago before the civil right movement black people should not have been allowed to procreate either, because we know their children were discriminated against. Such garbage! It is the attitudes of the people who are causing harm that need to change, not the lifestyles of the one's that are doing nothing wrong. Sorry, but hearing stuff like this makes me sick.

And I actually disapprove of people like JO F having kids because then she will be passing on her outdated and ignorant beliefs onto her kids and we just don't need anymore of that.

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i agree with other posters. I would march over there and tell them they need to keep their mouths shut. they can not agree with your life-style all that they want, but until you are having sex in their living room it is NONE of their business and does not effect their life at all. You tell them that is this continues you will be contacting the police for a HATE CRIME and if their little monster wants to continue than she can have that on her record the rest of her life. what kind of mother really wants to raise their child like that?

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I agree with many of the other moms. Call the police about the rock incident. Sadly they can't do anything about words (unless she threatens to hurt your daughter) but the rock throwing incident shows an escalation in the situation. This needs to be addressed. Sadly because this child is hearing this from her parents, you going to them and addressing it wouldn't help the situation.

I'm sorry that these people claim to be Christians and are treating you like this. True Christians do not judge. We accept everyone and leave the judging to God. I like what the one mother said about letting "he who is without sin cast the first stone."

I hope that things get better. *hugs*

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Call the police NOW! Trust me, these arent people you are ever going to reason with. These are hate CRIMES. Go to the police please!

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Bless her heart. Give her a big hug and tell her some people are hurting inside themselves, they want everyone else to hurt.

Also let her know that little girl may think she is a Christian, but real Christians, love EVERYONE. This little girl has not learned the true lessons yest.

I wonder where they attend church? You may want to find out if this is something the church itself is teaching.. That is where the hate could be coming from.. or it could just be the sick parents..

Do file a police report. This has escalated to physical violence and that is very dangerous.. The Police need to have documentation..

I am sending you all peace. I am so sorry this is happening to your child..

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