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Lethargic Toddler Recovering from Stomach Virus

On Monday, my husband and I took my 2 year old daughter to the ER because of repeat vomiting and lethargy. She was diagnosed with a stomach virus and an ear infection. The doctor said to visit her regular doctor if she did not improve by Wednesday. By Wednesday she was taking small amounts of food, cheese and crackers with juice. We did not visit the doctor thinking she was on the road to recovery. However, it is Friday and she is still lethargic, always laying down or asking to go to bed. She is still only eating cheese and crackers. She is not dehydrated because she has drank plenty of pedilyte and water. It is almost like she is depressed now. In addition, her eyes have been occasionally crossing since she has been sick. Her appt is not until next Tues. I am wondering in the meantime what to do. Will the lethargy pass? If so, how long?

What can I do next?

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I agree with Martha here, take her in NOW! I would not wait on this one, sounds like there is something else going on.

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Don't wait! Just take her in. What is your gut telling you? If my child was like that I would be there in a heartbeat! Remember, your doctor is your employee, and he/she works for you. If you don't get the answer you need go to a new one and get a second opinion.

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Here are a few suggestions.

Ger her some Emergen C, this will help boost her immune system.

Get her on a good probiotic www.natren.com sells one specifically for kids. This will help esp if you are vaccinating her and she has been sick. Vaccinations contain Antibiotics that mess up a childs gut.

The ear aches are a tip off that she has a weak immune system and it was most likely aggrivated by vaccines, the reason I say this is non vaccinated kids don't tend to get ear aches but it is really common amongst kids that do. You are going to have to do some research and educate yourself if you do this you will understand what I am talking about, your doctor will not share this information with you.

Second if she was recently vaccinated find out what she was vaccinated with and find out what the side effects from those vaccines are.
You can find those here:

You can also find out information about all Vaccines here:

Take her back to the ER! You can never be too careful!

Take her right now to a doctor--even a doc in a box. Tuesday is too far away to wait. S. B.

Take her back to the ER!!

I agree with Martha here, take her in NOW! I would not wait on this one, sounds like there is something else going on.

I don't want to alarm you but I agree with the mothers who say take her to the doctor now! You should always trust your instincts when it comes to your kids. Even if its nothing, you can feel better about the fact that you didn't sit back and worry only. Her eyes crossing has nothing to do with lethargy - this could be a symptom of something else. I am not a mother who runs to the doctor with every little thing but I know my children as I am sure that you know yours. Depression and lethargy are not signs of a healthy child. Please take her to a doctor and let them know about every one of these symptoms. Don't let them convince you that she is okay when you know better. No- we can't always think that everything is serious but we know our kids better than anyone. God Bless you both!

If I were you, (It is Sunday PM. already so you may have already taken care of this,) I would not wait until Tue. My daughter had similar symptoms and it ended up being pheumonia. I have also had friends say their children had similar symptoms and turned out to be diabetes...so you may want to head to an emergency room if things don't get better. I would also not give cheese, as if there is congestion involved, any dairy will only make it worse. Vitamin C is good for just about everything, so if you can get some fresh fruit into her, I would recommend that...but of course, I'm not a doctor, so I would get medical advice as well. Some insurances have a "helpline" or "ask a nurse" that you may want to call. If your insurance doesnt' have one, call your doctor and ask for the physician on call before you wait it out until Tues.

Don't wait!!!! Something is not right, take her back to the ER and don't leave until they have addressed all your concerns and tell them EVERYTHING that had been going on since your last ER visit. God bless you all!!

If you don't want to go to the ER and if your doctor isn't open on Saturdays for sick appointments, try one of the Children's Healthcare Urgent Care facilities. Don't know where you live, but we've used the one at Satellite and Boggs in Duluth and have been pleased. Good luck.

Hi A.,

The lethargy won't pass until shes on the road to recovery. She obviously is not. Her appetite is not back either and her eyes are crossing. She's still a sick little one.

If you trust that the diagnosis is correct, then I'd be giving her something to build her immune system to fight off the virus and personally I would take my child to the chiropractor at this point. Proper chiropractic will help the immune system fight it off and I have seen many many children recover from ear infections through chiropractic, even my own. My chiropractor has the largest pediatric clinic in the state of GA and has seen much success. If you don't have a chiropractor you trust, go to www.upspine.com and find one close to you.
(If a chiropractor tells you he can't help a stomach virus or ear infections, then he's not a good chiropractor and he doesn't understand the body and the immune system.)

Elderberry extract, which tastes good, is a good immune booster for little ones and garlic, which you can also get in a liquid, is a natural antibiotic.

God bless,

It's possible she could have a more sever ear infection. I had similar experience & my child's ear drum ruptured. I would get child to a doctor right away!

I have to say I agree with Heather 100%. I would especially look into the vaccine issue if she has gotten any within the last 6 months! Childhoodshots.com offers a great video with resourses! You do not have to vaccinate, just know that it is a choice. About 40% of American children are not vaccinated and yes they are in public, private and home schools. Peds just dont tell you of this option bc its their paycheck! If you look into this with open eyes, you will be amazed! Jenny McCarthy's book, Mother Warriors is an excellant source too. Boosting her immune system and chiropractic care can get her on a fast track to recovery. Best of luck to you!

This sounds serious and Children's Healthcare is where I would go immediately! Has she had any peanut butter?

Moms please keep in mind a special I saw a few weeks ago on children and excessive vomiting. A little girl kept getting sick in the middle of the night and no Doctor could diagnose the problem. The child was taken to a Neurologist who discovered this was being caused by seizures. It saved her life, but it took some time for them to realize the exact cause.
This is a great website for sharing information. I learn alot and enjoy sharing helpful information.

I am wishing you all well.


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