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Lice Removal - Help!!!!

My 2yo attends daycare and came home with our worst nightmare - LICE! We got prescription hair treatment, some spray for our house at the drug store and have been cleaning everything we own for the past 12-hours. The major problem is my kid won't sit still for a regular hair wash and brush on a normal basis, let alone 2-4 hours of combing each strand in search of bugs and eggs. After about an hour, all I have managed to conquer is about 1-1/2" of her hair (and I still found 3 live bugs after using the hair treatment). Apparently you are supposed to repeat this combing process daily until no more bugs or eggs are detected. I have no experience with this. My husband is completely useless. My child is beyond impatient. I'm beginning to lose my mind. Can anyone tell me who to call to come to my house and do this for me? I will pay anything at this point. PLEASE HELP!!!

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I have some missionary friends who told us they made a vinegar rinse to keep them from getting lice. You would have to be very careful rinsing a child's hair to not get it in the eyes! But this would be the step to take to keep her from getting more once you have gotten rid of all of them

Please, please stop using the over the counter stuff. I have a service called The Nit Fairy in Tampa, FL, I know that is no help to you but call me and maybe I can get you some advice on what to do. I wish I was closer.
D. F.
The Nit Fairy

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go get tea tree oil shampoo ..wash her hair then comb with a normal rat tail comb. they will come out . then keep adding the tea tree oil to her usual shampoo to keep her from getting it , i have 5 kids and this works for me

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Over the counter med's are TOXIC. Do not keep using on a 2 year old!!!
There are warnings on the label. Even for older kids, there are warnings on the labels.

There are LICE MD or LICE CLINICS you can go to. Google them in your area. They are experts and usually guaranteed. Call a pediatrician.

NO MORE drug store meds please!!!

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Hi M.,
Hopefully this will help you. I'm African American and the reason we don't get lice is because we use grease in our hair. I've told many of my friends of other races how to get rid of lice in one shot. Just go to the ethnic hair section in Walmart buy a jar of Blue Magic hair grease, oil your daughters hair from scalp to tips, wait 5 minutes and start washing. The grease suffercates the bugs and the nits, but it won't damage your childs hair.
Good Luck,

go to safe solutions.com
they have a non-toxic shampoo you can use multiple times with out all the harsh chemicals. Many lice shampoos say to use only once, that doesn't help. The bugs are still there. Safe solutions.com
they have a lice shampoo that has a natural enzyme that kills them by removing their exoskeleton. sound gross but works! smells good too. she can sit in the tub with all the lather piled on her head when you rinse you will see all those buggys in the water. have patience lice sucks!

my sister's kids had lice and she actually paid a professional to come & comb out their hair while they watched a movie - she lives in Massachusetts so the name won't help but you could try asking at hair salons if they know of a professional or ask your dr. There are such things as professional that do this thing as their job! I would not have beleived it unless my sister had paid one! Good luck- have you told your 2 yr old that there are bugs in her hair? Have you tried cutting the hair? That's how they used to do it to make it easier- cut the hair short and its easier to comb through. Good luck!

We battled lice for almost a year here with one of my girls. I seriously thought I was going to have to burn my house down. It was that bad.
With lice help there was no nit picking and I did not have to wash her bedding and clean the carpets every two or three days either.
It cleared it right up.
I promise I am in no way affiliated with this company. I actually gave away my extra bottles to people at church. It was a great product.

Yes, there are lice removal companies. Here in Orlando it is called "Lousebusters". It is not cheap, but they have the tools and the patience and that sounds like what you need. Google "lice removal companies" and see what comes up in your area. It is a growing trend. Good Luck!

Hi M.. I feel your pain. My 11 year old came home with lice and my 18 month old daughter got it from him. My pediatrician told me equal parts of vinegar and listerine in a spray bottle. Spray her hair and let it sit as long as you can and wash out. I had to do this twice but it worked. You can also use the same mixture on furniture and bedding. Lice breath thru their bodies and the vinegar and listerine basically smothers them. As for the combing part put baby oil on her hair overnight and comb thru the next morning. This is safe and you can do it as often as needed. I did repeat after 10 days. GOOD LUCK!!!

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