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Lighten My Skin

Ok I have tried ALOT of stuff and my husband has been very pateint but this is getting exspensive.. While I was pregnant my skin looked great then a week after she came the skin below my nose and above my lip(I guess the upper lip-part you wax) turned dark. Then I got back on birth control and it got even darker. I stopped taking the bc and it is not getting better. I have roscea(red skin) and I use metrogel for that-which does not help and I have a lightener that my doctor perscribed for my lip but I have used it over 4 months and it is not getting better. I been to a dermotologist but he is out of bussiness now and he gave me the metrogel and my insurnace does not cover dermo.(go figure) anyway I have used Clinque roscea and over the counter products for lightening but have not had any success. please help.. any ideas.. I hate the way I look....

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I highly suggest you look into the Obagi product line.

The first 3 weeks remove the old skin layers, but after that, you skin will be amazing. My dermatologist put me on this before I got married and at 35, I had the skin of a 20 year old in my pics.


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Tina -- I've never had a problem with pregnancy mask, but do have roscea, and Arbonne Skin Care has helped me a great deal. It keeps my redness soothed, and I've had no bumps nor breakouts. If you'd like to try a 3-day sample pack, please e-mail me at ____@____.com

Good luck to you!!

I had the same problem after my 2nd pregnancy. The only way to get rid of it is to wear sunscreen every day, even when it's cloudy. Just 15 min out in the sun without it & mine starts darkening again. And, you need to apply it at least 45 min. BEFORE going out in the sun. The darks spots will fade on their own once you start using the sunscreen.

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Hi T.. I work for a dermatologist at Huguley- Dr Chaker. There are a lot of differnt things we could do for you! I noticed a few people mentioned TriLuma. It is a great product- we sell it for 110.00 (a lot less expensive than most pharmacies in the area). We also do IPl (fotofacial)treatments- the upper lip area costs about 100.00 per session and we do offer discounts if you purchase a package of these treatments (four or more sessons). I would be more than happy to schedule you a free consultation with our aesthetician if you are interested. Also Dr chaker takes most insurance plans if you would like to see him for your rosacea or melasma (broen spots). Our office number is ###-###-####. Good luck to you!

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I highly suggest you look into the Obagi product line.

The first 3 weeks remove the old skin layers, but after that, you skin will be amazing. My dermatologist put me on this before I got married and at 35, I had the skin of a 20 year old in my pics.


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Have you tried Arbonne International's products? Their skin care line helped repair sun damage (brown spots) on my face. My skin looks better now at 43 than it did at 33! Their products are natural and can do wonders if you are willing to give it time. Because they are natural, it will take time.

I believe in these products 110%!! If you are open to trying their products send me a private message or an email to ____@____.com. I'd be happy to show you what they have and how they helped my skin...Not to mention how you can get them at a minimum 35% discount.

God Bless!
D. A :)

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Hi, T.. Those precious gifts from God can wreck our skin.

I have a system that is guaranteed 100%. If it doesn't work to your satisfaction, you get all your money back. Unlike perscriptions and over the counter products.
Here is the link to my web site. http://www.shaklee.net/health_revolution/product/14582
Please call after you've looked around the web site.

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Shaklee has a skincare line called NutriWhite that lightens pigmentation in skin. You can check it out at http://www.shaklee.net/recipeforhealth/product/NutriWhite. I noticed the complete system kit is currently 15% off. The products have a money-back guarantee as well.

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I know Mary Kay has a product (I have a friend who sells Mary Kay, if you are interested). I haven't tried the product, however I use other Mary Kay products.

From Birth Control, I have had spots and quickly gotten off them. It is a side effect of the birth control. I went to the Dermatologist and they prescribed me Aclaro (it is about $110)and my spots have gone away after 5 months. My Dermatologist recommended Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 70 to wear during the day also.
The bleach medicine I still have more of it, you don't need much and it lasta a long time.

I can recommend my Dermatologist if you would like to go there. They are in Fort Worth off 8th Street (near the medical district). If you would like their information, let me know and I can send it to you.

The exact same thing happened to me when my 2nd son was born. My area was above my lip and my chin. I looked like I'd painted on a mustache and gotee! I went to a dermatologist and he gave me a prescription bleach (lightener) that took about 8 months to lighten the area. There isn't a quick fix....just be patient. It's VERY important that you wear sunscreen every single day.......because just 1 day w/o it will undo 6 months worth of lightening. I used my bleach (sorry I cannot remember the name of the product), layered that w/ sunscreen and then used a concealer over the dark area before applying my makeup. It was a pain because I don't like to wear much makeup, but gradually it went away. Hormones are the cause of my hyperpigmentation, but because I was careful to wear sunscreen, I didn't have problems w/ my last pregnancy. Good luck!


If you send me your email address, I'll send you some before and after pictures of a lady who has rosacea and used our products. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Take care and God bless!

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