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Light Pink Streak in Diaper

Out of the blue last week I found a small light pink/peach streak in my daughters diaper in the front where her urine collects. It appeared to be a one time thing, until it happend again this week. Each time, when I wiped her there was no evidence of blood or anything on the wipe and it only happend in one diaper on each of those days. I've since taken her to the doctor and low and behold the pink was in the diaper when we were at his office, but at the back part of the diaper this time. He didn't seem worried and said it didn't look like blood. After a test on her urine it came back indicating there was no blood in her urine. We are still waiting for the culture to come back from the lab to rule out a UTI (she has no feaver or other signs of infection). Dr. has prescribed antibiotics until we know for sure just to be safe. Or, possibly the sample submitted (no blood, but bacteria was found) could just be contamination from poop in her diaper.

The doctor said that the pink could be from chemicals in the diaper??? I use Pampers on her since they seem to work the best and am heistant to switch since I've not been happy with other brands leaking, etc. Has anyone had a similar issue which doesn't seem to indicate a medical condition, but rather some sort of chemical reaction between urine and the diapers being used??

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The issue is solved. It was uric acid crystals in the diaper - a light powdery deposit from a build up of uric acid in her kidneys and then passed through urine. It can happen with dehydrated babies (which she was not) and also in healthy babies. I found the info on the internet and stories from other parents almost exactly the same as my situation. There has been no more "pink" in the diapers for some time now - must have just been a quirky thing. No UTI ever and no other problems to report! Thanks to everyone for their advice!

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I use Pampers and have never had that happen, and I have never heard of that happening. But that does not mean it can't. You should call or write Pampers and ask if that is possible.


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My sister had a similar thing happen with her baby girl and it turned out to be the diapers, but I cannot recall what brand it was. Good thing you're getting it checked anyway - just to be safe.

Hi Courtney!! It's me Z.!!

I used Pamper's right up until potty training and never had an incident like yours. However, I don't think it would hurt to check it out or perhaps, switch diapers just to determine if it's a dye thing.

I also agree with the other mom about the antibiotics. I don't think they were necesssary in this case. I think further research into the cause should have been performed first especially since there were no symptoms of irritation, fever, etc...

Keep up the good work with the baby and worry as much or as little as you want. It's okay.

I just wanted to say that I use Seventh Generation Diapers 20% of the time. They are Chlorine Free and great!! They don't leak, they work great, and she has never had a rash! She never had the problem that you explain either. You can buy them in bulk at Amazon.com & at Whole Foods They are not any more expensive than regular diapers. I also use their all natural wipes...Other wipes have so many chemicals!

My other suggestion is to use cloth diapers at least when you are at home, I LOVE cloth diapers!! Their are so many and they are so convinient!! I only use them when I am home, I do laundry every 3 days...They are really cute! Check out these websites:



Check out the bumgenius diapers they are the ones I have, I love them! Good Luck!

I use Pampers and have never had that happen, and I have never heard of that happening. But that does not mean it can't. You should call or write Pampers and ask if that is possible.


Just try using a different brand. Just because other mom's haven't had this problem with their child, doesn't mean it doesn't happen to yours. If nothing comes about with this change of diapers, what did it hurt?

I'd switch diapers to see if it keeps happening. I cant believe the Dr. prescribed antibiotics for something that he or she is unsure of, especially in such a little baby. I'd maybe get a second opinion. The seventh generation diapers are great, those are the only brand we use, or if Whole Foods dosent have them we like the Whole Foods brand, 360.

Good luck :)

YES!!! It happened to me with my Son. And I know of it happening with some of my friend's children.
I'm not sure what it was, but the Dr mentioned a chemical in the diaper (to me and in my friends' cases)
Whether it was or not - there has been no problems , or lasting effects.

Hi C.,

Both my pediatrician and my ob/gyn told me it was quite normal for a baby girl to have a slight blood discharge when they are little like that. As long as it isn't constant and the ped stated everything was okay - I wouldn't worry too much, a light streak like that - or even when you wipe her - is quite normal - there blood vessels are very close to the surface in their vaginal area and even being the most careful, you can sometimes irritate the skin too.

I have heard of that happening to newborn girls. It happens b/c of their hormonoes balancing or mom's hormonoes in the baby's system, something like that, I did hear about it before though. I wouldnt worry if it has happened just like u explained.

I ran into a similar situation when my son was a baby. I opened his diaper and there was a dark pink color. The Dr. asked my to pour hydrogen peroxide in the diaper to see if the pink disappeared. Hydrogen peroxide removes blood stains so if the pink disappeared he told me to take him to the hospital (it was probably blood) and if the pink remained he said it was probably a color dye in either a food/drink product that he didn't digest.

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I seem to remember the same thing happening with my DD. I just can't remember how old she was... I thought it was closer to newborn and had something to do with hormones... almost like a period because their hormones had to readjust after birth, too.
Hope you find the reason... I'm sure it's worrisome.

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