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Leaking Breasts but Not Pregnant?

Hello moms! I just noticed this morning that my breasts are leaking milk. I noticed they look how they were when I used to nurse my daughter so I squeezed them and milk came out. I'm not really sure what that means. I plan on taking a home test but my husband and I have been careful and so far I have not missed a period. My daughter will be 2 on 12/27 and I have been reflecting how much she has grown and thinking of the days when I used to nurse her. I nursed her until 13-14 months so I'm not sure if just thinking of it will cause me to leak...I really don't know. I've just been a little sentimental because I know my baby is growing into a beautiful little girl. Any thoughts or experiences I'd really appreciate it. I just don't think I'm prego but I do plan to take a test just in case. I don't see how breasts can leak milk this early anyways (if I am preg). Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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Hi L.,
Make an appt. with a hormone specialist. (endrocrinologist sp?) Sometimes breast milk can take a while to dry out. Don't be alarmed if they have you have a Brain MRI. Sometimes this came be associated with a benign tumor. (usually not treated just watched:)

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I am a mother of a seven year old & there was traces of milk in my right breast for up to 2 years... really only when squeezed , but this is also currently happening to me now So I am hearing that most causes are pregnancy , medications like birth controll , a hormonal imbalance, & in some cases a non cancerious tumor??? But really I am stumped too?????????

Get that test girlfriend!:) If it comes up neg, go to the dr. I think it sounds like pregnancy to me. Some people have a period even though they are pregant, never quite understood it but apparently it happens. Best wishes and congrats if you are pregnant!

Hi L.,
I had leaky breasts for years after I had my four children. The doctor said it was hormonal and it is not common. Milk would start to flow when I was around young babies. It didn't stop completely until I was in my 50's. I used to eat and drink a lot of dairy back then and I wondered IF that had anything to do with the hormone overload. I started having less dairy in my mid 40's and that was when it started to stop. If I were you, I would see the OB and have him do a hormone blood test. And do some research to make sure you are not getting unwanted hormones in your food.

Personally, this never happened to me, but I have heard that you can still have milk for quite a long time after weaning. I never leaked milk after weaning my daughter, but I do think it can happen. If you take the test and it's negative, you may just want to give your OB a call and at least see if you can leave a message for the nurse about it. I don't think it's necessarily anything to worry about, but it couldn't hurt to check it out to be sure. It will be interesting to see some of the other comments you get. I bet this is more common than you realize.

My kids are 7 and 9, and if I squeeze, some milk comes out. Still. I think it's normal. But have it checked out to be safe. But it's not anything I ever felt was alarming.

take a test lol
i had "periods" all the way through both my pregnancys, the bleeding was due to different factors but was not actually periods - i was 3 months preg b4 i realized with both my babies.
and my breast produced milk right from first trimester.

also if you have been breastfeeding in the last year or so and you squeeze the nipple milk will come out - i had milk in my breast 1 year after weaning my son

This happened to me with my first child about 19 years ago. The doctor said it was because my hormones never returned to normal. They put me on the pill for a while to adjust my hormones. Ask you doctor, but I dont think it is a big deal.

I just posted this same question! I then did research on it on the website. From what I could tell, if it is both breasts, then it is probably normal. Many women, who use to be nurses for the rich (they literally nursed), can still produce milk though not pregnant. Adopting moms can too. It has something to do with hormone levels, etc. Mine have now pretty much stopped leaking, but just recently. If it is only one breast, then that is cause for concern and should be seen by a doctor. If there are any other concerns, lumps, tenderness, pain, etc., then I wouldn't hesitate to call a doctor. You could anyway just to ease your own mind, because it could also be a tumor. I decided to wait it out due to my family history and that it was both breasts. (My grandmother would nurse for other moms when they couldn't.) And as I said, all seems to be ok so far.

You haven't weaned for that long. You can talk to your OB but I don't think it's unusual. I have talked to women who said they had a let down when hearing a baby cry YEARS after they weaned! I am willing to bet your fond remembrances is enough to cause you to leak. :)

I would get in touch with your ob on this one. I think it may be a hormone imbalance of some sort. If you are not preggo then you should be concerned. Good luck.

i dont understand in 27 and have 2 kids and got my tubes tied my breast have been hurtting for the last few monthes and now im liken blood its scaryin me i m not planing on haveing any more kids i wanna know whats going on in 27years old what can i don?

I feard a woman some years back that wanted a baby so bad and couldn't have one and after several years decided to adopt. She was very close to the birth mother and was so into being a mom that when the baby was born she was able to breast feed her adopted baby. It was amazing. so your sentimental thoughts just may be what is bringing on the milk.

Once when I went to my endocrinologist (I have thyroid issues) he carefully examined my breats to see if I was producing milk. Apparently, our hormones can get messed up and our bodies "confused" into thinking we're pregnant, even when we're not. This was not the case for me - but it is a real medical possibility. - S.

I had my son in February 2008, and for a variety of reasons, breastfeeding did not work out. In June, when I noticed that I was still having a little "leakage" I went to my OB. She said that my prolactin levels might be high, but wait until Oct. to test them. Long story short, I kept "leaking" and I had my prolactin level tested, and it is high. OB suggested that I see an endocrinologist. I see an endocrinologist for my thyroid already, so I spoke to him about the "leaking", and he tested my prolactin levels as well. Still high, so this month I started taking a medication for it. Even though I have done a little research online, I am not really sure what might be causing the raised prolactin levels, or if it can cause other problems. Bottom line, check with your doctor. Good luck!

My advice is like the previous post: talk to your OB. I had the same problem earlier this year and didn't realize it until I had a routine breast exam performed. It turned out that I had what is called a pituitary adenoma (benign tumor in the brain near the pituitary gland) and it was easily treatable with medication. I know it sounds serious but my doctor explained to me that it is actually fairly common and is very treatable with medication. I was a bit concerned because I was trying to conceive. Actually, the medication helped me regulate my cycles (because when you're body thinks it's pregnant as in the case of a pituitary adenoma, it may be difficult to have normal cycles). I am happy to report that I finally got my BFP just last week and no longer have to take the medication during pregnancy. Don't be too concerned, just see your doctor.

Hi L.,
Make an appt. with a hormone specialist. (endrocrinologist sp?) Sometimes breast milk can take a while to dry out. Don't be alarmed if they have you have a Brain MRI. Sometimes this came be associated with a benign tumor. (usually not treated just watched:)

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