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Liquid vs Powdered Formula

Hello Mothers

Can anyone tell me the difference between powdered formula and the instant (liquid)formula, apart from the obvious of one being significantly cheaper than the other. Is the cheaper one lacking something? Trying to decide on what formula to get and why get the more expensive one if they both give the same results.

G. F

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I have not really looked at this difference between powder vs liquid, but I can tell you the formula was always a little bit cheaper at target, diapers I used to get at bj's more for the money.

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My daughter is 3.5yrs old and is very healthy. I used powder with her becuase it was alot easier. I never heated up a bottle, nor did I have to make sure that it was on ice when we were out which was alot.
Here's what I did to make it easier for powder users. Since we were out alot of the day I always brought 4 bottles and prefilled them with water. I then bought at babie r us a powder formula container with 4 compartments( the bigger size). I would prefill these and pack them all in my diaper bag. I actually had 2 containers so that I always had 1 filled at home( that was my husbands job). Making a bottle was so easy, I just dumped the premeasured powder into the premeasured bottle and shake shake shake.
That's it...easy.
Good luck

From what I know, the price difference between the two is that it's a matter of convenience and taste. The liquid is either already prepared (or you have to add water) and most babies like it better because it tastes better. The powder can be good for when you are on the road with your baby but may be a hassle for mixing every bottle (you have to mix well to avoid your baby drinking clumps of formula). Its a matter of personal preference which one you choose - I rather spend a little extra for the liquid (to me its worth it). I hope this helps and good luck choosing the right formula i know it can be a challenge.

there is no difference at all. you are paying more with the liquid simply for the convenience of it.

Convenience is also a major difference. We also started on ready to feed formula, then went to the powder. First she wouldn't really even take it (I think because it felt "thinner" to her). I think another option is the concentrate. We did that also. Just premix a can and buy a separate container for it in the fridge. That way, you get a cheaper price than ready to feed, but you don't have the bubbles of the powder. The powder is the easiest to travel with though.


I have not really looked at this difference between powder vs liquid, but I can tell you the formula was always a little bit cheaper at target, diapers I used to get at bj's more for the money.

I don't think there's a nutritional difference but I can tell you my son hates the powdered version. He'll only drink the ready to serve version so...there must be a texture or flavor difference. Another friend of mine had the same issue. She tried different powders by different companies and her son didn't like any of them. Then she tried liquid and voila. Hope that helps!

Hi G.
The only thing I can tell you is our DS had acid reflux as a newborn, we started him on the powder and it made things worse. I guess because of the shaking and incorporating air into the mix. The premixed bottles were a blessing for us! It helped out a lot. Regardless of the price difference, and there is one, we stuck with the premixed bottles the entire time!


what linda said.
i started my girls in liquid formula, similac advance with iron, but my girls weren't colicky, although i opted for the liquid because i figured more expensive-better. i switched them to powedered after 4 months. when you shake the bottle it creates bubbles. but if you're baby doesn't have tummy problems i'd go for powder formula, much affordable

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