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I am switching to Kaiser hospital in the next week or so and I was wondering if there were any referrals to a good OB/GYN in their network. More than like I will be going to the Kaiser off of Bruceville road in Sacramento.

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I use Patti Tilton. She's been great. And Kaiser is great about letting you switch Dr's if you dont care for one. You can look on the website and they all have their own webpages/bio's for you to review as well.

When you make an appt just tell them you had a preterm delivery the first time and want the high risk dr.

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Hi A.,

I work for Kaiser and know we have a ton of great doctors and nurses, the best part is, if you aren't crazy about your MD, you can SWITCH! I have had good experience working with all of the South Sacramento MDs, you may also consider Elk Grove Kaiser on Big Horn. Also I would encourage you to check out the provider webpages at www.kp.org, so you can read about each MD and RN and make a choice that you think would be best for you.

Good Luck!

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When you make an appt just tell them you had a preterm delivery the first time and want the high risk dr.

I have seen several of the NP and they are great. I had a issue and currently have Dr. Puccinelli and he is very nice and responds quick.

I dont know any of the DR's but the parking at the EG office is great!

I absolutely love Maureen Park. She's at the Elk Grove Kaiser on Big Horn (which is fairly close to the Bruceville facility). I used to live in the Elk Grove area and have since moved to the Cameron Park area and I still make the 50 minute drive down to see her. She's fantastic! Good luck in your search!

All three of my sons were delivered at Kaiser So. Sac (Bruceville). Puchinelli delivered my 2nd boy (as my OB at the time has just delivered her own son and was on maternity leave), and he is easy to talk to. My OB is Dr. Greg Herrera, and he has been an incredible doctor! I switched to him after my 2nd son was born & my OB moved to So. CA. I just can't say enough positive things about him! He's personable, extremely caring and empathetic, as well as being an incredible surgeon to. After my 2nd son was born I developed some fertility issue which Dr. Herrera diagnosed as due to hormonal issues. This made my high risk for my 3rd delivery. Fast forward several years to this past August. I was diagnosed with severely advanced endometriosis (big cyst, etc) and in need of an abdominal hysterectomy. It was absolutely incredible to know that my personal OB, that I was quite comfortable with, was also a highly skilled surgeon (mine was a very complicated surgery, and he handled is superbly - the scar is even smooth and clean, better than any of my previous C-sections scars).

Hi A.,
I delivered my daughter at Kaiser South and had no complaints. I had a great experience even though I ended up with a C section.
I now use Dr. Margaret Malloy. She listens and explains things until you are comfortable. My mom has Dr. Puccinelli (male) and loves him. He had checked on me during my labor with my daughter and was very personable, but I am more comfortable with a female.
Good luck on your search.

I go to the Elk Grove Kaiser and I see Dr.Dong. She is great! I switched to her when I went through my second miscarriage and she was wonderful during a difficult time. She was also my ob when I was able to carry my son to full term and again she was a great doctor.

Rebecca King is wonderful. She's at the Fair Oaks facility at Fair Oaks Blvd and Howe Avenue. She's been my ob for over 5 years now and I just adore her. She's always treated me with respect and dignity as well as with great empathy. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Good luck in your search. :)

If you are willing to go to the Kaiser offices in Sacramento near Arden Fair Mall, I can recommend the best OB! She was my doctor 6 years ago when I had my first child, and I can't say enough good things about her. Her name is Dr. Colleen Hendershot, her nurse is Janet Tyas. Just had my second child but we no longer had Kaiser so I couldn't use her. She deals especially with high-risk pregnancies, and since you had your first child early at 33 weeks, perhaps she would be available. Congrats on the new little one!

I am not sure if you are referring to the Elk Grove Kaiser or the South Sac Kaiser, but I see Dr. Sebastian at Elk Grove and think she is wonderful.

Just before delivery I had to switch locations and so I saw who ever was available at Elk Grove and they were all wonderful!!! I delivered at South Sac with the Most Amazing midwife, Debra!!!! She is so wonderful!!!!!

I have had great expierences both times with Kaiser South. My first son I saw Dr. Khurana he was then at Roseville. GREAT doctor. Then for my second son I had Dr. Malloy. Very nice lady. I did see Tilton a couple times and she was also great. They have a lot of great midwives there too. Both my sons were delivered by midwives. Debra Leist for my first son and Mage Mullcahey (not sure the spelling). Leist is very calming and peaceful. Mage... a jokester :) It made for an interesting birth!! Good Luck.

