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Limit Milk Intake?

Why do doctors tell you to limit milk intake? I don't understand what the harm is. My son is lactose intolerant and we've switched him to soy milk, which he requests many times a day, sometimes the only thing that will calm him down

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I don't know why they'd tell you to limit soy milk. But cows' milk can be constipating. As far as adults are concerned, too much calcium can cause Kidney stones --- happened to me -- I like milk (non-fat) -- always thought is was healthier for me than soda or juice, but now I was told to limit my calcium -- osteoporosis anyone?

I beleive the reason is that while it hydrates like water, it also has calories unlike water and fills them up. Part of that is fine, but if they have too much of the milk and not enough of other things, they are missing out on a varied diet and thus lots of other vitamins that are in other foods, but not milk. Milk (or rather calcium) also inhibits the absorportion of iron into the blood, which is another reason.


I don't know if you are asking about limiting the Soy milk intake, But soy has estrogen in it and it is not good to consume a lot of soy products. especially young boys....

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Doctors limit milk intake for several reasons, but primarily because milk actually contains a lot of sugar and excessive milk intake can result in reduced consumption of regular foods, thereby affecting the child's nutrition. Also, soy milk is fine, but excessive amounts of soy can lead to hormone imbalance. I too, struggled with children who requested milk all the time, but I just had to limit them to the amount the doc suggested and be firm. They usually adjust within a few days and stopped asking so much.
In addition, drinking on milk all day long, where the residue sits on his teeth, can lead to dental problems, such as cavities. Try switching him to water for every other sippy he requests.
Good luck!

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Soy milk is a phyto-estrogen, so of course it calms him down. Be careful with the amount of soy you are giving him. There is no strong research on the amount of soy in males and possible gender bending.

Rice Dream might be a viable option?

I'm not sure about soy milk, but regular cow's milk doesn't contain enough iron in it and too much milk can make your child iron deficient. Also, if your child is drinking lots of milk all day long, he probably isn't eating enough other things which he needs for a balanced diet. He is basically filling up on milk to satisfy his hunger. Maybe try switching him to water in a sippy cup whenever he asks for milk.

My son loved milk to the point of exclusion of other foods.
He could have lived on milk IF it had all the nutrients his body needed.
Milk is good but he needs a balanced diet. If he's too full from milk (ever been hungry and had a glass of milk to curb the hunger?) then he isn't going to be hungry for other foods.
Milk can also cause excess mucous and you don't say if your son has any issues (colds, ear infections, upper respiratory) and that could be another reason.

I was also advised not to drink too much milk or take too much calcium because I suffer from kidney stones and calcium exacerbates the problem.

There are numerous reasons why you should limit (not eliminate) milk intake :)

I don't know if you are asking about limiting the Soy milk intake, But soy has estrogen in it and it is not good to consume a lot of soy products. especially young boys....

I think the bottom line is everything in moderation. Regular cows milk does contain lots of sugar as well as lots of good things kids need (see Tiffany's reponse, well said!).
I have two boys and one can't even have soy milk, he has to drink rice milk (soy constipates him and milk contributes to his chronic ear infections - learned by trial and error) my other son LOVES his cows mild but i have limited it to two "sippys" a day (16 oz). If he has more then that a day, his "poopies" are green, which means he is getting too much of one thing (usually milk), and yes his teeth come into play. Really its all about moderation, something you learn your whole life. It isn't good for anyone to have too much of one thing. If your child was drinking water only all day, your doctor would say limit the water, add some milk. Right?
I think another good thing to do is to ask your doctor his reasoning, he/she may have a reason that directly is due to your child that he/she has may not been very clear about? asking questions is always good.
J. B

if they drink too much milk they won't eat enough of other foods :) milk doesn't have enough calories to adequately nourish growing bodies. limit it to 3 cups a day, and juice to one cup a day.

Hi H., your son's doctor maybe concerned that he is taking the milk inplace of what should be a meal, at 13 months he should be having 3 meals a day plus snacks, and you can give him the soy milk with each meal, give him juice or water with snacks. And a little soy milk between meals should be OK, but just a little. I have a question why are you and your husband sleep deprived? J.

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