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Kindergarten Snacks for the Class?

My son's teacher requested that every parent bring in a snack for *27* kids every month. Yep, 27 kids, every month. Ok, so we can handle this, but I can't imagine how some of the other families in his class will. Especially in light of the fact that they have asked for 'mostly' nutritious snacks, i.e. no chips, cookies, etc. They want things like fruit snacks (+ another snack since fruit snacks aren't filling - and hello! they aren't nutritious either), or goldfish crackers, etc. And they aren't on a daily schedule whereby each family has a designated day to bring snacks in, so potentially, the snacks I bring in might sit there for a week, or two? or three? So I can't make anything fresh, or take yogurt, or fresh veggies, or fruit, etc. So What On Earth 'mostly' nutritious snacks are left?

Remember, for now, these snacks are going to be stored in the classroom until they are used, so they can't be perishable... at least until they put us on a schedule where we have a designated day to bring in snacks, which I'm not even sure they're going to do... so I need snack ideas that can be stored in the classroom that aren't total junk food...

This month, I bought the boxes of mini chocolate muffins packed in a pack of 4... had to buy 6 stinking boxes of them to have enough for the whole class... This is going to cost families a fortune every month! So what the heck else can I bring? I am hoping they eventually come up with a schedule... I can't imagine how they will stockpile all these snacks... but for now, I am looking for 'healthier' snack ideas that would feed a ridiculously huge class of 27 kindergarteners, that aren't complete junk, that will keep for a while.

Thanks for any suggestions...

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ETA - My son IS PEANUT ALLERGIC. So I am painfully aware of the allergy issue, and NO, I am not comfortable with all the snacks being brought in, and would MUCH PREFER that every family sent their own child's snacks. There is at least one other peanut allergy in his class, but no other allergies that we have been made aware of. I think I am going to talk to the teacher about having each family supply THEIR child's snacks, for 1, to save each family money, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, to keep every child safe (although that actually opens the door for families to be sending in products with peanuts, since they don't have to be mindful of what OTHER kids are eating... ) And NO, the school is not PEANUT-FREE, in fact, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a lunch option EVERY DAY. sigh

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My son's preschool required us all to send in a $25 snack fee........wasn't too happy that I picked up my son yesterday and he had CHEESEBALLS as a snack....

Now, if I am going to give them $25, I feel it should be a little more nutritious than cheeseballs. How about a little substance, people!!

Anyhoo, I would consider the following snacks: applesauce, box of cherrios, Life cereal (any cereal that is nutritious would be good), craisins, fruit cups, goldfish, graham crackers, whole wheat crackers, those bunny organic snacks are good, etc.

Good luck!

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If you know any other parents that feel the same way, it would make a stronger impression if you all talk to her together :)

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Graham crackers and applesauce cups would work for that.

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Honestly with all the food allergies, sensitivities, diabetes, etc I think parents should only be supplying for their child. My nephews pschool does a schedule for bringing snack for the class and I am just not a fan of that. What about people that can barely afford to feed their own kids? How are they going to supply a snack for 27 kids?

As for your question has your school banned peanuts? Any type of trail mix would be a good snack.

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I hate when you have to send the snacks for the whole class because in my experience, a lot of food gets wasted when the kids get something they may not like. It gets opened, tried, not liked, then thrown away. Waste of money and it should be that each family is responsible for packing their child their own snack daily - or send in 5 snacks on each Monday. I found that to make it less costly, I would buy a big bag of baby carrots or pretzels, then portion them out into snack size ziplocs. Those were the cheapest and non-sugary things that I have found. You can usually buy a big bag of carrots for under $2 and two bags of pretzels for about 3.50. The snack bags run about $2 if you buy the generic. Talk to your child's teacher and suggest having parents send in their kid's snacks for the week. It couldn't hurt! Good luck, I know it is so frustrating.

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Ha! Fruit snacks are the same thing as candy IMO. I would rather my child eat a cookie made with flour, egg and real sugar than fruit snacks.
Anyhoo -
Save some money and go to Sams or Costco. They have boxes of individual Annies bunnies. Also look for individual graham cracker bunnies. You could also buy snack size baggies and fill them with a trail mix of sorts. Pretzels, raisins, chex cereal etc.. whatever you find. You could do this with a couple hundred baggies and then you could be done for the year ;)

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Make sure there are no allergies first but my suggestions would be pretzels, cheerios of any flavor or buy a couple boxes to mix, popcorn, chex mix, Kix cereal, animal crackers, Gold fish…I agree fruit snacks is nothing but glorified candy. If they can’t have fresh stuff it is pretty limited. Can you ask the teacher for a specific day your snack will be eaten so you can bring a fresh item..if not cupboard items are the only thing that works.

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If you know any other parents that feel the same way, it would make a stronger impression if you all talk to her together :)

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I shopped for ours last night. it was hard not knowing how many kids will be in his class yet. I bought 2 boxes of ritz crackers. There will be plenty to go around.They were on sale at Pick n Save 2/$5. I couldn't imagine doing that once every month! The teacher would probably love for parents to take in a homeade snack. Ask her if you can and she will probably be so glad. I used to help set out snack for the kindergardners and the other helper and i would talk about doing that. we thought freshly popped popcorn would be good. I was going to get crackers with peanut butter in them but someone may have a peanut allergy. You never know.

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It shouldn't be that difficult to get families on a schedule. That's what my daughter's preschool did. It was much easier to send in healthy snacks when they didn't also have to be non-perishable. Maybe you could offer to organize it for the teacher.
For non-perishables, they do make fruit snacks made with 100% fruit, but they are expensive and still bad for teeth. Applesauce or fruit cups, snack bags with pretzels, pop corn, graham crackers, Goldfish, dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, blueberries) and/or trail mix are relatively inexpensive. Granola bars, packaged pudding or jello are more costly.
For perishables: mini muffins/breads, mini bagels, crackers and cheese, veggies, sliced fruit, yogurt tubes.
It shouldn't really cost more to feed the class since you don't have to send a single snack every day.
Good luck,

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