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Lice Removal - Help!!!!

My 2yo attends daycare and came home with our worst nightmare - LICE! We got prescription hair treatment, some spray for our house at the drug store and have been cleaning everything we own for the past 12-hours. The major problem is my kid won't sit still for a regular hair wash and brush on a normal basis, let alone 2-4 hours of combing each strand in search of bugs and eggs. After about an hour, all I have managed to conquer is about 1-1/2" of her hair (and I still found 3 live bugs after using the hair treatment). Apparently you are supposed to repeat this combing process daily until no more bugs or eggs are detected. I have no experience with this. My husband is completely useless. My child is beyond impatient. I'm beginning to lose my mind. Can anyone tell me who to call to come to my house and do this for me? I will pay anything at this point. PLEASE HELP!!!

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I have some missionary friends who told us they made a vinegar rinse to keep them from getting lice. You would have to be very careful rinsing a child's hair to not get it in the eyes! But this would be the step to take to keep her from getting more once you have gotten rid of all of them

Please, please stop using the over the counter stuff. I have a service called The Nit Fairy in Tampa, FL, I know that is no help to you but call me and maybe I can get you some advice on what to do. I wish I was closer.
D. F.
The Nit Fairy

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go get tea tree oil shampoo ..wash her hair then comb with a normal rat tail comb. they will come out . then keep adding the tea tree oil to her usual shampoo to keep her from getting it , i have 5 kids and this works for me

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Over the counter med's are TOXIC. Do not keep using on a 2 year old!!!
There are warnings on the label. Even for older kids, there are warnings on the labels.

There are LICE MD or LICE CLINICS you can go to. Google them in your area. They are experts and usually guaranteed. Call a pediatrician.

NO MORE drug store meds please!!!

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Hi M.,
Hopefully this will help you. I'm African American and the reason we don't get lice is because we use grease in our hair. I've told many of my friends of other races how to get rid of lice in one shot. Just go to the ethnic hair section in Walmart buy a jar of Blue Magic hair grease, oil your daughters hair from scalp to tips, wait 5 minutes and start washing. The grease suffercates the bugs and the nits, but it won't damage your childs hair.
Good Luck,

go to safe solutions.com
they have a non-toxic shampoo you can use multiple times with out all the harsh chemicals. Many lice shampoos say to use only once, that doesn't help. The bugs are still there. Safe solutions.com
they have a lice shampoo that has a natural enzyme that kills them by removing their exoskeleton. sound gross but works! smells good too. she can sit in the tub with all the lather piled on her head when you rinse you will see all those buggys in the water. have patience lice sucks!

my sister's kids had lice and she actually paid a professional to come & comb out their hair while they watched a movie - she lives in Massachusetts so the name won't help but you could try asking at hair salons if they know of a professional or ask your dr. There are such things as professional that do this thing as their job! I would not have beleived it unless my sister had paid one! Good luck- have you told your 2 yr old that there are bugs in her hair? Have you tried cutting the hair? That's how they used to do it to make it easier- cut the hair short and its easier to comb through. Good luck!

We battled lice for almost a year here with one of my girls. I seriously thought I was going to have to burn my house down. It was that bad.
With lice help there was no nit picking and I did not have to wash her bedding and clean the carpets every two or three days either.
It cleared it right up.
I promise I am in no way affiliated with this company. I actually gave away my extra bottles to people at church. It was a great product.

Yes, there are lice removal companies. Here in Orlando it is called "Lousebusters". It is not cheap, but they have the tools and the patience and that sounds like what you need. Google "lice removal companies" and see what comes up in your area. It is a growing trend. Good Luck!

Hi M.. I feel your pain. My 11 year old came home with lice and my 18 month old daughter got it from him. My pediatrician told me equal parts of vinegar and listerine in a spray bottle. Spray her hair and let it sit as long as you can and wash out. I had to do this twice but it worked. You can also use the same mixture on furniture and bedding. Lice breath thru their bodies and the vinegar and listerine basically smothers them. As for the combing part put baby oil on her hair overnight and comb thru the next morning. This is safe and you can do it as often as needed. I did repeat after 10 days. GOOD LUCK!!!

This is one of the most frustrating conditions. Been there three times...
There is a natural product you can buy at the health food store called 'not nice to lice" - a non-toxic product.
However, my dear, I found that the most hated product for head lice is Lavender oil....get plain aloe gel, add lavender oil and lemon oil...lots of drops. Use like you would any hair gel. Combing will be easier and your child will not have to endure toxic chemicals.
Unfortunately, you want to keep up with laundering the sheets, pillows; and place a clean sheet wherever your child sits to eat, watch tv, etc...until the problem is solved. Best wishes for your sanity.

look into neem oil, maybe it will work a little faster, but wear gloves when applying since you are pregnant

Unfortunately, there's no substitute for combing except shaving her head.

Get her in front of her favorite tv show or movie and comb away.

