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Keeping Lunch Hot for Daycare???


My 17 month old son will soon be transitioning to the toddler program at his daycare. They do not microwave food, and the toddler rooms do not have a "crock pot" to warm things up like they do in the infant room. My son has food allergies, so he can't be on the daycare provided food program. Any ideas on how I can keep food that should be served warm, warm all morning? The Nissan thermos/food jars were recommended to me... Has anyone used them? Or, something like them? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Thanks to all for your input. I ended up comparing Nissan and FooGo on the Thermos website, and bought a FooGo Thermos from Target.com. I will test it out once it arrives, and send an update to anyone interested...

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If they have a fridge, I would put it in a small bottle or container that can be put into the mini crock pot, like a widemouth advent baby bottle, they make smaller ones, and he could just be served out of that for warm foods, or some other similar container that fits in a crock pot. It should do the trick pretty easily. They would be easier to wash too, just pop them in the dishwasher. Maybe one of the daycare assistants would make a special trip for you. My son was allergic to peanuts and had to eat most of his meals with the babies in the baby room while he was there.

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Hi J.,

I started my 9 month old son eating my home prepared babyfood. He loves it warmed so recently when I had to travel on a plane during his dinner time my sister bought me a Thermos Foogo food jar. It even went through security at the airport when I explained it was his chicken and peas. It can either keep food warm or cold. I believe it is like 5 hours for warm and even more for cold. You can find them at Target and they have cool kids logos and characters on them to make it fun.
The example from the web is just the plain one, but they do have a variety when you go to the store. Hope this helps.


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you could try just a regular plastic thermos that's used for soups, but if you feel you might want something better or if that doesn't work well enough...get a Stanley thermos...they should have one that would be convenient for soup, not just drinks. Look for them in your camping section at your local department store. Walmart has the regular ones used for drinks, but i'm not sure if they have something more convenient for soups. You could check! These really work though, my husband works outside and if I make him a pot of coffee in the morning, it's still hot/warm (depending how much he drank) when he comes home around 8pm (and he leaves before 5am usually).
Good luck!

My daughter is in Middle School and doesn't have the micro option. If she wants a hot lunch, I do something like pizza rolls w/o sauce. I make the pizza dough (or u can use frozen dough) roll it out and put in cheeses (mozz., parm, ricotta/cottage cheese, whatever u like or a mix) and you can put in peperoni, veggies, etc.And I have these prebacked, individual rolls, put it in wax paper, micro on 30secs, wrap in tin foil and it's warm (not hot) for her lunch time. This is especially good for when they go on a class trip, there is no container for her to save and bring home (which means, she throws it out "by accident"). No matter how u pack it, thermos or wax paper & tin foil, pack it separate from anything that needs to be cold, fruit, drinks. It won't be hot hot, but it will be warm enough to eat and taste good. Thermos is a great option for soups and stews, those do stay pretty hot over time.

I was looking for something like this also, just because I didn't like my son's food heated in a tupperware. I found this item on line at bed bath and beyond. It's a little pricey, but looks good. haven't tried it myself.


I bought a two-pack of insulated containers at LandsEnd.com. $15/2 (one for son, one for daughter). I had looked at Target and everything they had was about $15 for one. I had a free shipping offer so I only paid tax over the $15.

I bought a good stainless steel thermos at a camping store -- I forgot the brand, but it works well. My kids are older now and use it to take to school when they want to bring rice, noodles, etc. When they were younger and on baby food, I used to heat a jar of baby food up and put it inside the thermos to keep warm whenever we were on outings and I had no access to heating the food up. Good luck.

i've used Nessan thermos, the food stays warm for 5 hrs, i usually heat up the food a little too hot - so it would stay hot longer. i got it at bed bath and beyond

I can't believe that the daycare doesn't have a way to heat up his food...thats interesting.

Anyhow, you could also go and get "hot packs". Just like ice packs, you can heat them up and put them in an insulated bag to keep food warm. Just make sure that you are using the smallest insulated bag, you don't want to heat unneccesary space!

Good luck.

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