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Lactation After Weaning

I weaned my one year old two months ago from breastfeeding. I gradually weaned her and am not engorged, but I am still producing milk. Is this normal? Should I seek professional help with this matter?

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Thanks to everyone for their great advice and support. I did make an appointment to see my ob/gyn. It will put me at ease, just to make sure my hormone levels and everything else is ok. I am trying the tight sports bra out for a couple of weeks, like suggested. We'll see if that helps any. I will let everyone know what the doctor has to say. Thanks again for your kind (sometimes funny) words.

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My mom is 46 years old and she still has milk and she hasn't bresatfed since I was a yr old and I'm 23 now. She did have my brother 2 1/2 years after me but never breastfed him. But for some reason she lactates to this day! My best friend also still lactiate and her last child is going to be 4 this year so I have no clue what to do about it but I don't think it's a major problem as far as something being wrong! I think everyone is different on how their bodies react to things!

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Leakage can occur anywhere from one to two years after nursing. Reduce stimulation as suggested prior. Also, if it is a sizable amount, your body could be telling you that you stopped before nature was ready. If you can express and/or pump some for storage do so, and save it for your baby for times of a cold. Breast milk is a great cold-releiver.
Good luck, M. N.

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I heard it was normal. It could take up to a year before the milk dries up. I never had leakeage. Are you leaking? If so wear a bra to bed with a nursing pad in your bra until you do dry up. You will eveentually stop producing milk. It takes awhile before the body knows it dont need to produce milk. Any kind of stimulation to the breast will keep the milk coming. Tell hubby hands off. LOL

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Hi T. - what do you mean - still producing milk? a little or a lot which needs to be expressed? After nursing 3 children, I continued to have a small amount of "milk" I spoke with the doctor and he did some tests on the "milk" but nothing showed up abnormal. He said stimulation could be from intimacy with my spouse was probably the cause. I continued having a small amount for years, no leakage or problems- just could express - still you should talk to your medical care provider to relieve your concerns. You are too important to your family to have this worrying you.

Try wrapping your breasts tightly with fabric like a pillow case and ice packing for 20 min periods. Avoid warm water or breast stimulation, eg: while showering keep back to stream of water---the warmth and stimulation cause the milk ducts to dialate and let down milk. We have a lactation consultant at Providence Medical Center named Janie in nusery ###-###-#### if you have other questions, she is a good resorce person. I work there in labor and delivery. Hope this helps.

I have been lactating since 1986. I also had a grandmother who still lactated into her 60's and would give me her breast to nurse when my mother was not around to comfort me.

I breastfed my youngest child until the night before his fifth birthday. My breasts are very healthy, non-fibrous and still sit up high, fitting a size 36C although I am now in my 50's.

I could wet nurse a child if such things were still considered kosher.

I give you my testimony that nursing a child is the best thing you can do for your breast health and for your children! Don't worry about what it will do to the looks of your breasts for goodness sakes. I have had friends who didn't breastfeed whose breasts got saggy -- that's just in our DNA. Breastfeeding does not harm your breasts, in fact it is good for you just as it is is good for your baby.

Yes, it's very normal. If it would make you feel better you could contact your obgyn, but it is very normal. It will eventually dry up.

I produced milk for 2 years after weaning my son. My doctor told me if I wasn't engorged and didn't have any other problems such a mastitus, there was no reason to be concerned. It finally got to the point where I only noticed milk when I took a hot shower and finally stopped. I wouldn't worry unless you start having problems.

Hello. From everything I have ever read about it, it is perfectly normal to keep producing milk for even up to a year or more after weaning. If you're not engorged, I wouldn't worry about it unless you're trying to get pregnant again and having difficulty.

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