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Kindergarteners Riding the School Bus...

Did yours? Did you send them to their very first day of kindergarten on the school bus?

What was your experience?

I'm thinking of allowing my son to ride the bus, but still not totally comfortable with it. I've asked him if he wants to, and he's sort of ambivalent. He says he will, doesn't really matter. LOL One thing, is that the bus will pick him up at 7:24, whereas we wouldn't have to be ready quite so early if I were taking him...

I will take him the first day, but I need to decide what we are going to do from that day forward (bearing in mind we can change at any point if something isn't working... he doesn't have to ride the bus... we could get him there.)

So did your kindergartener ride the school bus?

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ETA: My son would potentially be riding with kids through 5th grade... but for now, he is attending a school summer program which lasts for 8 days... and it's just for kids entering K, 1st, or 2nd grade, so for at least the first 8 days, he'd be with younger kids only. That would give him a chance to adjust to the bus routine before there were bigger kids on the bus. I don't know if the school has any rules about kindergarteners riding up front, but I sure hope so. Need to find all that out yet... Oh, and our bus stop is basically at our house, well, at the corner of our yard... so I can't complain there.

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I dropped him off at school, and the bus brought him home.

He would have had to meet the bus at 5:57, but school didn't start until 8. I wasn't particularly FOND of how long it took him to get home (school out at 430, bus dropped him off at 517 -different route-), but he absolutely loved riding it. If he'd been last off (we would have been first on) we wouldn't have done it, since last off was at 6. 6am to 6pm is just ridiculous, in my not so humble opinion.

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My little guy rode the school bus for the first time this morning!! k-6th grade were all represented. Let me give the caviat though that the driver requires them to sit in the first couple of rows and when he gets to school, the kindergartners exit the bus first, an aide meets them at the bus and delivers them to their classrooms.

Even with his big bro on the bus, I would be hesitant if he had to find his way from the bus lane to the classroom all by himself. Can I confess something? When my oldest rode the bus for the first time as a kindergartner, I told my husband I was going to grab a Starbucks. Instead of getting coffee, I followed the bus to school and watched from the car to see what would happen when he got there. It was exactly as they promised.

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It's a big step - one of many he'll take as a new student! Whether his first day is now or not, it has to happen sometime, right? It's an opportunity to walk him through this transition.

I love the idea of him going on the bus now and experiencing it on a smaller scale and getting to know the driver before there are many more kids. Seems ideal!

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Yes, they loved the bus! And so did I!

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My daughter loved riding the bus. She was only 4 when she started kindergarten but she thought she was so grown up.
I drove her to school in the mornings and she rode the bus home. It stopped right in front of my house so I was always there waiting for her like Forest Gump in the afternoon.
After a time she rode the bus in the morning too. Both of my kids rode the bus. My son who just turned 16 still does. We don't live in the same town as the high school, I work even farther away than that so he's a bus pro by now.
When my kids were little, I always took them to school on the first day even though they would ride the bus the rest of the time. We never had any bus problems at all. It was just part of the routine.

Best wishes!

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All 5 of my kids rode the bus for kindergarten, and rode the first day. Well, my second son didn't ride the bus. We lived about 4 houses from the gate to the school so I walked him. I wish he would've rode the bus! LOL

My triplets were in kindergarten last year. They rode the bus the first day and were excited because they'd seen buses for years and couldn't wait to ride one like a big kid. We moved and they were on the bus their first day for the new school as well.

I like my kids riding the bus to give them independence and I don't take them to school on the first day or they'll have yet another first day on day two of riding the bus and walking in and out on their own for another first time, so I'd rather they do it all in one day on the first day on their own. Most of the other kids will be on the bus the first day and his first time will be on day two.

Remember, most buses will keep kindergartners in the front of the bus away from the bigger kids.

The one thing that I HATE is no seat belts on buses. I think it's illegal and unsafe, but society feels our children's safety is less important than the cost of putting in seat belts, which is always the excuse when I ask why no seat belts when the law states otherwise. As long as you have a good driver who keeps the kids in their seats then what else can we do. When my kids driver doesn't keep the kids seated I reminded him to keep them in the seat.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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I am a school bus driver and I have them sitting up front. They all have assigned seats. I go in order of grade. So the older kids are in the back and the younger in front. Of course during the year I have to rearrange my seating chart a hundred times for the problem children. But I always try leave the kindergartners and the 1st graders where they are. I never move them. I did the kindergraten orientation on the bus back in June. All the kids came on with one parent. As they got on I would praise them for holding the railing or tell them when they didn't hold it. I tried to make their first experience as comfortable as possible and as fun as possible. I am now 7 1/2 months pregnant and I want to make sure that I am there for atleast the first 2 weeks of school so that the kindergartners will see me and know that I will be their driver. I will be out until atleast Dec and I don't want them to be scared when I come back.
So if you feel more comfortable taking him in the morning and letting him ride on the bus in the afternoon, Please let the school know this so they can let the driver know. BUT.... if he gives you a hard time about leaving him then I would recommend putting him on the bus in the morning. Some kids have a hard time leaving mom. I expect to have some crying and I handle it the best way that I can. Some kids don't understand why they have to leave mom and dad. I had a girl last year that cried for about 2 weeks. I would talk to her and ask her questions and try to make her as comfortable as possible. She began to come around and got used to it. Especially when she started making friends and had her seatmate to talk to her. I do sometimes move the kindergartners around to seat them with other kids that they feel comfortable with. But I ALWAYS leave them in the front. I have had parents that ask that the younger child sit with their brother or sister who is older. Not a problem. I seat them in the middle of the bus so that the older is not with the little kids and the younger is not with the older kids. This way there is a happy medium.
So like I said you do what is best for you and your child. It is not set in stone that they HAVE to ride the bus. But if he WANTS to ride the bus plz don't fight him on it. Best of Luck and congrats on your kindergartner!!!

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Yup! They have always loved talking to the other kids on the stop.

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Mine started the bus at that age and I was like you - not comfortable with it at all! The kids rolled their eyes at me and said "Mom, I really want to ride!" My husband also thought I was overreacting (he usually does). I let them ride, and they and their friends loved it.

Good luck! You can do it!

ETA: The oldest on our bus is 2nd grade - so we are lucky! My kids pick up SOME stuff, but not like they would if they were with 13 year olds!

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Yes, he did.
On ours, they make the kindergartners all sit together near the front.

They definitely pick things up from the older kids.
But overall, I feel it's a good thing for them to navigate from the get-go.

I'd say, give it a whirl!

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My oldest son didn't. We lived within walking distance, so did. The other two both rode the bus to school on the first day of kindergarten. I followed behind the school bus in my car and took pictures once they were in the classroom. Then left them for the rest of the day and met them at the bus stop at the end of the day.

I thought of school the same way I thought of most other things in my life, start the way you want to continue. The less big deal is made of going to school (aside from it being a good thing and the importance of a good education) the easier it is. Driving/Walking kids to school everyday gets old REALLY quickly ... at least it has for me LOL

Either way will be fine I'm sure.

Edited to add: After reading Rachel's post ... I was the mom who walked her kids to the bus stop on the first day of school and the MINUTE their little feet hit the steps ... Started dancing down the street back home SINGING VERY LOUDLY (so all the kids on the bus heard) "I'm free ... It's going to be a fantastic day ... I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE" LOL My kids just shook their heads while their friends said "Your mom is so weird and crazy" (while laughing). But I was also the field trip mom (I was probably the only parent in my kids classes that went on just about every field trip with them in elementary school) so the kids all knew me very well.

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