HI A.,
Well Kaiser also has some great midwives. I have had Debra a couple of times and she is sweet. (That was during delivery) I have Dr. Vang in Roseville and he is a great Christian man. He took great care of me. The one who said check out the web site is right on. It really helps in choosing a MD. Good luck.

I had my son at Kaiser back in 2005. My doctor was awesome. His name is Dr. Sanjeev Khurana. At the time I was seeing him he split his time between roseville and Morse ave. I'm not sure where he is anymore as I do not have kaiser now.

Good luck in your search!

Go to kaiser's website and then go to facility directory for the bruceville facility and take a look at each dr's website... it should at least show a picture of htem and where they were schooled, most dr's put stuff about themselves and their "practices" there... I picked my pcp that way. I actually see a ob/gyn in Vacaville, Dr. Filarsky and my Mom (also in VV) loves Dr. Snook. Good luck!

Dear A.,

Don't know if she is accepting any new patients but I recommend Cynthia Ramos. If you like straight shooters, a woman who will call a spade a spade and not beat around the bush - she is the ob for you. I don't have time to be babyied and want to get in and out and on w/ my day and hear what is what and what I need to do to get it set right or done. I work nights, have a 2 1/2 year old and another due any second (literally!) and appts cut into my precious time. She is the best for all of that. I switched to her on a recommendation after being frustrated w/ my first ob. Small woman who seemed afraid of her own shadow, and we just didn't mix, if you can't tell, I am kinda fast forward person and give me the bottom line first, I will ask questions if I have any afterward.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

Hi A.! When I used to live in the Sacramento area I went to the Kaiser in Rancho Cordova. I had the BEST Ob/Gyn there! Her name is Jacklyn McKay. When I got married I moved 2 hours away...and my job didn't offer Kaiser, so I had to give her up! If you can get to those offices (they are nice) see if you can get her as your MD. She was SO wonderful!!! My Mom still goes to her and still loves her! Good luck!

I don't know if driving any further is an option for you, it's almost an hour but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kaiser OB at Kaiser Vallejo. His name is Peter Coffin. He's really really nice and listens and I would recomend him to anyone.

I knwo that's a 45 minute drive though. I however would do it if needed.


I use Patti Tilton. She's been great. And Kaiser is great about letting you switch Dr's if you dont care for one. You can look on the website and they all have their own webpages/bio's for you to review as well.

Hi A.,

I delievered at Sutter Roseville, so I didn't actually use Kaiser. But, one of my customers is an MD at Kaiser on Bruceville road and he is the sweetest man. His name is Dr. Gregory Herrera and he is an OB/GYN and also specializes in Infertility and reproductive endocrinology.
Can't hurt to meet him! Good luck!

I just delivered my first baby w/Kaiser on October 29. I really liked my Kaiser OB. Her name is Michelle Edwards DO. She is in the Roseville Kaiser. I had some really serious complications and she always listened to me, which I really liked.

I went to South Sac Kaiser and I had NP Baskins and really liked her. She is very gentle and quick. Really good personality. I had Dr. Macias. Nice lady but rough with the hands so if that doesn't bother you, she is a good doctor. I did see another OB at my 6wk check that I REALLY LIKED but I can't remember her name. All I can remember is that she is blond and she was very gentle so if you see a picture of a young (late 30's to 40's in age), pick her because its probably her. Good luck

I have Dr. Alexander Locke II, I really like him he's very nice and listens.

Hi A.,
I live in Carmichael and refuse to drive on the freeways but I still drive 45-60 mins just to see my OB/GYN in Elk Grove because she is that fantastic. My OB is Dr. Maureen Park but I have also seen NP Mary Carter & just had an appointment with Dr. Rachel Dong today. And I have yet to have a negative experience with any of them.
I had been with a dr at the Point West Facility near Arden Fair Mall and she was my OB for 13 years and through two pregnancies. And although she was ok I never really felt too comfortable with or and didnt ever get the sense that she cared. Then at the beginning of my last pregnancy I had a really bad experience with her blowing me off when I would come to her with problems it got to the point where I wouldn't even call her with issues because I was worried about what she would say to me, when a friend reccommended Dr. Park I hestantly switched.. But Boy am I Glad I did. Never in my life have I had a Dr who I felt sincerly cared about me and my well-being.
She even called me at home on her own time after I had my baby to tell me congratulations and make sure eerything was going ok. My last OB didn't even tell me congrats at my 6 wk appt with my other two kids.
I guess in a very long winded way Im saying go to Dr Park if you can but if not EVERYONE at the Elk Grove facility is so great I doubt you could go wrong with anyone you get.

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