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Keurig - Worth the Money?

I would like to ask my husband one of these for Christmas, but they are pricey!! I think the one I was looking at is $169.99. I LOVE coffee and it would be great to not stop at WaWa every morning for coffee. Plus I love that this thing does hot chocoloate too. The kids love it and it looks like they can do it themselves. We have one in our office at work, but I work on the client site and of course we do not have one here. And how much are the cups to refill??

(WaWa is a gas station...but also a food mart type of place. They have made to order food, fresh salads, fruits, sodas, slushi's, chips, etc. I was so anti-gas station places when I moved to the "south" - I'm mainly from the NE - but WaWa is my new addiction. My kids too. It's their Sunday morning treat!)

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I am on the fence about getting one, too.
While you are at it also compare to Senseo and Tassimo... (I am leaning towars Tassimo, but Senseo has both the cheapest machine and the lest expensive pads)...

I just got the 139$ one and LOVE it .
The cups are about 10$ for a box of 18.

Just looked it up you can get fair trade k-cups.

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Oh sister! :) I LOVE mine. I was spending $50 a month (or more) at Starbucks each morning and realized I had to stop the insanity. LOL I've had mine for a year now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

You can get large packs of KCups off Amazon for around $24 a pack (and a pack has like 80 KCups). If you join their "Prime" membership thingy you get free 2-day shipping too! Nice!

Also they make the "My KCup" filter. Its a small basket that fits where a KCup would go and you can put in your own ground coffee.

Just note - you do have to "descale" them about once a month by running a solution of vinegar water through it (the manual tells you how to do this specifically). Otherwise the "serving sizes" start to be off. But if do care for it properly you will love it!

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I bought one for my mother and she LOVES it. It makes hot chocolate, tea, even hot apple cider with K-cups. If you order them through the manufacturer's site, I think you can order 3 boxes and get 2 free. It's a bit pricey, but it seems worth it. Simple to make coffee in the morning, different size cups, and easy to clean.

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I am on the fence about getting one, too.
While you are at it also compare to Senseo and Tassimo... (I am leaning towars Tassimo, but Senseo has both the cheapest machine and the lest expensive pads)...

I love Keurigs - at other peoples houses LOL! My SIL gave me her old one, I used it for about 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love having a fresh cup of coffee pretty much instantly. But I thought it was really expensive for the K cups. And, I felt bad about all of the waste I was creating. I actually posted a question here about it too. Some ladies said that there is an insert you can buy to put your own coffee grounds in instead of the K cups. To me, it was just as easy to make regular coffee.

it is definitly cheaper than going to wawa every morning!

What is WaWA? And I wonder if you can buy Fair Trade Coffee and cocoas? Anyone know?

We have a Keurig mini (around $80) and LOVE it. We were pouring a half pot or more of coffee out every day because we just weren't drinking it. Hubby and I are both (typically) one cup/day drinkers at home, so the Keurig saves us money big time. There are several different models at different prices, so do some homework to find one that fits your needs. The K cups can be a little expensive, but you can find deals on them too. Bed Bath and Beyond is a good place to buy them because you can use the 20% off coupons.

Wow that is way too much! I got mine last Christmas for 100.00 It has a small and medium cup size and I love it!. If you want 1 look for sales, since Christmas is right around the corner you can find a good deal.

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