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Keeping Baby Warm at Night with a Cold House.

Hi all again,
I like a cool house at night, like 64.I know this is cool, so I try to dress the baby
to keep her warm. Plus,her room seems cool to me. Right now I put her in a onesie, sleeper with feet and a sleep sack, summer not winter sack. She still seems cold to me. Any suggestions or do I just need to kick up the heat?

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I use a blanket sleeper with feet to keep my kids warm at night. I do, on very cold nights, put a recieving blanket on my 1-year-old, but not often.

Hope this helps.

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If she still seems cold to you she probably is. Watch for shivering and blue lips, then you know it's too cold. I set my house at 64 at night, as well. I'd add another blanket to help keep her warm. If she gets too hot she can always kick it off. My kids and I all have two blankets each, at least one is an afghan keeping in additional heat. It works for us.

The babies room should be kept at 68-70 degrees. I would keep dressing as you are but kick up the heat for the baby. I would just close your heater vents in your room to keep it cool for you.

I am the same way! I use the fleece "Swaddle Me" for my son, and he always wakes up nice and toasty :) It wraps tightly though, so if your daughter is not used to being swaddled it could take some getting used to. Good Luck!


Hi L. - my pediatrician has always said 69 degrees is the perfect temp - anything warmer isn't good b/c bacteria and germs spread faster. So keeping at 64 isn't that much of a difference, maybe just use a heater in her room or turn your heat up a couple degrees warmer. My husband did something w/our vents as well, so that the kids' rooms are warmer than ours. I think he opened theirs more, and closed ours so our room is a little cooler.

You may want to consider a room heater. Sixty four degrees is a little cold for an infant, even if they are bundled.

I also like a cool house. Will she leave a baby hat on? That would help keep her warmer, since heat leaves the body through the head. You could use a humidifier in the house moist air always feels warmer. Just a few ideas, hope it helps!

Hi L.

You have described ALL the signs that 64 degrees is NOT working for your baby! You must turn up the heat. You said YOU like a cool house. It's time to think about YOUR baby. That temperature is just too low for a child that young. Think ahead to the below zero nights as well.

Warmest regards from a SAHM grandma,

Hi L.,

I always keep my heat at 68 and my daughters' room still seems to be cold overnight. I close the door almost all of the way, just slightly cracked and use a little space heater. I have one that has a dial from low to high, making adjusting easy. I set it near low, and when the room is warm enough it will shut off and then come on again if it cools off too much. It really seems to help. Both of my girls kick off the covers so I am always worried that they will get too cold, but with the heater going I don't have to worry about that. I hope this helps!


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