(bribe her with whatever you need to in order to get this done)

Tea trea oil helps to loosen them and smooth it down the hair follicle.

Unfortunately, you will have to be checked too. And your husband. A child doesnt just come home one day with a head full of lice and nits. By the time the child gets to the point you've described, days have passed since her first exposure to the lice and/or nits. Which means everyone who's been around her has also been exposed.

My best friend said she did this for her very long haired girls: wash hair in the brown Listerine or store brand brown mouth wash, don't rinse but leave in hair with plastic grocery bag wrapped around head for two hours. Rinse out and apply tea tree oil. Comb out daily until no trace of the pests are found. Do same for all members of household and notify family and friends that have been exposed to her.

It's not "cooties"... it's a common childhood ordeal. It doesnt mean your family is "dirty"; you are victims and should not be embarrassed. Get good at this now because as long as your child is in contact with any other human outside your home, there is the possibility of getting it again. The best thing for prevention is to keep her hair up in pony tail or similar and use hair spray or mousse daily. The tea tree oil in the shampoo or leave in conditioner is a good idea. Check her for the pests after every bath (just a quick look-see when you are drying and styling her hair.)

Be patient. This is not the worst thing you'll face as a mom, although it does seem like it now, LOL...

I have some missionary friends who told us they made a vinegar rinse to keep them from getting lice. You would have to be very careful rinsing a child's hair to not get it in the eyes! But this would be the step to take to keep her from getting more once you have gotten rid of all of them

Try to keep your little one distracted. Tv and something for the hands. Resort to bribe if you have to. The only way i can get my now almost 4yr to sit still to trim up her bangs is to have a candy bribe. Try giving your child a popscile

Don't know resources in VA, but going pro is the only way to go. Or you can pull your hair out trying to keep on top of nearly microscopic insects. And then pull out everyone in your families hair.

I found a great lady on the internet in LA. She took care of the physical problem, but also really eased my mind about the feelings of feeling shame that somehow are involved with having bugs in your kids hair.

If you have friends with slightly older kids, ask them, they've probably been through it. Or may call the local elementary school for a recommendation.

Good luck!

Years ago after trying lice treatment twice, I resorted to using Vaseline. I smeared it thickly all over her head and used a shower cap onto for 24 hours. I then shampooed her 10 times and she was greasy for about a week but it worked. Killed all the live bugs and nits. As a preventitive measure I then put gel in her hair everyday she went to school.

We used dog shampoo for a week or two to (finally) get rid of lice after 5-6 months of recurring infestations.

Unfortunately, no one is going to come and help you, except maybe your family (and you really can cout on it). Noone wants to be exposed. The combing out after the treatment is the key to get rid of the eggs that stay attached to the hair. So aside from shaving the head you must sit and comb for hours. I must admit I shaved my daughter at about 3 years old, at her request like her brothers because she was tired of the combing (oh and use the metal comb). Anyway, she turns 16 next month and we still laugh about this. They get over it and I had to work, just do what you can. Don't forget to put the stuffed animals into a plastic garbage bag and spray and leave tied shut for a week or more. Also spray the carseat and the car, anything with a cloth surface that she climbs on. Good luck, my thoughts are with you, from an old florida mom.

Please, please stop using the over the counter stuff. I have a service called The Nit Fairy in Tampa, FL, I know that is no help to you but call me and maybe I can get you some advice on what to do. I wish I was closer.
D. F.
The Nit Fairy

I would never use the over the counter chemical treatments, nor the Rx stuff for a child. As much as they tell you it is 'safe' and try to make mainstream USA believe it, they are very harsh chemicals that if you researched the chemicals would find they are yucky toxins! You can get very very effective results from safe household products. You can get a pack of shower caps, a jar or mayo (unopened so room temp), a bottle of household vinegar and a nit comb. Cover the scalp with mayo, cover with the cap and leave for 2 hrs. Rinse well and do a follow up rinse with vinegar, this detaches the eggs from the shaft. It is suggested that you repeat in about 7 days to catch any eggs that get missed. I did this for my daughter and we survived! Look up other alternative treatments online if you want others, but I found this one very cheap, easy and super safe.... Worked great to do for naptime!
As for getting rid of them around the house, don't fret..... Lice can not jump or fly and have a very short lifespan if they aren't on a person, so only those items, surfaces or places where people have their heads often will be places of transfer.... Carseat covers, bedding, furniture, stuffed animals.... Take the stuffed animals and garbage bag them for a week or two. They will die without a food
source. Wash bedding and carseat covers in hot. As for furniture, I used Food Grade DE (diatomaceous earth).... NOT the pool filter grade!!!! It is 100% safe and even edible so it's safe around kids/pets. You can get it at a natural pesticide store or from online (www.dirtworks.com) super super cheap.... It's a powder that kills anything hard shelled such as lice, bedbugs, fleas, roaches.... Can even add it to the mayo hair treatment! You can dust your mattress, couch, vehicles, etc.....

Good luck and feel free to write me! These options are safer!

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