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Laundry Question - How Do You Get the Smell and Stains Out?

My 9 1/2 month old has GRED, and his bibs are stinky and stained. I'm doing laundry every other day, and even though I pre-soak and use the 2nd rinse cycle, they still have a smell to them. I read the other day on this website, about using baking soda and vinegar, but didn't write down what was said, thinking I could just go back on and look it up, but I can't find the responses. Anyone have any advice on the amount of each I should add to the laundry? Thanks :)

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Thank you, everyone, for your responses. I will try your suggestions and see what works best for me.

For J. S's response from today (Wed 2/13/08) regarding the milk allergy. When my son was 4 months old, I switched him to the Similac Sensitive (which is lactose free). It helped a lot, especially in the diarrhea department, but he still spits up a couple times a day. He's been on Pepcid Suspension to reduce the acid reflux. The specialist, and our regular pediatrician, both said it's something some babies just go thru, and he'll out grow it around 1 year of age. Again, thanks for the info because some people might not have thought of a milk allergy.

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J., I used Dreft on everything. It worked great and smells good too. It even worked on clothes that had set in stains that went through the dryer. My daugher is older now and I still use it if I can't get the stains out.

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J., I used Dreft on everything. It worked great and smells good too. It even worked on clothes that had set in stains that went through the dryer. My daugher is older now and I still use it if I can't get the stains out.

I use a product by Biokleen called BAC-OUT. It works on EVERYTHING! Even stained cloth diapers!
You won't find it at the grocery store. I have purchased it at WILD OATS and drugstore.com.
Happy laundering!

I had posted a question about this awhile back.
I put my clothes in with Tide and sprinkle quite a bit of baking soda on top of the clothes as the washer fills. Do you have a downy ball?? I put white vinegar in my downy ball and it pops during the rinse cycle.
If you dont have a downy ball, pour the vinegar in during the rinse as the washer fills. OR to make it even easier put the vinegar in in the beginning. I use quite a bit of vinegar. I go through about a gallon a week.
You can also soak the stinkies in vinegar before they go into the laundry. Use a diaper bin and throw stinkies in there with some vinegar and water until you are read to wash.
Good Luck!!

I'm not sure how this will work on spit up, because I was already out of that stange when I discovered it but...I have found Oxyclean to work on EVERYTHING else. There's the powder you put in the machine and there is also a spray stain remover. I've gotten out blood, spaghetti sauce, grease, etc. The stain remover has even gotten out stains that were not treated immediately. If you buy the powder, it always comes with coupons for the stain remover and they work great when used together.

Hi, J.. When my daughter was 4 months old (she's almost 4 mow). My great aunt told me to wipe away the stains with a baby wipe as soon as they got into her clothes. I thought she didn't know what she was talking about, but it actually works. Especially for spilt baby milk. But you can also use a baby laundry detergent. That gets all the stains and smells out too, and it's gentle on their skin.

My son had the same problem. Thankfully he has outgrown it. I was doing laundry constantly and found the only thing that helped was the baby oxiclean stain remover. It is a spray and I sprayed it on any spit up before I put his clothes in the wash. It is a miracle. They have it at babiesrus. It is a little expensive, but saved my sanity. Hope it helps.

Nature's Miracle---at pet stores for pet urine stains and smells...and organic stains, too. We also used Oxyclean on our GERD baby's laundry...and started covering him in plastic wipeable bibs all the time, lol!

Just a note...check to see if it's not a milk allergy. My 5 yo we were told had GERD...tested neg to all allergy tests, however, he is allergic to milk. It was terrible!!!!!! He would vomit and have loose stools.


I use Spray & Wash Stain Stick. It works well, even on stains that are dried on.

I use the Shout spray, and that works really well. I spray on her bibs and clothes, and it usually comes out. I do it at night, and wash the next morning, I use regular laundry soap, the unsented kind. You could also put a little bleach in there, if there white, or the Clorox 2 if there colored. I would think that would help. I went and bought some cheep bibs and burping clothes, so that if one is bad, I just throw it out! Take care.

lemon juice and toothpaste :D

Two products that are great for stain removal are Todally Toddler and Dreft spray. Both are sold at Buy Buy Baby. I used to use a product called Mother's Miracle, but I can never find it anymore.

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