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Keeping Apples Slices from Browning

I wanted to know if anyone knew how to keep apple slices from getting brown. My son loves apples and I would like to send them to school with him for snack. I have to slice them so they are easier for him to eat but by the time snack time rolls around the apple slices have that brown layer on them and my son won't eat them.

What can I do next?

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Dip them in sprite, 7-up or any other citrus-flavored carbonated drink. It does the trick, just like lemon juice, without the strong taste. Works wonders!

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Haven't tried it yet myself, but my friend said that you use an apple slicer, and barely leave the pieces attached to the core at the bottom, then you can wrap the apple in plastic wrap and keep it all together as if it weren't cut and it won't brown. When he unwraps it, he can just pull the pieces right off.

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Buy the real lemon juice in the little bottle shaped like a lemon. Squeeze a little into the bag and mix it around. My daughter loves them too!

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I've heard that lemon juice keeps them from browning.

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Haven't tried it yet myself, but my friend said that you use an apple slicer, and barely leave the pieces attached to the core at the bottom, then you can wrap the apple in plastic wrap and keep it all together as if it weren't cut and it won't brown. When he unwraps it, he can just pull the pieces right off.

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Dip them in sprite, 7-up or any other citrus-flavored carbonated drink. It does the trick, just like lemon juice, without the strong taste. Works wonders!

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Buy the real lemon juice in the little bottle shaped like a lemon. Squeeze a little into the bag and mix it around. My daughter loves them too!

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I'm new to this Mamasource thing; but if no one's shared this with you yet, fresh lemon juice is pretty good at stalling that browning effect that oxidation has on apples, pears, avocados, etc. Bottled lemon juice probably doesn't work; and besides, they have to put preservatives in it to keep it from oxidizing; so that can't be good for us.

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Lemon juice does work. Pineapple juice also works! :)

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spritz the apple slices w/diluted lemon juice to keep them from browning.

My kids love apple slices too. I use a water and lemon juice mixture to keep them fresh while sliced. The acid in the lemon juice coats the apple slices and keeps them from turning brown. I take a cup of water and a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix together. I soak the apple slices in the solution for about three to five minutes, and lay them on a paper towel to dry. I store them in a zip lock bag. Most of the time my kids do not notice a lemon taste, but if your son does, I'm sure you can reduce the lemon juice and it would still work or increase it if you still have browning.

soak them in lemon or lime juice for a few minutes. That should do the trick!

Fill a small bowl with cold water, and just a little lemon juice, lime juice or orange juice (the acid does the trick, but straight juice would distort the taste of the apples). I keep some concentrated lemon juice in the fridge, and about a teaspoon is enough. Drop the apples in just after you slice them, them strain the water off and put them in the container for snack time.

sprinkle lemon juice on them. That keeps them from browning.

Try adding a small amount of lemon juice to them. Place them in a snack zip loc bag.

There are two things you can do: 1) vuy them already sliced or you could cut a lemon in half and sprinkle it over the apple

Sprinkle them with a little lemon juice. That will do the trick.

Use lemon or lime juice. but not too much or he'll be able to taste it. Also, there is a powder in the grocery store caleld Fruit-Fresh. My mom had some when I was younger (I'm only 29) and I could never find it. I accidentally found it on a random shelf in Wal-Mart. It is a white container (like a plastic spice container) with a green top. It will keep any veggie or fruit from browning, even avocado. It also has a bit of a sour taste, so don't use to much. Just a little sprinkle then spread it around with your finger. It should do the trick.

V. Luu

Sorry if you have already gotten this response, I didn't read the other posts but lemon juice works well. You can just put a couple drops in his little ziploc bag and then roll the apple slices around. They won't brown and he won't notice the lemon juice. Hope that helps!

Fruit Fresh works wonders plus it tastes great! Also, lemon juice wks for bananas so you may try it on apples but definitly Fruit Fresh works, my mom used it all the time.

You can dip them in sprite and/or put that no browning fruit powder stuff on them. Or you could just buy the pre sliced apples in a bag at Walmart or Sam's and that way they for sure will stay frest until opened...They also have the gerber apple pieces in a fruit cup you might try!

If you add a little squeeze of lime, lemon, or even orange they will stay good. I had some stay good for two days in a ziploc. L.

My son loves eating apples. However, he is 6yrs right now and has lost one bottom tooth and has 2 others on bottom and 1 on top loose right now. So he has asked me to slice them for him.

My mom suggested pineapple juice instead of lemon. She said the pineapple does not leave as strong of a taste as the lemon.

Fruit Fresh is also an option.

A little lemon juice, mixed with water if the taste is too strong, will stop the browning.

Dip the cut slices into either 7-up or sprite. Not sure why this works, but it does.

Coscto has slice organic apples in snack size bags.

How about the pre-packaged apple slices found in the produce department? They are little more pricey than buying whole apples, but isnt it worth the convenience? It is for me. If you are using them for lunches to go, consider that you wont be adding the time, zip-loc bag, lemon....just grab-n-go!!! And...they have the added fun of cartoon charactors...just another way to make fruit FUN!!!

M. :)

Put lemon juice on the apple slices, keeps them from turning brown. It just takes a little, give it a try.

sprinkle lemon juice on them

Hi L.,

Instead of lemon juice or lime juice, I lightly dip my children's apple slices in Fresca, 7-up, or Sprite to keep the apples from browning. This was a trick that I learned while I was a Pampered Chef consultant and had to keep my apples slices from browning while I was doing food demonstrations.

Personally, I think lemon or lime juice is too strong which is why I don't use any of these. Even though my kids don't drink any soda, I just slightly coat the apple slices so they don't really even taste the soda. The longer they can stay away from soda, the better but that's another discussion.

