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Lactation Consultant - Sugar Land, TX

I am trying to find a lactation consultant in this area. I asked the hospital I delivered at for a referral as well as my pediatrician and neither had anything to offer. I am a a little hesitant to just pick one from a listing on the internet. So any advice, input would be greatly appreciated!

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I worked with a lactation consultant at Harris Methodist SW. She was great. You can call this number ###-###-####.

There is a really good lactation consultant at Lake Pointe Medical Center in Rowlett. Her first name is Sue and I think her last name is Knight. She was very helpful to me when I had my first baby in April.

Hi S.,

I worked with a wonderful lactation consultant when my daughter was born. She came as a referral:

Wendy Blumberg
Baby, Birth & You
Tel: (972) ###-###-####

She was very reasonable compared to other consultants. She makes house calls, sells, and rents pumps. I can't tell you how grateful I was that she was there to help with the whole breastfeeding process.

Good Luck!


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I'm a second cheer-leader for Judy Eastburn. She was WONDERFUL!! Compassionate, knowledgable, well-read on the subject and familiar with studies being done worldwide on lactation. I can't say enough. I was able to breasfeed for 8 months as a result of just 2 sessions with Judy. Add up what I would spent in formula in that time...WOW! She's located off Coit and Hillcrest, but she'll sessions either at her house or yours. Her phone number is ###-###-####. Good luck!

Also, my pediatrician provided a list of Lactation Consultants. If you're interested in a new Pedi who's supportive of breastfeeding, I use Forest Lane Pediatrics (they're in the MamaSource directory).

Hi Sirisha,
Congratulations ! i dont know about any lactaton consultant, but i can tell you that if you want to breast feed the baby then its going to be hard for the first few months. the only trick is to stick to it because its hard ...once you get used to it then its a joy !i can say that if you try hard for atleast a month then it gets easy. remember you can only prioduce milk when the baby feeds thats the best way to get milk.hope you have some help at home. contact me if you need any help.i live in west frisco on teel.all the best.what is the babys name ?


I had a lot of difficulty getting started with breast feeding. It was extremely stressful and my husband went and bought formula because we were so worried that she was losing too much weight. I was really in a state of desperation and it was the labor day holiday. I got a hold of my childbirth class instructor, who is also a lactation consultant, and she drove out to my house on the Labor day weekend because I was so upset. Needless to say, she helped me tremendously and really went out of her way to help me out. It brought me incredible peace of mind and I have been breastfeeding successfully for nearly a year! My daughter was born 9/1/05.

Her name is Linda Worzer and her number is ###-###-####. She is out of Richardson, but drove to Grand Prairie to see me. Either way, I thought it was definetly worth the time and money.

Good luck.


I hope that this can help. I am not sure what part of the area you are in, but I had my son (a year ago) at Baylor university Medical Center in Dallas. They have this AWESOME little "shop" there called Simply Moms. They have lactation consultants there and a separate little room for you to try with them present. It was very helpful to me. Also, try La Leche League. They should be able to send someone to your house. Try to get people to come to you. You don't want to get out right now if you don't have to. I had MAJOR breastfeeding issues. I'm no lactation consultant, but maybe I could give you some tips.

naturalbeginningsonline.com has two great lactation consultants. Sharon Mattes and L. Worzer. Check out their website.

Maybe you could find someone at http://www.lalecheleague.org/
I know there's a group that meets at the Denton Library on Wednesday's.

I am not sure where you are located, but this woman is great. She was our Bradley Method instructor, and is also a great doula and lactation consultant. She does work over the phone, or will come to you. Here is their website:
Her name is Linda Worzer and her number is ###-###-####.
Tell her I sent you (L. Anderson)!
Good Luck

I also recommend Enya McNamara ###-###-####. I used her when I had my now 10 Month old son...

