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Kindergarten Homework

Hi Moms, just wondering how much homework your kindergartener gets? This week mine has 9 pages to do by Friday. A couple of the pages are "easy" like ABC dot to dot or something like that but 3 of the pages are writing out the days of the week and learning the vowels and 2 or more pages are math problems, like putting numbers in order, etc. It started off only one page per night, but now it's 2 or more. He sits down and does pretty good with it but only because me or my boyfriend sit down with the kids to make sure they stay focused and on track. I sort of feel bad that he sometimes is overwhelmed with it (and so are we!!) and it seems like there is plenty of time to get into the 'real' homework in the later grades. My 4th grader has about 6 pages or more per NIGHT to do. They both go to the same charter school. Just wondering what other schools are doing and if this is average for their grade levels. Thanks Moms!!!

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My son is in K in the Chandler Public School system and his homework packet for the week consists of about 4-5 pages. If he is focused, he can finish it all in about 15 min. If he isn't focused or in the right mood, I motivate him one page at a time by telling him I will play a game with him once he finishes one page. His papers consist of a "family homework" page, 2 trace/write a certain letter pages, one "math" page (write the missing #s, make a pattern etc.), etc.

Read some of the previous posts...esp from other teachers like me. I think it excessive...but even more troubling is the risk of killing the joy of going to school way too soon. (Actually I think the joy should never be killed like it is...usually by 6th grade). The fact that it induces stress is the real issue. Interactive homework enjoyed by both parent and child is reasonable!
I used to substitute teach..about 4 years back in WA state.
The kids in kindergarten and the First graders loved school...by 3rd grade...the love was gone. It was sad.

What charter school? I worked at one and they gave way too much homework. Plus the children had busy work packets they had to complete by the end of the week in class if they got done with their other work early. That is way too much work. You should really have a chat with the teacher if they cant do something then it may be the director pushing the work.

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Homework is not appropriate for kindergarteners. I have been a teacher in the Scottsdale District for 8 years and have taught at different grade levels, including kindergarten. Homework was NEVER an element of the curriculum.

Also, my 5 year-old son goes to kindergarten in the Scottsdale District at an "excelling school" with amazing test scores. We were told at our first parent open-house that we would not see any homework in kindergarten, because it is not developmentally appropriate.

Activities that are recommended to work on with your child at home include: reading to your child 20 min. per day, practice writing name, letters, & numbers, learn to tie shoes, learn address & phone number.

If I were you, I would talk to the teacher or the administration. Good luck!!

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Kindergarten homework is an outrage! I work in the public schools and know the curriculum that's mandated by the state, but it's time for parents to stand up in mass and force change from the legislative/state dept. level. When we were in kindergarten learning to tie your shoes, your phone number and address, your colors, shapes, numbers to 10, and basic alphabet were the standards. The rest was about learning to play and be Human.

Today kids are expected to come in already knowing the alphabet and corresponding sounds. They do pie charts and bar graphs before they know one-to-one correspondance and how to count. I've worked with kindergarteners who were in tears because they knew if they "missed one" on their computer reading test that that would be an 80% and that would be a "B". Enough already!!! Force feeding before a child is developmentally ready does not result in creating smarter, better educated children. In fact many studies prove the opposite. They're going to puke it up sometime.

Stand up for your kids... organize with other parents and educators willing to take this on and force the changes from the higher level. Meanwhile, let your child know it's the learning that's important, not jumping through hoops. Read with them at least 20 min. a night and max out on 15 min. of skill practicing homework. Anything over that goes back with a note to teacher saying "this is what we got done in 15 min." As for your 4th grader, 45 min. plus 20-30 minutes of reading should be max.

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Dear F.,

OMG, my head is going to explode. I've been a counselor in Phx for over 15 years and before that I was a teacher.


I tell my clients...tell your kid's school, "It's going in the trash so, don't bother sending it home."

Kids have a job they didn't choose, six hours every day, doing work that doesn't make their soul sing, they get graded, compared, judged and put down, they don't get paid and they have to do it for 12 years! If we did that to an adult it would be called SLAVERY!

