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Leaking Pull-ups - Need Advice

My son is potty trained, but still sleeps in a pull-up. (nap times, no pull-up, just night time). In the last few weeks, he's taken to sleeping on his stomach. When he does this, his pull-up leaks if he goes in the middle of the night. The pull-up isn't soaked, so it's not an overspill problem. In fact, they're usually close to dry - but the bed is soaked!

We use the Huggies pull-ups - not sure if they are a specific type - just the big box from Costco. Has anyone had the same problem? What did you do? Are there any brands out there that work better? It's only a problem when he sleeps on his stomach.

(I don't need advice for getting him to stay dry all night - he has some health issues at this point preventing that from being an option or goal - I just need a solution to the leaking.)

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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Thanks for the tips! Looks like I'll be shopping this weekend - trying different sizes may be the key - thanks to everyone!

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My daughter sleeps on her stomach too and also uses pull-ups at night (although 90% of the time they're dry). Every once in a while, if she does pee in her sleep, the sheets are totally dry and only the pull-up is wet. We use Pampers Easy-Ups. I don't know if it's a Huggies vs. Pampers thing, but we always had problems with Huggies diapers leaking, too.

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Hi S.,

Huggies has a "GoodNites" brand of overnight pants. I've never used them, but my sister-in-law did for her son and said they worked great. I believe there is even separate pants for boys vs. girls. Hope this helps!

Good luck!

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I like the Overnight Pull-Ups. Have you tried putting on two pull-ups? That may help? Also, www.pottytrainingsolutions.com sells something called a "pod". It looks like a maxi-pad that you put in underwear to bridge the gap between pull-ups & panties. You might get some of those and try putting them into the pull-up as an extra absorbancy layer. I believe they also sell those old-fashioned plastic pants-- putting those over the pull-up may keep the contents inside the plastic if not in the pull-up.

Good luck!

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My son still wears overnight diapers as well. I have had problems with leaking with various types of pull up diapers. I never have problems with Huggies Overnights. That is the brand I recommend.

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Oh my gosh....that has been happening to us, too. I've just put my son back in diapers at night. I have found much better success with the Good Night brand of pull-up from Walmart. I use those for naps. But, yeah, washing sheets everyday was just a nightmare.
Good Luck,

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A few moms I know have used maxi pads in their child's diapers to prevent leaking. Maybe that would work in the Pull-Ups? I'd recommend the super absorbency.

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We used Overnite pull-ups and they did not leak!!! Hope this helps.

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My daughter uses "good nights" and that helped us tremendously. :) You might give them a try. They are a little more expensive, but oh so worth it! :)

Good luck! I know it can be really trying! :)


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Our son still wears "pull-ups" at night. We've been through this issue several times. Each time, it was just a matter of going to the next larger size so the pull-up would sit high enough on him (remember boys "aim," so he may need some clearance above what you might think :-) ). I sometimes felt like the pull-ups went ridiculously high on him when we would first switch sizes, but it worked! If your son is already in 4T-5T pull-ups, it might be time to switch to size S-M Goodnights (what our son wears now). Yes, they're more expensive, but it's worth it to not have to wash linens all the time! Don't worry about the "weight" guide...we've always had to switch a little bit early for nighttime use because of leakage.

If the next larger size is TOO big (won't seal around him) then I'm not sure what to suggest...


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I would say either use a diaper or a product I found called diaper doublers.

A diaper doubler looks a lot like a maxi pad, but it doesn't have the layer to keep the fluid from going through. The thing it would do for you is keep the doubler up against him and slow the flow to the pull-up (pull-ups absorb more slowly than a diaper). We used them with my first son and they worked wonders. The only place I could find them was Tom Thumb, so you might look there.

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