HI, I am not sure where in the area you are located. Presbyterian Hosp of Plano has a great team of lactation consultants that do outpatient stuff. They have a store called A Mother's Gift that is staffed with LC. If that is too far for you, I am sure they could reccomend someone in your area.

I'm not sure where you are located (I'm in the Lewisville area) but when I had my first child I used Glenna Metoyer. It was three years ago so I don't remember the name of her group. The number in my cell phone for her is ###-###-#### (If her number has changed you can call North Texas ObGyn and ask for her number - she has an office in their office - their number is ###-###-####).
She was AWESOME! I was able to breastfeed my daughter for 8 months.
Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!!

I worked with a lactation consultant at Harris Methodist SW. She was great. You can call this number ###-###-####.

you may want to consider another pediatrician. my pedi's office has two lactation consultants on staff who were very helpful. it's nice to have everyone on the same page because some lactation consultants have very different ideas than your pedi. my pedi is in dallas - matthew yaeger. i've been very happy with them.

I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife and mother of 3 sons. I have personally used and refer my patients to Glenna Metoyer in Lewisville. Her phone # is 972-436-PUMP. She is wonderful.


Try www.ilca.org and www.naturalbeginningsonline.com. I used Judy Eastburn, and she is excellent. I know from all the research I did that Linda Worzer is also very good (although I don't remember if she is actually a lactation consultant or a doula...but the website will have good resources).

Best wishes! You're doing the right thing in trying hard to breastfeed. I was never able to produce enough milk, but I was an older mom and that's not the norm. Hang in there! Also look up La Leche League on Google - they will have good resources, I'm sure, and you can find a support group, also.

S. Taggart


Hi S.,

I worked with a wonderful lactation consultant when my daughter was born. She came as a referral:

Wendy Blumberg
Baby, Birth & You
Tel: (972) ###-###-####

She was very reasonable compared to other consultants. She makes house calls, sells, and rents pumps. I can't tell you how grateful I was that she was there to help with the whole breastfeeding process.

Good Luck!


I went to visit with a lactation consultant at the Allen Hospital. She was very helpfull in showing me the right way to hold my daughter up to me. I can't remember her name, but if you were to call my daughter's pedi, they should have the name. They are all right there in the same hospital.
Dr. Daniel Moultan TLC Pediatrics.


I was very pleased with the lactation consultant linked with Medical Center of Lewisville. She helped my son latch on very well, and put my mind at ease. I think her business outside of hospital is called Mother's choice, but not for sure, It is on main st in lewisville though. I know from many friends that lactation consultants at Medical center of plano are NOT helpful. Hope this helps. FYI it is difficulkt for most babies to latch on, so do not worry you are not abnormal, it took my son 3 weeks but it was well worth it all in the end. You can do it!

If you're in the Grand Prairie or south Dallas area I recommend Janet Syrcle. A visit from her made all the difference in making breasfeeding a success for me and my daughter.

Janet Syrcle, RNC, LCCE, IBCLC, RLC
Nana's Lactation Helps
8707 Wood Homestead Dr.
Dallas, TX 75249

Tel: (972) ###-###-#### or (972) ###-###-####

Email: ____@____.com

My daughter had trouble latching on, so I ended up using a Medela nipple shield -- a very thin, flexible silicone nipple-shaped shield that fits over your nipple and provides a surface for the baby to latch on to. My daughter was eventually able to latch on without it. You can purchase a nipple shield from the lactation consultant or at Babies R Us.

Best of luck to you!

Hi S.,
Congrats...well, I saw two lactation consultants with my last child and they were very helpful, but I wanted to share what else was...SOOTHIES. I only have to use them a couple of times and then the soreness would go a way. Definitely see a consultant, but on the way these are great. I saw Walgreens carries them.

Enjoy that baby....they are so precious.


I third Enya McNamara! When I was having a hard time with breastfeeding, she really helped out. At one point I was ready to give up and she even offered to drive to me and see us in our home setting (it didn't come to that but her offer said a lot). She will typically meet you at an office but can also come to you (the fee is higher for that).


