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LEGITIMATE Ways to Earn Extra Income for Stay at Home Mom??

Ok - I hope to not open a can of worms here, but would love to hear your ideas on ways you've been able to earn extra money for your household. My dear husband already works full time and additional part time jobs, so he is doing all he can to provide for our family of 6. As a police officer, his profession is just not one that is known for high incomes, but I'm so proud of him in what he does. We are doing fairly well, but an extra $10,000-$12,000 per year would be a huge boost for us. I do work a couple of days a week as a breastfeeding counselor at our local WIC clinic, so I'm trying to contribute while keeping busy with caring for the kiddos, along with other community activities. Evenings are very busy with meetings, sports, homework, etc, so my evenings are already full at this point.

So, here is my question. What ways have you found to contribute income from home? I am a Mary Kay consultant, and enjoy being one. But cannot keep up with classes, unit meetings, etc. So I have my current customer base I take care of, but something like this is about as far as I can take it right now. I really am not thinking anything in direct sales like that will work out for me right now. In my mind, I'm thinking of something that I can do during the day - like an Ebay thing, or something like that. I need to keep evenings free, and since my husband works night shift, my schedule is not very flexible - so I would love to find something I can do before the kids are home from school.

I am an organized, type A personality, love baking and organizing. My degree is in Accounting, but have not been in the field since my oldest was born 11 years ago. My youngest are almost 5, and will be in kindergarten next year. So I need to be home for the next year and a half to be able to get them to school and bring them home since they will be doing half days of school. Any ideas or first hand experience that you can provide? I really appreciate your help and suggestions - and thanks for letting me ramble... :)

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Hello from Plainfield, IL. :0)

Take a look at this clip on Youtube. If you find that you'd like to explore this in more detail, just let me know. I'd be more than happy to share it with you.



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Yes you probably will be hit with every "wonderful opportunity" to work at home and bring in the millions.

In reality.....you said your degree is accounting.. This is TAX time! I bet some CPA's or accounting companies could use some help. NOT preparing taxes but since you have a basic knowledge, you could probably get a lot done as far as organizing the paperwork for the accountants and other things in that type of atmosphere. This is the season when the accounting firm simply work 24/7. You could be an asset to someone and bring in a little money.

Another thing, our personal (non MLM) company is taking off right now and I am working hard as ever taking care of our books, etc. I'm going to a class on Quickbooks so I can be a better bookkeeper with our business. I meet with our accountant on a regular basis (he is hard to see right now in tax time) to make sure I am on the right track. You might find someone like us, small business owner and be able to help better organize and maintain books.

Is there a way to expand your current employment with WIC so that you are educating more people?

I substitute teach at the elementary school where my daughter went. It is the only school I will sub and I just do it when I have some extra time and get a little extra money.

Bring in income from multiple sources is good because you are not depending on 1 single source. Just keep the customer base you have with Mary Kay and don't get stressed out about other meetings and pressure sales.

on my end note..........Thank you to your husband. He is in a thankless job, underpaid, too little benefits and dangerous.

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Hey there,
saw your question and I have the best answer. I have been working from home for a long time now and I love it. It is not at all a scam and I make enough money to be very comfortable. Plus I am at home so my family doesn't have to do without me. I would be glad to help you out.

I will tell you that the type of question you just asked on here is going to get a million responses. There are people in Multi-level marketing companies just sitting here waiting for someone to ask for a work from home job. I will tell you that Direct Sales isn't the way to make real reliable monthly income. As I am sure you've learned.

My company specializes in helping moms stay at home with there children and still bring in the income that the family needs. I have invested nothing, NO $$$. I am not under some wacky fine print contract or anything. My heart is in the business of helping Moms make the money they need to make ends meet and hopefully be a stay at home mom if that is what they are wanting to be, or otherwise are in a situation were staying at home is the only option they have so they need a job while doing so.

I found this job and it allows me to do exactly that. If I were a sales person I would be hurting people's lives because I would be asking people to buy worthless products or products that they don't need and that takes away from a household budget $$ that would otherwise be used for something the family actually needs!!

I am just not the type of person that could work that way. I have been hurt by companies or been convinced by a friend to spend my extra money on candles and jewelry etc etc ( $$ wasted) . I do this because it makes a difference in people's lives everyday. That is a job I can enjoy!

Feel free to contact me at ____@____.com Take care and I hope to hear from you. I would love to help you make money that is flexible to your schedule!

S. K.


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Freelance writing may be something worth looking into. I just signed up with www.suite101.com and am really looking forward to feeding my creativity. All the best to you and your family.

I'm not sure about how well this would work with your own young ones, but it might be worth a shot. I recently started doing playground duty at my kids' school. It pays well, you get to know the kids and the teachers, and with your little ones, you could probably take them with you and they would really enjoy it!

Hello from Plainfield, IL. :0)

Take a look at this clip on Youtube. If you find that you'd like to explore this in more detail, just let me know. I'd be more than happy to share it with you.



Hi- Why not see if you can get a few small business owners to do bookeeping for? Every business needs that and often owners are so busy actually running the business they don't have time to do it. If you charge a bit less than more established accountants and call yourself a bookeeper I bet you could get some business pretty easily. You could do it on your own time and as your kids grow and need you less, you could spend more time growing your business. Good luck!

contact me and let me tell you about what I do as a Shaklee Independent Distributor:


I would also say look into the accounting. My accountant started out working for H&R Block. She became a CPA and now she works from her home in the Virgin Islands.
I also want to say it is unfortunate that someone chose to bad mouth MLMs to try to make what she is doing look better.
MLMs are legit as you know since you are in Mary Kay. It is even taught as a business model at Harvard. The owner of my company in a multi-billionaire who wanted to make money and also help others at the same time. He has an MBA and law degree and could have chosen any type of business. I personally know hundreds of people with my company who earn six digit incomes. And, none of us sell worthless products or drain someone's budget.

I am doing something right I think would be to your benefit. I don't sell any products .if you'd like some information,email me at ____@____.com

best of luck to you!

I've been doing Avon since 1986 and am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. It has been wonderful! It only costs $10 to start, you get 40% earnings on your first 4 orders (they go in every two weeks), and then you go to a sliding scale for earnings. For example, an order of just over $400 nets you a 40% discount. There is no inventory to keep, and besides the cutting edge (and affordable!) skincare, we have jewelry, clothes, kid's items, kitchen items, and so much more!!! It is a store in your hand! I highly recommend it! And if you are a people person, recruiting will bring in extra income every month in the form of a check, or direct deposit to your bank, based on the size and sales or your unit. I feel like it is free money. My kids help put out books, and earn $ for it, so are learning business skills. You can do it all during the day only, if you prefer. Your hours are your own and you are your own boss. You do not have to attend meetings unless you want to. Check out my website for more info: www.youravon.com/cynthiamurphy Best wishes in your future!!! C.

Check out my website at makemoneyonline.tonoftips.net. It's a blog I just started that is going over the different ways that I make money online.
If you like to write check out DemandStudios, TextBroker, or WordGigs. Associated Content is another way to make money online.

Check out the forums at workplacelikehome for other work at home jobs.

You could always try your hand at blogging. If you love baking and organizing you could possible start Niche blogs about them. Basically you write about what you know, and advertise things related to them. A great program that I am currently working with is the Niche Blogger. It's a great way to start building a passive income online. Even if you don't know anything about websites or blogging, the program walks you through it step by step. You can check out the link to it at http://www.thenicheblogger.com/amember/go.php?r=3549&...

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