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Kitchen Drawer Child Safety

Does anyone have any ideas how to baby proof pull out drawers in the kitchen. We've done the lower cabinets, but the mechanism we used is impossible to use on the drawers. What we have that we can't use is plastic and one piece screws on to the cabinet and the other on the stationary part of the cabinet. You push the one piece down in order to open the cabinet. Hope you know what I'm trying to describe. And we are not able to put a gate up to keep my son out of the kitchen.

What can I do next?

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Try calling safer kids and homes they are located in the little warehouse districe by the Falls and they can handle pretty much any babyproofing need - they did for me

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We slipped a yardstick though the handles of the drawers. Maybe you can too?
I have heard of a magnetic lock that may work for you....Not sure who makes it though. Sorry!
If nothing else...reagrange the drawers. Put towels in the bottom drawers, tupperware and such down low...get a magnetic strip for your knives and sharp things to mount on the wall or under the cabnet....

Actually that is exactly what we used on our drawers and cabinets. They work very well, they have been on our cabinets and drawers for over a year now and still hanging in there. My husband put the small piece on top of the inside of the drawer and the piece you push down on the drawer front itself. It is a cheap and easy way to protect your kids!

I have this same problem and highly recommend the magnetic cabinet locks. We had the problem with our son's bedroom furniture. He would pull the drawers out and then climb in them and I couldn't figure out what to do for a drawer vs a cabinet and someone recommended the magnetic locks and they work wonderful. Just don't lose the key, which I thought would be a problem, but we have never lost it in the year or so that we have had it. We just keep in a designated spot and always put it back when done using it.

Stick a dowl down through the handles of the drawers. Or a yard stick or whatever you have that will fit through the handles that is long and will go through all of them

I don't have a solution, just a weird little bonus on top of whatever you figure out!

We mostly relied on a gate (I know you already said that doesn't apply), but for those times when it wasn't reliable--like when carting in groceries, e.g.--I did something a little unconventional. I labeled all the doors & drawers in the kitchen with masking tape, and wrote in a big fat sharpie, "NO" and "OK". I gave my daughter (who was about the age of your son by this point) an initial tour of all the labels; and forever after that, if she toddled into the kitchen and approached a "NO" door, she would stop and point and say, "No!" Then she would immediately turn around and proclaim, "OK!" as she spotted one of the safe zones, and go for that instead. It happened EVERY TIME, she was so entertained by this game! She never even laid one finger on the unsafe spots.

I'm convinced that this, in addition to all of our book time each day, is the main reason that Ginny started reading just before her second birthday. Sure, it was simple 2-letter word recognition at that point, but it definitely jump-started something in her brain. I recommend this to anyone in addition to your 1st line of safety! Try it!

Try calling safer kids and homes they are located in the little warehouse districe by the Falls and they can handle pretty much any babyproofing need - they did for me

I used a baby gate, that way she wouldn't get in the kitchen.

They make a device specifically for pull-out drawers. It takes some getting used to for the adults though. The drawer will come out only about 1 1/2 inches (maybe not even) and you have to manually flip up a little arm to open the drawer all the way. It is impossible(!) for little ones to open and a pain for adults (until you get used to it). Here is a link to some safety products
The Super Latch is what I use. Hope this helps.

One Step Ahead is a company that offers great child proof devices. Check out the below link for their child proof device for drawers,


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