Oh, I forgot to add that I'm in North Carrollton (close to 121) and the drive is about 15-20 minutes to her in Irving. Well worth it!

Not sure where you are located, but Harris Hospital HEB in Bedford off Hwy 183 has a Breast feeding Center that is excellent. They have both consultants and support stuff for breast feeding. I think they also have a 1-800 number as well.

Looks like you have lots of great options. Just thought I would throw this in if you are close by.

I am taking childbirth classes with a woman who is a lactation consultant her name is Sharon Mattes and her home number is ###-###-#### and her cell is ###-###-####. She has alot of experience and is pretty easy to get along with. Tell her I. referred you. She rents out breast pumps and does make home visits. She is located in Garland.

There is a really good lactation consultant at Lake Pointe Medical Center in Rowlett. Her first name is Sue and I think her last name is Knight. She was very helpful to me when I had my first baby in April.

I'm not sure if you have heard of it, but there is a group called La Leche League International. They are all over the world helping mom's with breastfeeding. I believe most questions can be answered over the phone so there are not any embarrasing moments. If you have a specific question, I may be able to help you. I am breastfeeding my second child right now. Let me know if I can help.

B. B

Hi S.

My lactation consulatant was Wendy Blumberg. She helped me SO MUCH when I had my daughter....we had so many issues we had to work through and she was amazing....she is very nice, nurturing, and knowledgeable. We only had to have a few visits to work out everything and everything was smooth sailing from then on. I still call her from time to time as baby changes to ask questions. Her number is ###-###-####. I also purchased my pump from her (much cheaper than the hospital)

Congratulations on you precious baby girl!

Give Wendy a call ...I am sure you will love her!!!

Please send an email to Enya McNamara to get her phone number. Her email address is ____@____.com works out of the Irving area. I took my breastfeeding class from her and continued to call her for advice and consultation well into my daughter's 6th month of breastfeeding. She is wonderful!

Good luck!
Y. F.

There is a facility on Matlock. I forget the name. It is affiliated w/ the hospital (also located on Matlock). You can still go there even if you were not a patient. They were very supportive for me

Call Linda Worzer, she is GREAT! You can get her number from www.naturalbeginningsonline.com Also if you are having breastfeeding issues check out www.breastfeeding.com and click on the message board. Their are a ton of ladies there that can offer some great support and advice.

Hi S.,

I know of an excellent lactation consultant in Plano. Her name is Pat Busch. She should be listed in the Plano phone directory. She is very near to the Collin Creek Mall. She has been a lactation consultant for 15-20 years. Our families grew up together and went to the same church.Feel free to email me with any questions ____@____.com

Where are you located?

There is a great place at Presby Plano called A Mother's Gift. They are wonderful- nice and supportive and really understanding and patient.


I don't know what part of Carrollton you are in, but I was in Irving last year when I had my daughter and I (finally) saw a great lactation consultant named Enya McNamara ###-###-####. She works out of Southlake and Irving (George Bush & MacArthur). I would highly recommend her. If you take the George Bush, it's only a few minutes to get there.

After consulting with several people (including people from the Le Leche league), I couldn't find anyone who could help until I found her.

If you have any questions for me about her, please feel free to send me a message.

Best of Luck and Congratulations on your little girl!


Linda Worzer and Sharron Mattes are both wonderful LCs.


C. Lively
Graduate Midwife

Hi S.,
I am a lactation consultant. I live in Corinth. I practiced for many years and then went on to become a DR. I am a pediatric oncologist. But I wouldbe happy to answer some questions and help you find someone in your area if you need a home visit.
Sincerley ,
Dr K. D.

If you look up the La Leche League, call Jennifer for the Allen group. She's here in Wylie (she's my neighbor). She's very nice.....Sorry I don't have her number handy!

Harris Methodist FW Hospital Breastfeeding Support Center
was fabulous!!!

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