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Letting Dogs Lick You/your Child in the Face and Mouth

I have a SIL, she has 4 abominably yappy toy dogs, who she allows lick her daughters in the face and mouth.
I couldn't help myself, and said "SIL, that is revolting, why do you let your dogs do that". She gave me the "dog's mouths are cleaner than humans spiel. and that growing up her dogs licked her in the mouth, and she is fine"
Well, my dog licks his own privates, I love him very much, but I have seen where his tongue has been, and I don't want it in my mouth. I wouldn't let my child lick me in my mouth or on my face, so why a dog? And where did this law of a dog's mouth being cleaner than a humans come from? I have never seen evidence of this.
Am I alone here in thinking this is nasty?

What can I do next?

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It's gross, I let my dogs lick my not my mouth. There is something about a dogs tongue that heals sores, that's why when dogs have a sore they lick it. The do lick their privates, not to get to explicit, humans have simular habits if you know what i mean. J.

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I had a friend who would let her dog eat chewed up food from her tongue. I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw her do it, and thought it was the grossest thing ever. But people love their dogs!!

I am with you... gross, gross double gross.

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I agree with Tori, A dog licks every part of their bodies at any time.. Yes, It may be the saliva that is fairly safe, but the poop, the streets that they walk on the dirty rugs, carpets and bathroom floors are nasty. You do not always know if they have just licked cleaned any of these parts at any time..

It is just not a good habit for the dogs or the child to be taught that this is acceptable behavior..

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The "theory" is that dogs have a lesser population of nasty bacteria in their mouths than humans do, in that a bite wound from a human is much more likely to cause infection than that from a dog. However, by no means is a dog's mouth "clean" and dog saliva does not have antiseptic properties, as some people seem to believe. We are talking about an animal that often likes to eat other animals' poop - including their own. And as a veterinarian who has examined many many dogs and had to look in many many dogs' mouths, I can tell you that so many dogs have such nasty dental disease and gum infections that I can't see how their mouths could be "cleaner" than mine - some of it is simply revolting.

That being said, I don't mind doggy kisses on my face - I am just careful to keep my mouth shut and lips rolled in. I don't believe in "making out" with your dog. Or as the one of the characters stated in the movie "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" - "You can love your pets, just don't LOVE your pets."

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If you've ever had a human bite and a dog bite and had to go to the ER they don't even worry about the dogs bite if the dog has had their shots. Now, the human bite is a big deal. We have WAY nastier mouths than dogs. Dogs saliva is made to clean their mouths since they don't brush and floss. If you kiss your child you have put your mouth germs on their face. If you have kissed your husband then kissed your kids you both have put your mouth germs on your kids faces.

Fact is, dogs mouths ARE cleaner than peoples. It's just the way it is.

I always get so tickled at people when they get grossed out by a person letting their dog lick their plates and the person grossed out even throws their dish away. For one thing, soap works, if the dishes are washed the germs are gone. You put you fork or spoon in your mouth so if soap doesn't work then next time you put a spoon in your mouth that didn't come straight from the store then you would be putting all that decayed food plus all the germs from the last person who ate with it and the one before that.....

So, dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, cleaner than your husbands.

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when i see that its just nasty and i want to throw up!

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It's gross, I let my dogs lick my not my mouth. There is something about a dogs tongue that heals sores, that's why when dogs have a sore they lick it. The do lick their privates, not to get to explicit, humans have simular habits if you know what i mean. J.

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My son's friend did a science project where she swabbed & measured the levels of bacteria in her mouth, her little brother's mouth and the dog's mouth. She & her brother had MORE than the dog.

But....eewee....I know what ya mean.

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I love my dogs, but I do not allow them to lick my face or my child's.

By their own preference, my dogs will eat rabbit poop, garbage, cat poop, etc.... While the dogs may not suffer from that, and it may actually be good for them (I think that is why dogs are capable of throwing up so easily, LOL), I don't necessary want to share those microbes.

That's just my take... There is nothing you can do to convince your SIL otherwise. So, just make sure to wash your hands, your kids hands, and your kids faces after they play with the dogs... or their cousins or aunt, if it bothers you...

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I grew up with dogs. I'm used to animals licking me. I get where you are coming from, but i'm sure kids have had worse things in their hands or in their mouths.
I of course wouldn't let my dogs like my mouth, that is gross, but the face. Meh, I'm sure you've put your head on a desk or something and that has far worse germs than a dogs mouth.

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Face is fine, closed mouth ok, but that's it. :)

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