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Keratosis Pilaris- Bumps on Childs Arms and Legs

Has anyone heard of this and has a child who had this condition- if so, I am looking to find out what over the counter lotion helped improve the condition.

Thank you

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My son has this as well. His pediatrician recommended that I do not do extra scrubbing or exfoliation and said that would make it worse. She recommended Amlactin lotion and when I have used it 2x a day as it is recommended the bumps do seem to get better after a few days. I found the lotion at Walgreens but had to ask the pharmacist for it because it was behind the counter - probably because it is a bit expensive.

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Like others, I've had this my whole life (I'm 36) and now my 1 1/2 year old son is getting it, although his twin sister isn't (she has my husband's skin type). This is typically a genetic condition, although it doesn't always show up as severely in some as others.

There is no cure for KP, but there are several different types of treatments that can help regulate it. When I was pregnant, my condition heightened extremely on my thighs which I've read is normal. Rather than list all the various treatments, here is a good site for KP, I've included in the link the page for parents of children with KP:

Until/unless a cure comes about in your son's lifetime, most likely he'll just have to live with it. Honestly, other than a few rude comments in junior high (I had it on my face too), it was never a big deal. I'm sure I was more concerned about it than anyone else!

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S. - The product I would recommend is called Amour D'Ore by Votre Vu and it can be purchased online at my website, www.votrevu.com/sallybriar. It has helped my daughter's condition and here is what another customer has to say about the product. "My favorite is Amour D'Ore! I have had keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) since I was 7 (25 years!) and this is actually getting rid of it! NOTHING has ever smoothed it like this. I've been to dermatologists galore who have given me everything, but this is seriously smoothing the skin on my arms! I can't even believe it." Please email me if you have any additional questions. S.

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It is genetic...I have it along with most of my family.

The lotion is called Amlactin or Lachydrin. It smells kinda funny cause it has acid in it to reduce the bumps. I found after I was using it regularly for a while I could move to every other day or every two days and it still worked quite well. You can find it in the lotion section (usually near the bottom, the bottle is not "pretty" and it is pretty pricey) or diabetic section.

Extra moisture does help *a little* nothing else does, unless it is something with lactic acid in it. Not sure why people are recommending other things but this is what was told to me by a dermatologist. I have had it since I was a young child and it does not improve with age. You cannot prevent it or make it go away, you just have to use the lotion to remove the bumps. It does sting a little at first when you use it, but if you use it regularly, it doesn't sting like that anymore (I am guessing cause there aren't as many bumps for it to go to work on).

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My husband and daughters have this. We use a lotion called Renew, from Melaleuca. If we use it daily, it really makes a difference. I don't think the bumps go away, but they really minimize themselves. Good luck!

My 10 year old has this on her back and arms, and legs, I would also like to know what lotion to get her.

I have heard of this and I have it-plus, my daughter (poor thing) has it. I went to a dermatologist for mine and he prescribed me a lotion, but that little kids my daughter's age (she's 3) can't so he suggested Cetahphil (it's a lotion). I use Wal Mart's brand-it's cheaper. I've been putting it on her for almost a year now and I see a little bit of a difference, but not anywhere near what I'd like to see. I'd like to know if there's something better out there that kids can use because I don't want her to feel self conscious about it like I did. I didn't want to wear short sleeve shirts that were above my elbows (that's where they were the worst-and my cheeks) becuase I thought they looked too much like zits. Sorry your child has this, but don't let me scare you. This is just how I felt because I thought I was some kind of freak. I didn't know ANYBODY that had this. Now I know there's at least a name for it and I'm not alone. I just wish I had gone to the dermatologist about it before I was 33 years old. Good luck!

I use Eucerine cream. the only problem is that it is so thick, my daughter says I am hurting her when rubbing it in. it does work though. i also try to keep the soap off of these areas in the bath. the soap seems to make them worse.

