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Kindergarten for a 4-Year-old

I am trying to get a jump start on the next school year for my son who will be 4. I ran into the same issue when my daughter was 4 with her not being able to enter Kindergarten because she had to be 5 by Sept 1 (her bday is Sept 4). I ended up putting her in private Kindergarten for a year. I could do that then because I was single and didn't have to get anyone to agree with me to do so. Now I am married and my husband is not for spending the extra money to send our son to private Kindergarten. I wouldn't be adamant about it BUT our son is a very intelligent little guy. He is beginning to read, grasps the concept of addition and subtraction and has a very extensive vocabulary and is inquisitive to no end. I don't think it's in his best interest to stay in a pre-k program for another year. Does anyone know a reputible, hopefully low cost school, private or public that will accept a four year old Kindergartener? We live in Lewisville around Fox and Garden Ridge. While I'm on the subject Texas law regarding age is completely absurd to me. Texas will fail kids for passing classes all year long and failing one standarized test but doesn't have the sense to test children INto school. How ridiculous I should have to scrounge around for a school to accept my children. Some 5-year-olds are ready for school and some are not. Why shouldn't my children be given the opportunity to be educated when they are ready even if they are only 4? No child left behind? I don't think so.

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Thanks to everyone for their reply. Let me start off by saying I was very upset when I wrote this request partially because of reliving the situation with my daughter. I agree that kids should be able to be kids as long as possible but I am also a very big advocate for education. I waited until I had my kids to get serious about it and I know how it has cost me. With that being said, I do allow my kids to be kids. They are constantly learning and being taught without even knowing it. They learn through games we play, when we go for walks, when we watch tv, driving in the car etc. I don't make them whip out books and pencil and get on the grind as soon as they get home.
I think also I may be a stickler because I have worked for Denton ISD for the past 6 years and although I didn't work directly in the classroom, I still see what happens to some kids who are not motivated and whose parents do not push them to their full potential. On the other hand, as the secretary for the EXPO program, I also see what happens when kids are pushed to reach their potential. I just want what is best for my kids. I want them to be as well rounded and educated as possible so that when they grow up, they can confident and independent leaders and entrepreneurs, not making money for other people.

Again thanks for the replies.

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What's the rush? He's just a babe! He will be in school all day for MANY years to come. Enjoy the precious time you have with him now and just continue fun filled learning at home or preschool for now.

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Ok...I agree with not pushing them ahead. I have 2 girls and the younger one turned 6 the end of August and I waited, and yes only 3 weeks into school, I am so happy I waited.

Anyways, you asked about a preschool program...right around the corner from you at Garden Ridge Church of Christ they have a GREAT! preschool program. It is called Lewisville Christian School. The younger one went there last year to their pre-k program, it was m-f from 9-1, and she loved it and flourished. She was so ready for kindergarten. They also have a private kindergarten that is a really good program as well. As for price, last year for the month for pre-k it was about $235, so it might be $5-$10 more this year.

Good Luck!

I don't know of any that do, but I just thought I'd give my two cents from my sister's experience. My niece had a September birthday as well and was very intelligent and more than ready to start school at 4 years old, so my sister enrolled her in private K. Academically, she's done very well. However, she started high school this year. It has been very hard for her socially being more immature than the other kids and she's had a hard time making friends. Something that really wasn't a problem until the middle school years. Now, on top of all that, she's so much smaller than the other kids in her school which has caused her some self esteem problems. She's a naturally smaller person anyway, but compounded with being a year younger than most of her classmates, it makes it worse. My sister now says she wishes she'd given her that extra year, even though academically, she's had no problems at all. I just thought it might be something to consider, especially having a boy. I would think in the high school years, it'd be even harder for a boy to be the smallest one in the class and might make sports tough as well if he decides to play. Just something to consider! Try to think more in the long range plans instead of just the here and now. Good luck in whatever you decide.

I would check into CCDC (Christian Community Developmental Center). It is located on 1171 with the First United Methodist Church. I have two children that attend there. It has been a wonderful program for us. Good luck.

I understand your position. I am a September baby and so are my children. I never regreted that my parents held me back. My twin brother and I got to do everything first. However, when my 3rd grader was almost 5 years old, everyone was telling me how smart she is and that she should start kindergarten that year. I finally started looking into it seriously and talking to multiple friends. I finally spoke to a friend of mine who has an August Birthday and is a Kindergarten teacher. She agreed with everyone about Hannah's intelligence and even felt like she was mature enough to handle school, but then she started asking me questions.
1. Do you really want Hannah in High School at barely 14 with a child that could be 19 years old.
2. Do you want her going to camp and other activities before she is really ready for them.
3. Do you want her to be the last of her friends to drive, to date, and to develope.
Children are very cruel these days and I want to give my children a fighting chance and a leg up. With those things in mind, I chose not to start her early. I feel as if this was the best decission for her and for my twins who will turn 6 this month and have just started kindergarten. My son was not mature enough to be in kindergarten last year and sometimes I question his readiness this year. Where his twin sister would be excelling in 1st grade, but I did not want her to face the above issues either.

We have chosen a new school for all 3 children this year. It is called the Education Center. It is located in Lewisville off of Edmonds and Fox. It is a small charter school in LISD that goes from K - 12. The classrooms are smaller than the average school and it operates on a self pace program (like home schooling). My oldest daughter is excelling. They allow her to work at her own pace. If she finishes the required work for 3rd grade prior to school ending, then she will be able to start the 4th grade courses at that time. K and 1st are run like the regular classes (in LISD), but I believe there is still room for them to excel.

I do not believe that they would be able to take your son next year, since they are a public school. However, it might be something for you to consider the following year. I would look into the mothers day out programs and home schooling for next year.

He's already smart so starting K on time (as opposed to early) isn't going to change that. Missing out (even though he really wouldn't be) on one year of school is not going to negatively affect his intelligence. Have you thought about home schooling (or perhaps un-schooling) a bit during this time?

My parents put me in a year ahead (I have a Jan b-day, was tall, smart & could read). Really, it was a big mistake in retrospect. Yeah I did ok academically, but there was definately a difference I felt. I would have done just as well in school had they waited a year. I think someone else said it best -- the early years are for socialization. It's better to be with your peers. I think this is especially true for boys who just don't mature as quickly as girls.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

What's the rush? He's just a babe! He will be in school all day for MANY years to come. Enjoy the precious time you have with him now and just continue fun filled learning at home or preschool for now.

I have not had time to read your other responses so you may have received this one already. But I think it is far worse to start a child late in school than to start one early. While he may be intetellectually ready in your opinion, he may not be emotionally ready. Don't push it.

And Texas is really quite generous with their September 1 date in my opinion. We were living in Indiana when my daughter was in school and in that state the child must be 5 by June 1 to start kindergarten.

Lewisville Christian School is a great school in your area. I don't know if they would accept a 4 year old in the kindergarten program but it would be worth a call. My daughter attended there from pre-school through kindergarten and we had a great experience.

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