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Lactose Intolerance Symptoms

i have 2 months old boy who cry almost every time during feeding or right after. i am only breastfeeding him. when he is crying it seems like he is in great pain, his face is red, he is puling his legs to his tummy. the pediatrician said that he is just colicky. i give him gripe water sometimes. but once i noticed that he has small black spots in his poo. doctor said that it can happen, but i'm worried. i don't drink milk anymore, but eat cheese and some other dairy products. how do i know whether it is lactose intolerance or just colic? also he has had dark green poo in recently. i'm really worried.

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My Daughter had the same thing and my pediatrician said it was GERD. It is different than colic. And the treatment is also diffrent. I would get another opinion. GERD is very painful for them. It is like acid reflex. My doctor try different things and we eventually put her on good start. 1/2 Good start and 1/2 breat milk. It took time to find what work for the baby. Hope this helps. V.

Colic is typically derived from something not right with the baby but doctors don't really pay attention to that or try to get to the bottom of it. They just believe the child will eventually grown out of it. Most of the time it is food. It would be wise to cut out all dairy and see if that helps. I know many moms that have done so and it's like they have a different baby. Also, chiropractic and cranial-sacral therapy helps many babies with colic symptoms.

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It is highly possible it's something you're eating. Could be dairy, soy, eggs or many other possibilities.

We had the same problem and the total elimination diet that Dr Sears recommends truly saved us. Here's the link:


I began this when my baby was 3 weeks old, and continued it until she was over 3 months old. Within the first 3 days, she went from crying 9 hrs/day to 3 hrs/day. By the 16th day the crying totally disappeared; she was 5 weeks by then.

It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to get dairy completely out of your system.

I had a lot more energy when I eliminated dairy, and a lot more breastmilk to offer too.

If it's not a food intolerance like I've just described, it may be reflux. The book -Colic Solved- says these two culprits are the most common reasons behind colic.

Please write me if you have any questions! I would absolutely love to provide more info if it'll help your baby feel better.

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I would urge you to eliminate ALL dairy foods and hidden ingredients from your diet. I can be difficult at first, but it sounds like your son is milk protein intolerant (different from lactose intolerant which is actually quite rare). Google "Milk Soy Protein Intolerant" or "MSPI" to get more information. You can definitely keep breastfeeding though! Just make sure you're reading labels. Milk ingredients are required to be clearly labeled and ingredients lists will say either "Contains: MILK" or list (MILK) next to a specific ingredient. Colick is usually a direct result of digestive distress. I cut out dairy and had a different baby within a few days! Good luck!

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My daughter was EXACTLY the same way. She wasn't getting enough hindmilk. Try nursing many feedings on the same side before switching. It took me a while to figure out how many feedings to do on one side before switching. Eventually I would nurse all day on the right side and all night on the left side and got her poops to the thick seedy mustard colored poops that indicates a well fed baby. Green poop and particularly gassy/noisy pooping babies aren't getting enough hindmilk. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html http://www.breastfeeding.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-2... Do any other symptoms point to a possible oversupply of breast milk? Do your breasts feel engorged? Is it sometimes painful or achy when the milk lets down? Does baby every gulp, cough, or click when nursing first starts? Hope this helps.

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hi N.,
don't worry, whatever this is i'm sure it's part of "normal" infant behavior, which can very greatly, and is nothing to be too concerned about. i know there is nothing worse than hearing your baby cry and not knowing what can be done to fix it but i promise it will get better!

first, it is likely not a lactose intolerance although many babies are sensitive to milk and many other things in a mother's milk, but it does pass as the baby's digestive system matures. my second was also very fussy and crying around feedings and i decided to stop eating all dairy products to see if she was having a negative reaction. it takes a full month for dairy to leave your body, so you will not see results until a month goes by. also, many babies are just extremely fussy up until six weeks of age and then suddenly whatever is bothering them stops (part of immature systems). i never experienced this with my first but i definitely did with my second! once we hit six weeks it was magic. it also coincided with my one month off dairy, so it may have been a combo.