I bought these gloves from walgreens I use them daily in the shower soap them up good and scrub my whole body with them . I get that dead skin off on a daily basis wittling down those nasty bumps. They are almost gone. Try it they work for me cost 1.99 how worth it is that.

I have had this condition my whole life, with mixed results attempting to treat it. Various doctors have prescribed a lotion called Lac-hydrin, which has lactic acid in it to help w/ exfoliating. I never cared for it but I guess it works for some people. I've seen something advertized in magazines called KP Duty but I've never tried it. My suggestions are to try not to bathe every day if you can avoid it since baths and soap are very drying. Maybe you could try a more moisturizing soap like dove or Lever 2000. It does improve with age but it takes a long time. Good luck!

I've had this almost all of my life, primarily on the back of my arms but also, on occassion, on the back of my legs and on my face. I've used the pricey lotion with lactic acid, which does work very well but isn't the only treatment. First, use a soap that doesn't further irritate or dry out the skin; Dove is the only soap I use. Second, if needed, use an exfoliating scrub (look for a gentle one for sensitive skin); don't use it too often, only as needed when the bumps become pretty "rough." The most important thing is to ALWAYS use lotion (Eucerin is an excellent one). My twin boys also have KP, and using Eucerin alone made the bumps on their faces go away and minimized the bumps on their arms. The most important thing to remember is not to make a big deal out of it, since your child will pick up on your attitude. Most people actually don't really notice KP unless you're self-conscious about it or point it out, so as long as your child doesn't think it's a big deal, nobody else will either.

I've had this condition since I was a little girl and my 2 year old seems to have inherited as well. I've never found a specific lotion that helps. I've just grown to live with it. There are creams you can get from the derm. Our ped says they can grow out of it. Although I never did.

My son has this as well. His pediatrician recommended that I do not do extra scrubbing or exfoliation and said that would make it worse. She recommended Amlactin lotion and when I have used it 2x a day as it is recommended the bumps do seem to get better after a few days. I found the lotion at Walgreens but had to ask the pharmacist for it because it was behind the counter - probably because it is a bit expensive.

I took my daughter (2 1/2) to the dermatologist for it and was told she had KP (she has had these bumps on her face, arms, legs since about 2 months old and they look like little pimples) Now that I have read some of your repsponses from people who have had it their whole life I feel like my poor little girl will never have that beautiful baby soft skin ever again! :( Anyway, the dermatologist said to buy Amlactin lotion which is about $20 at Walgreens (insurance wouldn't cover anything) This lotion also has the lactic acid in it for exfoliation. However, my daughter says it burns so we never really used it consistently so -never saw results either. I will keep checking your post for other ideas as well! Hopefully our kids won't have to struggle with regular acne AND this while going through the teen years etc. :)

I have this condition and so does my son. In my years of trying to deal with it, nothing really gets rid of the problem. It does seem to be better when I exfoliate with a salt or sugar scrub and use Bath and Body Works Body Butter. The way I understand it the condition is caused because my skin can't exfoliate itself enough. I did have a prescription lotion with lactic acid in it at one point, but it was very expensive. My son is 16 mos and I already notice it on him. I do use one of thoes exfoiating sponges on him (I don't think he's ready for a sugar scrub yet) and lots of lotion. I also use moisturizing body wash. Look for something that's creamy and milky in color and not clear like shower gel. Poor guy, of all the things to inherit from Mommy.

If it is the same thing I read recently that it could be symptom of allergies...and since I have allergies and notice that the bumps on my arms really flare when my allergies are acting up I'm beginning to think there might be a connection.

Well I recently went to my dermatologist, for my bumps. I have them on the back of my arms, and my thighs. My dr recommended to use AmLactin. He said that it has to have 12% of lactic acid. You put it on 2x a day, after 3 months you should start noticing them to not be so noticeable, but they will never go away. I've been using it for a week now, they still are big, so I'll wait and see how it works.

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