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Kids Take off Their Diapers

My twins turned two in February, we switched them to a full size bed so they could sleep together. Well it is hard enough to get them to sleep without playing around but lately when I check in they have their pants and diapers off. They actually take their diapers off frequently without being put to bed. They do it while they are playing too. Does anyone else have this problem? I am going to add to this that it isn't just when they are sleeping and I don't think it has to do with them being twin

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So i noticed the tighter the sleeping pants or pants in general he can't just slip them off. When they don't see each other doing it we don't have an issue.

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my daughter did the same thing. I went ahead and put her back in onsies. Worked like a charm. Good luck

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I have a 2 1/2 year old boy. We also use duct tape for the diaper issue but not on his diapers. I buy the one piece pjs with the zipper. I tape the zipper down with duct tape so he can't get in. Some nights he works REALLY hard to get it off, so I have to put tape in several places on the zipper - but it works pretty well. Good Luck!

I have twins and went through this as well. I see that duct tape was mentioned and it worked for us too. Good luck!

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It sounds to me like they are ready for potty training which is the perfect age to start them. I would have started them a little bit earlier. They are taking off there diaper due to they don't like the feeling of being wet or having BM's. I would start potty training them the longer you wait the hard it gets. Once you start you can't stop. I have two kids and I have started them right after they turned 16 months old. They picked it up just fine. This process does take a couple of weeks to do though so it isn't going to be easy once you start. My son took like 3 weeks to potty train. This is what I did for the over night deal. I would put him to bed at 8:30pm and then go in and get him up and take him potty at like 10:00pm and set my alarm for every two hours so that they get used to getting up in the middle of the night to go. It works though. Trust me. Well good luck with everything and let me know if you have any questions I am always here.

J. D

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My kids all tried doing this. I would put their diapers on backwards. It worked for me. Good luck.

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my daughter did the same thing. I went ahead and put her back in onsies. Worked like a charm. Good luck

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My twin boys are now 9... and I have great news for you: it DOES get easier... eventually! LOL! The diaper on backwards worked great for me. I never cut the feet off the jammies and put them on backwards, because I remember my mom cutting the feet off my jammies when they would get a little hole in the feet... and I totally remember that NOT being comfy! Plus, my boys would just undress each other. I would definitely start putting the diapers on backwards, or find some solution fast, because I had 3 incidences when my twins were about your twins' age... not only did they take off their diapers, but they did it when they pooped and smeared it all over their room and each other. NOT FUN!

Best of luck to you!

I have twins too, but they are only 8 months old. I am in mothers of multiples, and they have already discussed this little trick - cut the feet off of sleepers and put the sleepers on backwards. They can't reach the snaps or zipper. One of the moms said her triplets would unsnap each others' sleepers so it did not work for her. Gotta love those creative little minds : )

To be honest with you, you don't have to have multiples for them to take off diapers. When my oldest son (now 5)was 14 months old, he started taking his diapers off. He smeared it everywhere. I actually threw away the sheet in his crib (yes, he was still in a crib). I tried everything!!!!!! Duct tape around the whole diaper was the only thing that worked (until he figured out all he had to do was put his hand down in the diaper). Now that is a whole other story. Good luck!! I feel for you!! I don't think any of us like to clean up those messes.

I watch a set of twins that does the same thing for me during nap. I am working ona reward system. If you leave them on you get M&M's and they tell me every day leave pants on gets m's. They are doing great with and are enjoying their reward!

Put the diapers on backwards and the pants on backwards. They really don't feel the difference that much and it confuses them so much they cant figure out how to take them off! If the PJ pants are just pull down you can try pinning the pants to the diaper but make sure they are safety pins don't come open!

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