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Laprascopy (Tubal Ligation)

Well today I had a laprascopy (tubial ligation)...and I am having a whole bunch of pain my shoulders. The doctor said it is caused from the gas. Does anyone know how long that will last, and how long it will take my stitches to heal. Also if anyone has any iput or thoughts on the subject I'd also like to hear about it, or about anyone elses experience in this.
Thanks a bunch!

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Thanks to everyones wonderful advice! After two days shoulder pain has eased up somewhat, and the stitches are healing nicely. I was even able to go to six flags! Hopefully this will be the only time I will have to have this done and it will work as a method of birthcontrol!
Thanks to all!

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C., when I had my laprascopy, I also had severe pain in my shoulders. That's when I learned about this side effect of the surgery. Your pelvic cavity is inflated with gas so they can perform the procedure. When they stitch you back up, there is still a lot of gas left in your pelvic cavity. I was told it would dissipate over time and there was nothing I could do. I took some OTC pain relievers for relief and just waited it out. I can't recall exactly how long it took but do remember being surprised that it took awhile. Best of Luck. L.

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Well I think all depends on ur body cause I had the pain for over 7 days it was very uncomfortable even had to take pain pills for mine and my stiches healed up within about 5 days.....but I had no clue my body would hurt so bad but well worth it since I do not want anymore kiddos.....good luck and hope it passes soon for u..

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Hi C., I too had a tubal July of 2005. This past November I gave birth to my 3rd child! So I just like to let people know, it really can happen. My tubal only lasted 7 mos. Hopefully you'll have better success with yours! :) We couldn't be happier that happened now, but it was quite a shock at the time. Good Luck!

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Hi C.,
I've had shoulder pain after various types of surgeries over the years.... It's normal. Did they tell you to take Gas-X for it? I did and it was really helpful. For me it only lasted of and on for a few days. Not lying completely flat did help some, too. If I remember correctly, it took me a good two to three weeks to feel "normal" again after my laprascopy. But I was also three months postpartum after a c-section, so maybe that's why it took me so long to heal...maybe you own't be that slow-going...
Hang in there!

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I had it a few years ago and if I remember correctly, my shoulders hurt for about 24 hours. The stitches started healing in about a week.

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I've had a few laprascopsies for other issues. It takes a few days for the gas to get out of your system. Yes it is the gas that is causing your shoulders to ache. They basically blow you up like a Macy's parade balloon and that stuff takes a while to work its way out.

Most of the time you will be down for anywhere from 3 to 5 days. After that, you will be ok. All people heal differently, so don't be hard on yourself if it takes a little longer. Get some loose clothing and lay around for a bit. The stitches also depend on how fast you heal. Mine took a few weeks. Just keep them clean and dry.

Hope this helps!

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That's gas pain from the Co2 they pump you full of before surgery. That's done for all laproscopic surgeries. When I had my gallbladder surgery, the nurse told me to prop a pillow under my bottom for the shoulder pain when I was lying down. It really did help. Walking around as much as you can will help, too.
Try taking some Phazyme, or anything with simethecone, too.

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I too had a laproscopy, and the shoulder pain was the worst! That hurt more than my stitches, lol.

For me, no gas pills helped b/c the gas wasn't in my stomach. I just had to wait a few days for the gas to dissapate (sp) in my system.

It took a good 3 or 4 days for the gas/shoulder pain to really go away.

Depending on where your stitches are (they went through my belly button and made a small incision just under my bikini line - but I had 3 procedures done that day, I'm not sure which incision was for the laproscopy) -- they should feel better in a few days and they should heal in about a week or two.

It's funny, I had a hysterectomy a week ago - and I am recovering from that much faster than the laproscopy (which I had for endometeosis)! W/ the hyster I didn't have any incisions, so no gas!

I hope you have someone at home to help you! Try to take it easy, get plently of rest and let your body heal :)

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I have had a laparascopy too and had read about the possibility of pain in the shoulders, but that is a sign of a complication where the doctor/nurses in surgery didn't release the gas that they fill you up with to see the organs, before they close you up. At least that's my understanding. I had NO pain and in fact, I got pregnant a week later after the surgery. My surgery was to clear out Endometriosis. Hope you have it addressed right away. Many Blessings - L.

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Hi C.! I feel your pain! After 5 laporascopies and finally a hysterectomy I feel like I am somewhat of an expert for these procedures. HA! As the other ladies stated, the pain is from the gas they blow you up with. I had it with all of my procedures. Don't lie down flat. The more you can get up and move around the better. Of course it won't feel like it's better. Just don't over do it. None of the GasX stuff ever worked for me, but it's worth a shot. Maybe it will help you.
Your stitches will probably fall out on their own. Usually within a couple of weeks. They'll start itching like crazy. I just kept Neosporin on it every now and then. If it starts getting red or hurting go see your doc. It might be an infection.
Good luck with everything and be sure and get some rest!!!

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