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Karo Syrup in Every Bottle???

My oldest step-daughter is a 20 year old single mother. She just recently moved back in with us. The baby just turned 3 months old. The first time she left us alone with the baby she showed me how to make her bottle. She told me to put Karo syrup in it. I asked why and she told me it helps her with her bowel movements. I never had a child of my own, but I have babysat children & babies and I have lots of friends with kids of their own. It stills seems odd to me to put Karo in every single bottle. Am I wrong about this? Should I find a way to mention an alternative method? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Well, I don't know who told her to start the Karo in the first place or what the suggestion was. We are not that close for me to ask all sorts of "prying questions". She is already through 3/4 of the bottle of syrup. She told me to put a teaspoon in each bottle. Originally the pediatrician told her the baby was probably lactose intolerant and that she needed to change formula. My stepdaughter, being hardheaded like the rest of the clan, said "No, she has an upset stomach just give me something for that." That was the end of that. As far as adding rice she said she wasn't ready to rush into that. I thought that would be something to at least get the baby to sleep a little longer through the night. I think she gets a good 4 hours, so she is ok.

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I was told by a pediatrician that there has been cases of botulism with karo syrup. Karo is for cooking and should not be given to babies raw. My daughter had trouble with her bowels and we gave her apple prune juice which helped. If it is very bad then I would suggest glycerian suposatory (forgive my spelling).

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I have 4 kids, 24 to 14 and they all had DARK Karo in their bottles. Today they have no problems. and NO cavaties. They had a teasp in every bottle. Especially my 16 year old, he was very heavily constipated when a year old, and lots of Dark Karo, and perfectly healthy today. and he don't like sweets.

YEP .. it helps..
I did this after the recommendation of a pediatric gastroenterolgy specialist. So the Karo works to get the bottle down and decrease constipation. Rice cereal however WILL constipate a baby. So if the baby is at least 4 months old with pediatricians recommendation and preferably 6 months of age I suggest adding Oatmeal Cereal or Barley Cereal as these help with digestion and decrease constipation. The oatmeal is easier to find as it is always at walmart right next to the infant rice cereal. This was also recommended by the specialist and it worked quite well. Then I gradually decreased the Karo to prevent tooth problems. Oh and my sleep improved some. Best of Luck.

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I was told by a pediatrician that there has been cases of botulism with karo syrup. Karo is for cooking and should not be given to babies raw. My daughter had trouble with her bowels and we gave her apple prune juice which helped. If it is very bad then I would suggest glycerian suposatory (forgive my spelling).

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The Karo does work as a diuretic for the baby, but just as in adults, if you use a diuretic for a long period of time, you eventually stop being able to have a bowel movement on your own. What she is doing is not a good thing, it will cause more harm than good. I have 4 children of my own, 2 of them have experienced issues with constipation as well as myself and the medication the doctors have prescribed have always given a warning about taking anything like that for any extended period of time. Maybe you could just suggest that she talk to the babies Pediatrician to be sure that she should be doing it, you could say you read an article on the web that warned against it or something, that way she won't think you are doubting her Mothering Skills. Hope this helps!

I did this also with one of my girls as advised by our pediatrician.

V., apparently your step daughter comes from a backgroud that has seen hard times....so did I, and we definitely made the babies bottles with Karo syrup. There was no Simalac, Infamil, and the so, so many kinds of baby milk that is available now at that time. It does not harm the baby and she's right it does help with the babies bowel movements. It's a little more work than buying the formula but it works just as good perhaps even better...your mother may have even used it with you.

That's a bit extreme. I would think that if she needed it that much, she'd need to see an endocrinologist to find out why she needs it so much, and not just rely on a pediatrician's opinion. That's not good for little ones to rely on that kind of thing so much. The brand of formula can make a HUGE difference. 2 of my kids could not have Carnation Good Start, and neither could my nephews. It was too hard on their tummies. My niece couldn't have Similac. So, different brands (not just switching to soy) can really make a difference. Also, switching from powder to liquid can help. I'm assuming she's at least tried prune or pear juice (1oz water w/ 1oz of pear juice can help a LOT, and that's a safe amount for that age).

My Sister-in-law was told by her pediatrician to give her 6wk old baby pineapple juice to help his constipation. DO NOT DO THIS! Tiny baby's can NOT have pineapple juice! It'll tear them up. He told her to do this before he even said to try anything else. When I was working in the ER several years ago, a lady once brought a baby in that she'd been giving orange juice to. It tore her up (way too acidic) and made her so sick, she was in the hospital for almost a week. There are Dr's (even extremely popular Dr.s) out there that need to be second guessed, that's why there are second opinions. I'd definitely have her get a second opinion to make sure that's what was best for the baby. (Second opinions save lives, not that this is something that extreme, but sometimes second opinions are necessary.) When treating babies and small children, it's very important to think about their future and what they're going to need and what's going to happen to them and their bodies in the future with what you're doing to them now.

As far as rice goes, feeding babies at night just before bed can give them worse tummy aches. Also, it's never a good idea to give babies younger than 4mths food. There have even been a lot of studies lately that have linked diabetes to feeding children solids before 4mths. And, rice should never be put in bottles, just spoon fed.

I wouldn't use it. Karo syrup is corn syrup. The stuff packaged foods use to sweeten up their already too sweet cookies. I try to buy foods that have no high fructose corn syrup its just added sugar that the kids don't need. I would not want to get a baby that small used to sugary sweet milk or any food for that matter. If it makes her stool softer it's probably because it is irritating to her digestive system. If the baby is on formula then your stepdaughter should try different kinds until she finds one that is gentle on her baby's stomach. Hope this helps!

Don't worry, Karo corn syrup is a good laxitve for the babies. However, I would not do it forever, just until the baby's bowels get stable. A week or two wont matter much.


Hello Vistoria
I had to do it with my little girl when she was a baby cuz she a trouble going to the bathroom and it helps. Cuz before I started using it she would scream and cry when she tried to go. The dr. was the one who told me to do it so it's ok for her to be putting it in every bottle.

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