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Late-over Party Ideas

My daughter is turning 7 and wants a sleepover. I think she is too little so we are having a late-over party instead. In case you don't know, a late over is a party where the girls are picked up late instead of staying overnight. I looking for ideas. I've never heard of them before and not sure what to do. I have a couple of ideas off google.

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I am the mom of many and have been an advocate of late overs for many years. Even when my kids are invited to sleep overs, I will pick them up way late instead of the next morning. It seems like once the kids are ready to go to bed, anything after that usually results in homesickness or trouble. So you are a very wise woman. I wish more moms thought this way. Treat this party like any other "sleepover", they can change into their pj's, watch a movie, pop popcorn as they wait for their parents to pick them up. Trust me, many parents will "thank you" for not having their kids spend the night. (That way they don't have to deal with cranky kids the next morning!!)
Good Luck!

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We don't do sleepovers. Late nights are the best way to go in my opinion.

As I remember, all the sneaking out, TPing of houses, and other general trouble behavior happened in the middle of the night at a sleepover.

I think with the way society is today, sleepovers should be a VERY RARE thing to happen. You cannot be certain that a good looking, nice sounding parent is, in fact, that when everyone's asleep and it's dark. Too many firsthand and secondhand stories on that one.

I'd say, do whatever you would do at any other birthday party. Fire up the movies, games, talent shows, do make-up and hair, have a fashion show, play charades or board games...just let the girls lead with their interests within your boundaries and wait for the parents to come get their little blessings. Oh, you can also have a stuffed animal contest or the PJ Awards where everyone gets a treat (prize) for various things--the most pink, the softest, the most fuzzy, etc... or do the same with slippers...treats can be anything from candy bars to stickers to pencils to simple certificates printed off the computer.

This also scales down the price in food because you're not feeding everyone twice...and, if there's a child with bed wetting issues, night mares or night terrors, or medications, you don't have to be concerned about attending to those challenges nor does the guest who is often torn as to what to do in wanting to participate but also being afriad of those things popping up in the middle of the night.

Like the other moms said: Call it a Pajama Party and it'll all work out smoothly.

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We had a late over party for my daughter when she turned 8. We had all the kids come in PJs and some brought stuffed animals. We played games, sang Karaoke and ate lots of snacks. It was a lot of fun. My niece did one where they had older sister and aunts do a spa like atmosphere. We pained nails and did hair. Then they watched a movie.

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HI R.,

Tourn her party into a Pajama party. You and your husband wear yours aske the girls to wear theirs, order pizza, play games, play dress up, do play make up, watch movies and when its all said in done everything was just like a sleep over minus the sleeping over. Have Fun!

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We did a similar party for our daughter when she turned 6. (she is turning 15 next week). I got all of my ideas out of Family Fun magazine. They called it a Slumberless Slumber party. I don't remember any games or activities, but there is a really cute cake idea on their website, Familyfun.com. They have a great archive of items, so I suggest checking it out. I do remember that our party bags included "thigs to get ready for bed", toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush etc. I had the girls all bring their pajamas and they were all ready for bed when they were picked up by their parents. Hope this helps you out. Have fun, it is one of our most memorable parties. J.

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Hello, 7 definately isn't to young for a sleep over. My daughter has been doing sleep overs since she was five. This year all her friends are turning 7, and she's already been to two sleepovers, they had a blast, (not so sure if the parents did, LOL!)

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For my daughters party we had a pj party and watched the movie High School Musical with subtitles and a karaoke machine set up. They all loved singing along to the movie. Snacks were pizza and popcorn and the girls did each others nails and Make-up (mainly glitter powders, etc, and lip glosses)

I wouldn't make it too big of a deal just let things happen. You could do a craft. I just like to keep things simple so I didn't worry about it.

Have Fun

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I have called these kind of parties pajama parties, you have all the children come dressed in PJ's but go home to go to bed. My daughter's Daisy Scout troop is going to have a party like that soon, they will have a read-in and make pancakes as part of theirs. You can do a camp-out theme where you make a fake fire to sit around and toast smore's in the oven for them. A fake fire can be made with flashlights, strips of red paper and/or red cellophane, and a small fan to make the flames "dance." You can tell non-scary camp stories, sing songs, etc. Or you can pick any other theme for the party that you would like and do activities that go along with it, ther are many great party games and activites suggested on kid's party websites.

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We have late-overs because we have a no sleep-over rule. Just treat it like a regular party, but later :) My girls have decorated pillowcases with permanent markers and iron ons, done nails and hair, there's ususally a movie involved, and snacks. I even had the girls all come over the next morning in pj's for breakfast once (they all lived close). They loved it and had a great time lounging in their pj's and eating breakfast, watching morning cartoons, etc. Good luck!

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