I have been seeing an epidemic of grammer school aged kids with panic attacks, anxiety disorders and suicidal ideation (btw, "I wish I were dead" IS suicidal ideation) over the last 8 yrs since "No Child Left Undrugged"...I mean "Left Behind" started.

This pushes a big button for me.

I would LOVE to start a revolution. I would love ot see all the Mom's (and Dad's if they have the guts) to stand up to the schools and say, "No more homework for my tiny child! We need play time, love time, time to visit and relax!!!"
The frenetic pace of our society and the Hamster Wheel mentality is the cause of ADHD!!!

Okay, that said...look at my web site and write me if you want to help me get this movement started.



PS~Watch me talking about it on TV. Paste this address into your browser...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5859b9LcKM

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This infuriates me to no end...not your post, yet the amount of homework your child is getting! I am an educator, a reading specialist and a math tutor. I suppose because your child is at a charter school, they set the rules? Yet children should NOT be bombarded w/ homework to the point where they are feeling so overwhelmed. Rule of thumb...ten minutes per grade level and that means beginning at 1st grade. So in K, it should be minimal...isn't this why we send our kids to school? To do the work there? Do we as adults get paid to take home work from the office? And is this expected as normal to do so?

Our child goes to a public school and we recently had a meeting w/ our daughter's first grade teacher about the amount and having it for weekends too. Nicely said, yet firmly too we told her weekends are for family and we will not have our daughter do it on the weekends. Yet we always read to her casually (a lot) and that will be done, but not recorded etc. And as for homework during the week, 10 minutes is our goal, yet will here and there go up to 20 minutes. Once she hits that time frame (w/ best effort), we will draw a line and sign it whereever she has not completed it. There is no research stating or proving that it improves test scores etc. Especially in the younger years...don't have my hands on these articles, yet both my H and I have read them.

Question: Is homework required in that it will affect students' grades? We found out that it is not, yet at the same time we want to instill in our children good study habits, so we will have her do homework Mon. through Thursday night and w/ a time restriction. I suggest you have a meeting, let them know you'll pick out the most important sheets, have him do it (I am cringing that your child has worksheets already!) for 'x' amount of time each night. We also told the teacher that if in fact down the road our daughter hits a road block, then we'll increase the time needed to get her through that 'bump'. Best wishes...:)

ps, I told my H that when we had children, this homework thing would be my 'pet peeve'...and yup, it is! But w/ good reason...to protect the whole child...one who needs structure, yet freedom to express, play, touch, feel, get muddy, fall down, get back up, laugh...

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Someone else here recently had some homework issues with her first grader. There were 31 responses, many of which were from educators and about the amount of homework to expect. You'd probably find the info very useful:

Good luck!

Wow! 9 pages?!?! What school does your son go to? My daughter is in Kindergarten at Benjamin Franklin Charter, and she only gets one page, front and back on homework days (4 days a week). Benjamin Franklin Charter's policy is that Kindergarten students should only work a maximum of 10 minutes on homework Monday - Thursday... no homework on Fridays.

That is ridiculous for a little kindergarten child to have homework. I would get him out of charter school, one of my daughters had her first child in charter school, Benjamin Franklin and he had tons of homework, but she had nothing else to do but work with him. On her second one they moved and it was to far away and she checked out all the schools in and around her neighborhood and signed him up to the one that was in their block. SHe was amazed at the different work that they did. THe second child caught on to everything just like the first one, but minus all the busy work. THey have many years ahead of them with homework. That is one of the rules of charter school, daily homework, so that is what you get. They have many pluses, but from my experience the public schools are more well rounded.

My daughter goes to Stetson Hills (kindergarten). It is a very good school. She does have homework. Stuff like: writing letters, writing numbers, simple math, sequence stuff. She gets a page everyday that takes her anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. She never has homework on Fridays. Anything over that is just way too much for a 5-6 yr. old. It's such a big transistion just having them go to school all day and get used to that as it is. I think having 5-10 min. is good because it gets them used to it for 1st grade, but what your child has to do, sounds like way too much! However, I did here that charter and private schools do give a lot more homework then normal.

Mom of 2 girls!

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