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hi im 32 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound 2 days ago my daughter is weighing 5 pounds at 32 weeks she is measuring 2 weeks ahead before preganacy i weighed 107 pounds and I am 5 feet tall how in the world will i get her out she is also breech still is there a good chance she will turn before my due date im getting nervouse my first daughter was turned around at this point and she was born at 37 weeks wighing 6 pounds I had a vey easy labor only 8 hours and 3 pushes done i do not want a c section but im thinking i may have to cuz she is so large and still breech anyone else have this same situation i have been a nervouse wreck since the appointment i do not want to have a csection

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Relax, I know a very petite size 2, 5 foot-ish girl who gave birth to an almost 11 pound baby. Plus I have always been told that ultrasounds can be off a pound either way.

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remember that they can be off by as much as a whole pound. They were off on weight with all three of my children evven close to due dates. Stay calm you just never know! And congrats on being almost there! How exciting!

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Hi. I'm a birth doula, and I've seen many many babies turn after 32 weeks. You've got plenty of time. There are also many ways to encourage a breech baby to turn. There's acupuncture and moxybustion. There's homeopathy (don't do this without a trained practitioner.) The one that I've seen be most successful is chiropractic -- find a chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique -- it's an extremely gentle technique that gets your pelvis aligned properly and relaxes the uterus, allowing the baby to turn. Most persistent breeches are that way because there is a misalignment, often very slight, in the pelvis. I know a chiropractor who has a 95% success rate with this technique. There also could be a reason your baby is breech -- she could have a short cord or some other issue that won't allow her to turn, which is why I dislike methods that force the baby to turn.

As far as size goes, size estimates by ultrasound can be off by +/- 25% -- That's a huge amount when you're talking about a 5 pound baby. What that means is that your baby could be as large as 6 lb. 4 oz. and as small as 3 lb. 12 oz. Unless your OB got that estimate by palpating your baby, take it with a huge grain of salt. My personal experience -- my 2nd baby, by ultrasound, was measuring in the 3rd percentile for weight -- very very small. 2 days later, she was born at 9 pounds 6 oz at home with no complications. And, I have to tell you, pushing her out did not feel particularly different than pushing out my son at 7 pounds 6 ounces. Don't worry too much about the size.

Lastly, if you are worried about labor and delivery, consider hiring a doula. www.dona.org should be able to help you find one near you.

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Relax, I know a very petite size 2, 5 foot-ish girl who gave birth to an almost 11 pound baby. Plus I have always been told that ultrasounds can be off a pound either way.

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1 - She has plenty of time to turn around. That doesn't mean she will, but there's still plenty of time!

2 - She is NOT large. 5 pounds at 32 weeks isn't large. Plus, weight in utero isn't exactly the most accurate thing...they kept telling me I had a large baby, and she was 17 inches and 6 lb 15 oz when born at full term. That's not large. Oh, she was breech, and never turned...but I was scheduled to have a section anyhow because my hospital doesn't allow VBAC attempts.

3 - Don't worry about a section for now...you don't need the stress of worrying! I can't imagine your doctor told you the baby is too big, won't turn, or that you'll need one...it's far too early to tell...so please don't worry yourself.

4 - Worst case scenario...so you have a section. I've had two, each following labor (spent 10 hours in active labor before having an emergency section the first time, and went INTO labor about a week before scheduled for the second, so ended up having to rush to the hospital and almost gave birth before they could get me in for surgery.) I promise you, I was afraid of it too...but it's not so bad. All the nightmares you hear about a long recovery, etc...well, it wasn't true for me. As long as you take it easy for the first few weeks, you bounce back pretty quickly.

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Relax - the weights are just an estimate and can be wildly off base. You've already had one successful vaginal delivery so that bodes well for another. Your body already knows what to do.

Yes there is plenty of time for the baby to turn. There are things you can do to encourage this (google it - there are some exercises/poses you can try and swimming is also great). If the baby turns, great. If not, cross that bridge when you get there.

Even if your baby does weigh 5 lbs, half a pound a week for the next 8 weeks would put you at 9lbs. That's not a giant baby, even for someone who is petite. Try not to worry - those last weeks are stressful enough without worrying about something like this!

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Ultrasounds aren't the best at measuring size at the end. That being said, I did have a 10 lb 11 oz baby (38.5 weeks, not induced), and I'm not big. Before I had my first baby, I weighed 105 lbs, though I'm taller than you - 5ft 4in. I have a slender build, though typically now I weigh about 117 lbs after a baby. ANYWAY, I share all that because I'm not big and I birthed a big baby...huge baby. Though it really wasn't very easy. He had shoulder dystocia and they almost had to break his shoulder to get him out. But most other people I know who have birthed giant babies have done so without much issue at all.

Truth is, you never know how big of a baby you can handle. Your joints loosen up, and there's no way to know how much space your body will create for that baby. It sounds like you did just fine with a 6 lb baby. You could do just fine with a larger baby.

The breech part would worry me, if it was the same at full term. I know plenty of people feel safe birthing breech babies, I'm just not one of them:-) You definitely have time for the baby to flip though. I think spinningbabies. com is a website that explains things you can do to try to help the situation.

If all else fails, and you have a c-section, I had to have my first c-section with baby #4...it was BY FAR the easiest recovery. I was shocked. Then again, I have rough recoveries from my natural births, so there was a lot of room for it to be easier. It was a beautiful birth that I treasure just as much as my other births. Hopefully you'll be fine and be able to have a vaginal birth, but if not, just know c-section births can be pretty awesome too.

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At my 32 week ultrasound my doc said my daughter was measuring two weeks ahead and was 7lbs she was also breech. I ended up trying a version to see if that would flip her and it was unsuccessful. I had a c-section and she came out only 7.12 at 39 weeks. In other words my doc didn't measure very well. You body can do amazing things. My MIL had all 4 boys and all were above 10lbs. Her last was 12lbs and 24 inchs long. My MIL is 5'2" and was only 125 at that last birth. Good luck start relaxing and enjoy as much as you can these last few weeks!

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3rd trimester ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate when it comes to estimating weight (I have delivered many 7# babies said to by over 9# by ultrasound). So don't panic. It's also extremely common for babies to stay breech until 35-36 weeks. Given your history of your last baby, it doesn't sound like you should plan on a c-section. Nurse Midwife Mom of 3

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Sounds like you have nothing to worry about- you can clearly deliver a baby naturally, and it is waaaaaaaaaaay to early to panic about position! My friend had a c-section scheduled at 40 weeks for her breech baby, and little girl decided to go head-down 45 MINUTES before the c-section was to begin. She was delivered naturally!
I would recommend getting in touch with a midwife or doula to help with exercises that could encourage a little flipping. They will also give you moral support for the nervous wreck part :)

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