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Liquid Formula vs Powdered

Can anyone tell me if liquid enfamil formula is equally as good in nutrients etc as the powdered version.
I have only used powdered but someone offred me some free liquid. I am expecting twins in sept. so thought if breast feeding does not go great I would use it.

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I never noticed a difference myself when I had tried the liquid. From my understanding, the liquid is already premixed and ready to feed. :D

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I never noticed a difference myself when I had tried the liquid. From my understanding, the liquid is already premixed and ready to feed. :D

I used liquid in the hospital and for about a month.. then switched to powder enfamil lipli... with my first baby.. then powder only with my second child.. they have the same nutrients.. the liqid is very convienant.. the podwer was way cheaper :)

My understanding is that they are the same - but the liquid is much more expensive...

Liquid is better for when they're very young because liquid formula is sterile & the powder is not....just reasearch it....breastmilk is BEST though.....in case my last answer didn't post.....this sums up what I said ;-)

Due to health problems on my part my daughter was formual fed from birth and we used the powdered. The liquid can be convenient on certain occasions but it goes bad too quickly and it harder to transport (expecially for twins). I used Similac, but if I had it to do over again I would use the Kirkland (Costco) brand. It's the same ingredients but WAY cheaper. Liquid is also much more expensive.

Just a side hint I learned, if your babies have gas issues try putting a couple of gas drops directly in the bottle with the forumla (one drop per oz of formula) and shake it all up together. Direct doses of them drops never did anything for her but mixed into the formula, it worked WONDERS. Just a suggestion.

Yes it is. Powdered is just lighter to store and take.

It depends on which brand it is and if it comes in a can or plastic bottle...the Enfamil canned Liquid formula has the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION of BPA...you do not want to feed this to your child.


I would imagine they are the same, but you probably have to use it all right away once it's open. Since you are concerned with nutrition, I wanted to mention that formula is a distant second to breastmilk. Breastmilk is even more important to twin babies as they are smaller and tend to need more. Nursing twins is difficult and takes patience. Make sure you get in touch with a lactation consultant or at least attend some La Leche meetings to set yourself up for success.

The benefit for liquid formula is that it is ready to use - you aren't likely to accidentally over-dilute it as sometimes happens with the powdered type. The huge drawback is that liquid formula has to be kept refrigerated. If you're going out and about, having powdered formula with you is vastly more convenient.

That said, some babies prefer one kind of formula over another. So while you might "decide" to only use powdered, your babies might not like it. My oldest preferred Similac powder, and my youngest would only drink Enfamil liquid. And yes, I breastfed both my babies, but I had to return to work and wasn't always able to pump enough during the day to keep up a sufficent milk supply.

Both will have the same minimum nutrients. I say try it if it's free and it works for your babies!

They're the same nutritionally, except that in the liquid, the oils/fats are still "wet" so the liquid kind is a lot creamier/smoother in texture. the liquid also tastes one whole heckuvalot "better" (to an adult palate)...I would always test heat temp/freshness temp by tasting. ((Which is why I never used any of the "gentle protein" -similac, carnation, etc- formulas more than once...they break down and go sour/disgusting in the time it takes to cough twice. Yuck!!! Always makes me wonder if some of the intestinal troubles so many FF babies have is in relation for formula that's gone bad)). Actually the liquid enfamil lipil was the only kind my (previously exclusive BF) son would drink. It's a LOT more expensive than the powdered.

They are exactly the same as far as nutrition values go. Liquid formula is easy to use, requires no mixing but is also more expensive than powder formula. It is made to the exact standards as the powder, it just less of a chance for it to be under diluated and over diluated. But I think most people are pretty exact about it anyway when making their own
However, for the cost difference, you can make up a days worth of powder formula into a big pitcher each morning and use that thru the day. Then you aren't making individual bottles all day long.
Each baby is different for what formula they will take. As each family is different in what makes life easier for them. You can always go online to the formula makers and sign up to get formula checks which do help with the cost of formula.

Agree with the other posts regarding nutrition. However, if they are in *metal cans*, I would avoid it. Metal canned formula (not plastic bottled) has BPA in it... The reason they allow it is because the FDA regulates how formula is sold, and they have said that BPA is acceptable on food packaging.

Basically all canned food has BPA in it because that's what is in the film they line cans with now. Canned formula is no different.

Here's some information about BPA and formula:

I'm sure a couple cans of formula wouldn't be a huge deal, but I would avoid using it as the primary source of food.

We're on our second formula-fed kid, and use powdered formula. With our first born, we started out with the plastic bottles of Similac, but BOY does that get expensive!!

Also, don't be afraid to use/try the store brand formulas... the FDA requires that all infant formula have basic levels of nutrients in them. We currently use the Target brand (which is the same as 90% of other stores' brands) and it works very well (much better than Similac) with our 3 month old's digestive system.

Good for you giving breastfeeding a go with twins! I had breast surgery 10+ years ago and was not able to nurse for nutrition, but it's nice to bond with, so definitely try it out regardless. You never know, you may be a "super-producer" like my sister-in-law who made enough milk for quadruplets it seemed!!

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