i would highly recommend a site about breastfeeding and everything related, www.kellymom.com. it can answer many questions and shed some light on "normal" stuff. like the poop, babies poop changes color frequently and it can be related to the breast milk intake as well. if your baby is having green poop it could mean that he is getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. are you nursing for a long time on each breast or just 5 or 6 minutes? too much of the foremilk (the first milk that comes in) does not have enough fat and that means it digests very quickly, causing green poop.

i would also recommend hiring a lactation consultant, or speaking with a volunteer from the la leche league in the area. many things are connected to nursing and they can be resolved. if there is something about how your baby is latching, the ratio of foremilk to hindmilk, etc. it can affect the disposition.

sorry my email is so long! i hope this helps and just remember, you are doing the best you can and everything will pass. when the babies are so young it is hard to know what is bothering them but you'll get through it! good luck :)

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In orderer to see if something you eat is really bothering him you have to keep a diary of what you eat. I know that my sister had to give up ALL dairy with her last child while she was breastfeeding him. Also I thought you were not supposed to give babies water they get enough liquid in your breastmilk. Did you ask your doctor about that? Good luck if it's colick it will last only a little while longer.

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My response would probably nearly identical to Shulamit's. I would lean towards a dairy sensitivity versus lactose intolerance. The good news is they grow out of it. I ate whatever I wanted, including coffee with my daughter. With my son, he kept getting some eczema on his face so I went dairy free for a few months. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. By 6 months, I started introducing dairy again in my diet and he was fine. We're still nursing at a year. Poo can come in all colors, but sometimes green poo does signal an allergy/sensitivity of some sort. Kellymom has the best info on the net about breastfeeding (well, probably equal with La Leche League, lol). They have forums too where lots of knowledgable people can answer your questions. Here's some info on food sensitivities to make searching easier for you on there:


There are more links on the bottom you can check out. Food diaries are a big pain. Dairy and often soy are usually the biggest culprits when a breastfed baby has problems so I'd just start limiting your dairy while you look into it. It doesn't hurt anything and might help. Please don't introduce formula. You might mess up your supply and you might cause him more digestive problems as his body tries to get used to it.

One other thing you might consider is overactive letdown. See if any of this is familiar:


And finally, here's a link to colic and the breastfed baby:


Good luck! I hope you figure it out!

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Check out Dr. Bruce West at Health Alert, he is brilliant with this kind of thing.
And I think you are correct to be questioning this, and continuing to seek answers.
well done, k

Hi, N.!

I know it can be really worrying when your baby cries a lot. Colic stinks! But it does pass. Has he always cried like this or did it just start recently? Is there a particular time of day that he does this or is it every feeding?

Colic usually doesn't start when they're newborn, from what I remember. And they tend to have one time of day that's worse than others. YOu might try a sling so you can bounce and walk and not feel like your arms will fall off! If it is colic, though, it isn't anythiing you're doing or not doing. He just needs to get through it.

If it's every feeding, and ONLY feedings, you might want to consider something related to feeding. Did your doctor check for an ear infection? Or is he starting teethign early? Both those things make it uncomfortable to suck (puts pressure on ears/gums) and that can be really frustrating for a baby.

Usually they have a major increase in feeding around six weeks or so--has he done that? It's a growth spurt, and if he hasn't done that yet, he maybe doing it now and frustrated at feedings because he's hungry. YOur milk will increase after a couple days of his extra demand, so, if that's the problem, it should resolve itself. Just let him eat on demand.

I can tell you baby poo comes in all colors, amazingly. I KNOW that's normal.

I think it's great that you're so aware of him and his needs, but stay calm and enjoy him, too. Most things are normal and your intincts will tell you when to get help. I don't know much about dairy reactions, but I'm sure you can find someone who's been through it. Keep up the breastfeeding--it's the best thing you can do for him. Good luck!

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