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Lice and My 5 Month Old! HELP!!

Help!! My 5 month old son was exposed to head lice by his cousins and we don't know what to do! Today was the first day they knew about it and I don't think they have it that bad, but he was at their house all day (my sister watches my son while I am at work). When I picked my son up tonight, my sister was using RID on her kids. I am taking him to work with me tomorrow but don't even know where to begin with this stuff! Oh, and he has a full head of hair, to make things worse!!

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Thank you to all the Mama's who responded! I just couldn't imagine shaving his head! I have not seen any lice or nits on his head and I took him to work with me today (and he will be with me tomorrow). My sister treated all of her kids and is doing everything she can to clear her house of lice. I am going to use the mayo and the tea tree shampoo and hopefully he doesn't get them!

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I had a similar situation and what I did was to brush aout her hair with a lice comb. The RID is a poison so do not put it on her hair. but you can use vaseline if you want it takes a bit to get it all out but it is safe.

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I'd just get his little head shaved. (Actually, I would have done that on the way home.) He's only five months old - it'll grow back. If he has no hair, he has no lice and no nits. You don't have to worry about finding a medicated shampoo safe for infants. You don't have to worry about using a comb to remove the nits. Couldn't be easier!

(Actually, this is what I did with my oldest for the first year of his life - it was cheaper and easier than getting his hair trimmed all of the time and he looked so cute with his little bald head!)

Then, just wash your linens in hot water.

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First of all, you say he was exposed, not that he has it. Don't take any measures unless you actually see evidence of lice.

Lice are not quite as "contagious" as most people think. They like the warmth of their host's bodies, and usually won't leave a nice warm host unless another one is in direct contact. When kids are playing very close, when they literally have their "heads together" over some game or project, is when the lice make the jump if they are going to. So it's easy to be exposed but not acquire any lice. Some experts even say you don't have to take extreme laundry/housekeeping measures either, that lice aren't going to hang around in a cold bed waiting for someone to come by.

So I would react lightly initially, then go to more laborious measures if the light-footprint ones don't work. If there are lice present, don't use a pesticide. See if you can get rid of them with one of the practical home remedies listed, and don't bother with the emergency spring cleaning unless the other measures don't eliminate them. I know lice sounds icky but they are really just external parasites like fleas, not something really scary like tapeworms. Exhale and get your mayo mojo working!

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Unless you actually see lice on him, DON'T WORRY! My daughter had a bad case of lice that stuck around for about 2 weeks and her 2 brothers never got it. If he does get it, go to the American Society of Pedriatrics website http://generalpediatrics.com/AZSearchLay.html
they have great information that is easy to read.
Congrats on being able to stay at home. I have been a stay at home mom for 19 years and love it!

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I would contact his doctor and see what is safe to use on babies that young...maybe even take him in to get checked out. Chances are that he MAY not have even picked them up (unless you know for certain because you have seen them). I would get that done soon as you can since with a 5 month old you have to hold him so much whether or not you are nursing him and the possibility of you getting it from him. Lice can be nasty buggers to get rid of. The sooner you act, the better.

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Oh, don't freak out! It's okay. Don't do drugs. It's easy to get rid of. I got lice working with some kids about 5 years back. Two of my sisters got it too and we had so much fun getting rid of it! I was told of the easiest way to get rid of it. First buy some mayonaisse. You can mix tea tree oil (1-2 drops if you want) or lavender essential oil in with a handful of mayo. Coat the hair completely. Cover with plastic wrap or shower cap overnight. Wash out completely. Meanwhile, wash and vacuum EVERYTHING in your beds, floors, etc. The lice can live up to 5 days I believe away from a food source. Repeat the next night or two if you feel paranoid. You can also search the base of the hair for eggs and ticks. Never fear! You'll get rid of it! ;P

I'm sure you will get a lot of responses to this one! I don't know for sure, but I think you can use RID shampoo on your baby. You might just want to call his physician and ask. I do know though that you need to bag up or wash in hot water all of his bedding ,stuffed animals, anything he has been around. Lice are tuff suckers, and they like to stay around. They can't live without living on a living being for long though. So if you bag up his stuff and leave it for a couple weeks they will die. Good luck!!!!!

Hi A.,
I highly suggest putting your son to bed with lots of mayonaise in his hair and a shower cap over it all, the lice can't do any connecting to his hair and the eggs that were connected lose it very easily with one of those lice combs, and since there are so many oils in the mayo it will really moisturize his hair and take out the tangles easily. I remember getting lice when I was in 7th grade and my parents went through 3 kids of that special lice shampoo and it damaged my hair so very badly, and at one point the stuff burned my scalp, and when the 3rd one didn't work and my parents didn't have the extra money for the stuff my mom got some advice from someone about the cheap remedy, and it worked, plus it basically did a deep conditioning treatment as well. So yeah, just use mayo, it worked wonders for me, my Mom may even suggest this if she responds to you, she is Karen R. Goodluck!
Oh, Looking at your title problem and seeing that your son is only 5 months old, you have nothing to worry about, he's got baby hair, it's way too fine for lice to latch onto.

Rid is way too toxic to use on such a small child. If his hair is short -- keep an eye on him to see if he actually has picked up any lice. They make some pretty mild tea tree oil shampoos that would be all right to use on the little guy even if you want to do it to head off the problem before it is one. My daughter ran a headstart program for three years, and tea tree oil (and shampoo) was her best friend! ;)

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