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Kindergarten Teacher Is Pregnant...

I posted a while back about all of the days that my son's kindergarten teacher has been missing. I went to a parent-teacher conference today and come to find out she is pregnant. I am a little surprised since her 1st child is only about 10 months old now. She is due in April and indicated that this was surprise, unplanned baby. Last year when she was pregnant, she was able to line up a long-term substitute that was also a certified teacher. I am not quite sure how this works. However, when pressed by me, she admitted that they do try to find certified teachers for this type of short-term leave....but sometimes that is not a case. She hopes that the same substitue will cover her class the entire time she is gone (which will likely be the remainder of the school year). Obviously, I am concerned that my child's education will suffer. I realize that there is still quite a bit of planning time before she leaves...Has anyone had a teacher have a baby during the year, and how did it work out for your child?

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Mellissa I truly was not trying to be judgemental...I was just a little surprised since most women in their 20s that I know typically do not have children spaced that closely. And yes I am concerned with my child's education...really, who would not be?


I am sorry...perhaps I should clarify more here. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old so mine are 2 years apart. Since my oldest is a kindergartener, this is obviously my first experience having a child in school. Therefore, I really don't know how these things work. I would have felt better if the teacher had told me that there would be a certified teacher substituting or even that there would be the same substitute for the entire time she is gone. She was able to tell me neither of these things. Yes it is JUST kindergarten, but it is my responsibility to ensure that my child gets the best education possible.

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When my daughter was in first grade, her teacher had a baby in April and was out on maternity leave for the remainder of the year. They had a permanent sub for the rest of the year. It went pretty well considering my daughter does not adjust well to change. From an educational standpoint, she was just fine.

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Am I missing something here? Isn't it up to the school and the Director/Principal and Board etc to find a qualified substitute?

And ten months is nothing! I was pregnant again while working full time when my baby was six months old. And then again when my second baby was nine months old. :)

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Yes, my sons Kinder teacher was pregnant. It actually worked out great and was no big deal, he learned everything he was supposed to.

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As a teacher that just returned from a maternity leave, I can say I understand your concerns, but know that the school will find a suitable substitute. It will not be the same as having the teacher there, but you child will be fine and will still learn and grow during that time. This sort of thing happens ALL the time in schools. The year my twins were born there were 10 babies born, including two sets of twins, so eight teachers were out on leave.

I do have to add, though, that your judgement of how soon she is having another baby really bothers me. It shouldn't matter that her child is only 10 months old. That shouldn't have even been a part of the question. I would hate to think that parents at my school were judging me based on how soon I had another baby, surprise or not.

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He is in kindergarten, while it takes a person good with kids and structure, (and dealing with parents) to teach that age, it's very, very, very unlikely any educational opportunities would be missed, even if he didn't have a certified sub. Really, a person with none or very little formal higher education could teach the basics of kindergarten with a good plan. And there is plenty of time to plan. Schools deal with pregnant teachers all the time... it's part of the job description ;)

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Gees, your child in in kinder.... Not rocket science

Who cares about the age difference of her children and if it's an oopsie or not. That's nobody's business.

Subs are planned in advance, they also have detailed curriculum to follow.

I have subbed at the same elementary school 10 yrs. Wow! I actually know what I am doing!!! Just last week, in 1st grade. 3 helicopter moms stayed in my class over an hour with their children. Thats fine with ms if they want to go thru a 1st grade class but really???

Your child will be fine unless YOU make this a big deal to your child.

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Don't worry, she could just have easily been in a car accident (God forbid) and had to leave with no planning ahead. If you don't make a big deal out of it with him it won't be, schools and students deal with this ALL the time : )

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Yes and it always works out fine. Your childs education will not suffer. He
is only in K and it will be April. Don't schools get out in May sometime in
Florida? So I would not worry about it.

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Well, teachers are women, wives, and mothers too.

Both of my kids had teachers who had babies during the school year. I don't recall my first thought ever being that their educations were going to suffer.
Maybe that's just me.

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Personally I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill. I mean, he's in kindergarten, not working on his PhD!!

Take a deep breath and get ready for some "where do babies come from" questions from your son as his teacher's pregnancy becomes more obvious :o)

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I would not be surprised, I found out I was prgeo again when my first had just turned 11 months, and it is actually very common to want to have children close together. As for the long term sub, I would wait until there is a problem to worry. They can usually find a certified teacher to sub, but if not, it is kindergarten, not high school, and I am sure a student teacher can do a great job.

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