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Least and Most Fertile Days?

I was trying to find some info about this on the web but couldn't find what I was looking for. I think your most fertile days are two weeks before or after your period. I should be starting my period today or tomorrow. I think some of my husband's "you know what" got inside of me tonight so I wanted to know if this is a fertile time for me? When are you the least fertile? Thanks in advance!!

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I am not an expert or anything but I think most women ovulate about 14 days after you end a cycle. That is if you are on a 28 or so day cycle. So around day 14 and the fews days in front or behind.


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I did lots of research on this when I was trying to get pg, just because I wanted to minimize the time it took. It varies a little for everyone, but Taking Charge of Your Fertility was a wonderful book just for general education about your body, cycles, etc., and especially in the event that you start feeling as if your attempts each month are unsuccessful. Your best chances of conception depend on how long your personal cycles are. Your cycle length determines when to look for signs with your cervical fluids and other main signs. If you have a typical textbook 28 day cycle each and every month, then 14 days after the first day of your period is a good rule of thumb in general. But I would guess that the day of or before your period is not your most fertile of days (for anyone). That book was highly interesting for lots of factors other than 'infertility'. I suggest it for every female (older teens or at least early twenties) so she'll know her body for the rest of her life. Good luck!

Hey there... go to www.ovulation-calendar.net this will set out your days plain and simple. It is a very helpful tool if you are trying to conceive or trying to avoid becoming pregnant! Hope this helps

You have gotten some great advice. My best book while trying to get pregnant (which a friend has now) was something like How to get pregnant naturally in 6 months. I don't think this is your goal just yet...well maybe :) but, it gives such great info and easy to read.


If you are due to start today or tomorrow then you are past your fertile time. Goto www.parenting.com and click on fertility. Then click on fertility calculator. Type in the date of your last period and how many days in your cycle. It will give you your most fertile days and possible due date if you conceive at that time. It is not an exact sciencd though so the dates could be off a little but it will give you an idea. Your most fertile time is about 2 weeks after your last period (which should be the same as about 2 weeks before your next period.) Good luck.

It is usually 11 to 14 days out from the beginning of your period. So, the day you start your period is day 1 then go to day 11 through 14 should be your fertile time. It also depends on how long your regular cycles are. It helps to get an ovulation kit tester. Then you will figure out your fertile days by urinating on the sticks.

Ovulation kits are not a good way if you are trying to avoid pregnancy...they only tell you when you are about to ovulate about a day before if that. Sperm can survive for up to 5 days in a woman. You should check out Taking Charge of your Fertility.

try www.fertilityfriend.com. & www.cafemom.com. Especially if your are trying to concieve. They are both very informational and both have calendars to help you plan a pregnancy. These calendars are based on the information you enter in, but they aren't always 100% accurate. Good luck!

Hi L.

You are right you are most fertile 2 wks prior to your next period. Good luck.


I am not an expert or anything but I think most women ovulate about 14 days after you end a cycle. That is if you are on a 28 or so day cycle. So around day 14 and the fews days in front or behind.


You should not be fertile right now. Most women are most fertile about 14 days after your period begins. Learn all you need to know by reading the book, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler.

Although this doesn't clear up the confusion for you right NOW, I would definitely recommend that you read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, or some other book that explains what happens when and how to tell what's happening with YOUR specific body. It explains really well that the two weeks before your period thing is an average and every woman is different, and then helps you identify the signs your body is giving you for when you are fertile. I think every woman should learn this kind of information early in life, but at the very least it would be helpful to you to avoid the same uncertainty in the future! Good luck with everything!

different for every woman, but, generally, days 12 - 16 of your cycle. Speak with your doctor to make yourself feel better, but I'd suggest buying an ovulation kit or two and begin tracking yourself on day 10 of your cycle and see when you are ovulating - then you know when you are fertile. Generally you will ovulate around the same time each month, give or take a few days, particularly when you are young. Give it a try for a fews months and see if you have a semi-predictable ovulation cycle. Again, some women are all over the board, but that generally tends to be the case as you get older. Good luck.

You are most fertile 10 to 14 days after your period but every woman is different so if you are worried ask your Dr. or call his office and I'm sure someone there would be happy to answer your question.

You're talking about your latent phase and it differs for everybody. You are actually most fertile just before your ovulation and it is more important to know when that is , than your period. My period is on a very regular 28 days so I should ovulate on the 14th day by what the calendar etc says...but I have a shorter latent phase and actually ovulate at day 10, (thus we have a beautiful bouncy, unplanned 1 year old little boy)and then only have my period 18 days later. So I am fertile a whole 4 days earlier than what is considered when I should be. It doesn't always work like the "book" says.

Your most fertile days are during the week or so right AFTER your period. You're fertile for 2-3 days during that period, but the specific days very from woman to woman. So you should be safe if you're trying to avoid getting pregnant right now.

Your most fertile days are 14-16 days first day of your period. Go to www.fertilityfriend.com and you will learn more than you need to know about conception. I got pregnant twice on their advice. I took the 20 day course and it workedfor me. I found that I actually ovualted on day 19!! Almost a week after the norm. Also, ovualtion test kits are great to time conception.

This should be your safe time. Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned.

Fertile days are those AFTER your period.

The fourteenth day after the first day of your last period should be the most fertile if you're on a regular 28 day cycle.

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