As for buying pre-sliced apples which are convenient, the price for these are outrageous so I highly recommend not buying them.

Hope this helps!

I was told to spritz or dip them in lemon juice. I have only done it twice and it seemed to work well although mine did not need to keep more than a couple of hours. The apple did not taste tart or lemony like I expected.
God Bless

Lemon juice is the best and you get soem extra vitamin c.

Toss them in some lemon juice, and they won't brown. Good luck!!!!

Lemon or lime juice will help keep them from turning brown.

You can dip them quickly in lemon juice or you can also use apple juice. Lemon juice is the most widely recommended in recipe books, but I've heard of using apple juice as well.

I have heard that putting a little lemon juice (real lemons or the juice in the bottles) on fruits will keep them from browning without affecting the taste! Hope that helps!

Hey L.,

Lemon juice works well, but can leave the apples tasting very sour. I love lime juice as an alternative, and think the flavours are very complimentery.

I have heard that dipping the apples in orange juice helps. I tried it years ago and from what I remember, it worked.

sprinkle a little lemon juice on them.

I know it sounds weird, but I put my kids apples in a ziplock bag, close it almost all the way, and then suck out the air...closing it quickly. I try my best to make it all fit in a snack size bag as opposed to a sandwich size, just for my own sake, but by the time lunch rolls around, the apples are still in great shape. The kids think it's funny to see the bag shrink-wrapped around their apples.

you can buy fruit pectin at the store called fruit fresh, or just a little lemon juice will do the trick

a touch of lemon juice will do the trick

I slice the apples thinly and rub them with fresh lemon juice. I store them in a snack size ziploc and they stay crisp and bright through lunch. I only send about a 1/4 of the apple each day, so I store the rest of the apple in a larger ziploc and rub lemon on the exposed part of the apple so that stays fresh as well until I take it out of the fridge and slice up another hunk the next day. The lemon juice has the same effect of citric acid in the store brand and fast food brand apples without the chemicals.

lemon juice works but it can make the apples taste funny, I think you can use pineapple juice. I supposed to work the same but its sweeter so it wont taste funny

after you put the apple slices in a baggie or container, put a dash of lemon juice in and shake it up...works like a charm!

I rub a little lemon on them - not too much - just barely OR if in an hurry, I will put a couple of ice cubes in the baggie with the sliced apples and that does the trick.


Squeeze a little lemon juice in a plastic container and then shake the apples slices around in it to get an even coating. They won't turn brown at all and have a slight zing to them, my son loves them!

i was told to sprinkle lemon juice on them and they won't brown so fast. i have tried it more than once and it works most of the time

L., I dont know how to keep the apples from turning brown, however I have discovered packaged sliced apples that I buy at Krogers. So far that is the only place I can find them. Anyway, they are already sliced and since they are packaged, they dont turn brown. It is the perfect solution for snacks at school. My son would not eat the brown ones either and now we have no problem getting a healthy snack to school. They are a little pricey, but to me it is well worth it. You will find them where they keep the packaged salad mixes. Hope this helps.

I have been pretty successful with dipping the apple slices in a Sprite-like soda. I choose the in-store type since it is cheaper and still does the job.

I have always heard to dip them in a little bit of lemon juice!

When I was young my mom would send them with a little bit of orange juice (fresh or bottle) in with them. If he likes sour things use a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

We have that thing where you put stuff in the baggies and suck all the air out (I am still asleep so I can't think of the name). I put some apple slices in there and they didn't go brown. Which makes sense since it is the air that makes them go brown.

Put the apples in a ziploc and add water and food accent its made to keep fruits from browning. You can find it at any grocercy store. Also, in the fruit section they sell apple slices in snack size containers with a liquid to keep them from getting brown. But, I think that approach is expensive.

Hey L.: Hope this blurb helps... From http://www.ochef.com/102.htm

Generally the color shifts to brown, but can also be gray. People put sliced apples in acidulated water — water with a bit of lemon juice, cream of tartar, or, best yet, vitamin C — to keep them from turning color.

Cortland and Golden Delicious apples have fewer of these phenolic gremlins and do not discolor as quickly as other varieties.

You may have done everything right. It may be that you soaked your apple slices in a wonderful acidulated water to keep them from browning, and still turned them gray because of the very same wonderful acidulated water...

The most likely culprits are the tannins in apples. Tannins darken when exposed to even miniscule amounts of metal (as little as 5 parts per million). Where would your lovely apples have come in contact with metal? It was probably tiny traces of metal present in hard water. If your water is even a little hard and contains metallic ions, in whatever quantity, you should consider using bottled water for your in acidulated water.

I think I've heard that lemon juice on apple slices keeps them from browning.???? Never tried it.

As soon as you slice them put them in a bowl of lightly salted water. You only need to swish them around for a few seconds. This will keep them from browning yet won't have a salty taste.

a splash of lemon juice should do the trick.

You can pour orange juice over them, then remove and place in zip loc. Also, have you tried the ones from HEB that are already sliced and come in either a large bag or a bag that has individual bags inside. They are great, in the produce section in the "ready to eat". They come in red and green.

I put a little sugar in some water and mix the apples around in that and it keeps them from browning. Its not enough to change the healthiness of the apple and it works. :) Another option is a little bit of lemon juice. I hope that this helps!

Actually if you put a little orange juice in the baggie with his apples, it is suppose to help them from turning brown. Though that may be a bit messy, but maybe if you don't put to much. There is also some fruit powder stuff you can get at the store and if you sprinkle it on your fruit it is suppose to keep them from turning brown. Hope this helps a little.

I slice them and store them in orange juice, the acid keeps them from browning or you can put lemon juice on them.

In the canning isle of the store there is a product that can be used pectin. You can also use pine apple juice right after you cut the apple slice then add to the juice right away. This should work for you.

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