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Just Turned Two. What About Crib?

My son turned two yesterday. along with about a million other questions, i wonder when most people consider their child too old for the crib?? Ethan still throws himself around so much in his sleep, there's no way i'd convert his bed to a toddler bed today. but when do many people do this? And is there never the scare they'll roll off the end?? Do they just learn not to after one bad experience? I worry about Ethan getting out of his crib (flipping over top) but he's small for his age and definitely can't do that yet. I just wonder about the toddler bed and when is it safe, and how do you know when it's safe?? I don't sleep with my son (not even to nap) and whenI do lay down with him, it's like i'm more of a distraction. so, i'm not in there to know! advice is helpful, thanks.

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Thanks to everyone... my son can't get out of his crib yet, but i'll take the mattress suggestion when he can.

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Keep him in for as long as you possibly can! Once a child has freedom, it throws off nap schedules and bedtime. If he's not climbing out or potty training, let it be.

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If it's not broken don't fix it!! Lol!! I left mine in the crib as long as I could. They were close to 3, as long as they aren't trying to climb out I let them be. It is so much easier, no worries about them falling out of bed, or getting up and wandering.

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We went to a toddler bed when my son started climbing out and fell to the floor doing so. I thought he learned the first time, but when he did it again, we got the toddler bed. I felt he was much too little, not because of throwing himself around but because I wanted him to stay in bed at night and not keep getting up - but the bars weren't working for that, and he adjusted well. He was 2.

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I would leave my kids in their cribs til they start kindergarten if I could.

Seriously, though, you will know it is time for a big bed when your son is climbing out of his crib. Until then, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There is nothing wrong with a two or three year-old sleeping in a crib.

When he is out of the crib you may have to deal with him wandering the house at all hours, not to mention not staying in bed at bedtime, better that he remain contained for as long as it works.

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Keep him in his crib until he shows signs of crawling out.

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Our daughter was climbing out of her bed at 1 year.

It was ok the first time, but the day my husband saw her head first coming over the rail with her feet in the air, we knew it was time to get her out of there. She could have broken her neck, with that big 'ol head, hee, hee.

We took the whole thing apart and just put the crib mattress on the floor in a corner. We put up a gate across her door .

She was really young to have to understand to stay in bed. So if she woke up she would either cry or start calling us and shaking the gate we would give her a few minutes, if she did not stop, we would lead her back to bed and tell her time to sleep.

A few months later we purchased a queen bed. Again started off with just the mattresses on the floor in a corner, that was just a week, then we set the whole thing up..

She was tiny in that big bed, but she had lots of books and stuffed animals on there. There was 1 night she rolled onto the floor and woke up crying.. After that she only fell out maybe 2 times in all of those years.. I would find her on the floor asleep next to the bed wrapped in her blankets.

Yes, there were times we had to walk her back to her bed. Or had to read more books.

We did discover as the time changed, we had to put up quilts to block out the light.

We also had a loud neighbor child right next door that could wake the dead with her laughter and voice, so we had to play some quiet music or a book on tape to block that sound. She also liked her room really cool so we had a fan on even during the winter.

So if he is sleeping well, do not rush it. But if he starts trying to get out. Just take the ides off. Even if he roll out, it is low enough he will not hurt himself, but may be startled.

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I transferred my DD when she was closer to 19 months. She was climbing out and getting her legs stuck in the slats, so I decided it was time.

She was a VERY active sleeper... She fell off the bed almost every night for the first week, (Her bed didn't have a rail on one of the sides... so I put down a folded, thick blanket for her to land on.) She would cry for me, and I would pick her up, cuddle her, and put her back to bed. After that first week she stopped falling off.

She actually stayed in bed REALLY well! She never climbed out on her own for the first few months... then she discovered that she could climb out. I had a couple of weeks of walking her back to bed and completely ignoring her 'stay up longer' antics. Once she realized she wasn't going to be allowed to stay up, she started staying in her own bed.

As far as the safety goes... I feel like once they start climbing, even if not out of the crib yet, a toddler bed is safer. It's what, 1 1/2 feet off the ground? (as opposed to the 4 feet of a crib's railing.) They are MADE for toddlers, and it's pretty much expected they will fall out. Not to mention the slat thing. My poor DD's legs were majorly bruised when she tried to climb out, failed, and got stuck.
When you decide to make the switch, just make sure that the room is baby proofed... (You know, outlet covers, chords out of reach, no furniture that can be climbed high on or light enough to be pulled over...) As long as the room itself is safe, you don't have much to worry about. :)

~Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that cribs are dangerous... not at all... just that toddler beds aren't any more dangerous. My own DD needed switched early, but that was just our own personal experience. Every kid is different, and will be ready at their own age. :)

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As long as he's not climbing out don't worry about moving him. Once you do you can start him out with his mattress on the floor until he learns the imaginary boundaries, which happens at about age 3, and then put the mattress on the frame.

And to be honest, my guy turned 3 in April and I still find him with an arm or leg over the side sometimes, he's never fallen out, (there's a guard rail at the top half) and he's a thrasher ; )

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My philosophy is to NEVER take a baby out of a crib unless they are too big or climbing out! None of mine ever climbed out, so for us, they were moved out around age 3.
I'm pregnant now and due soon, but our 2 yo is still in the crib. So, this new one will not get that crib yet! A newborn can sleep in a bassinet, but I am not about to mess with my good-sleeping toddler! LOL!

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We moved my son to a toddler bed when he was two and a half because he was potty-training. We knew he was ready. He follows directions well and had a very advanced comprehension, so we never had trouble with him getting out of bed in the middle of the night or anything like that.

My daughter is about to turn two, and I'll be very surprised if she is ready at two and a half. She has climbed out of her crib twice, so now we put her in sleep-sacks so that she can't get one leg over the rail, and that solved that problem, thank goodness. She's just more impulsive, a bit less obedient, and more likely to get into trouble if she has run of the house! As long as she doesn't figure out how to climb out with a sleep-sack on, I imagine she'll be in her crib for quite a while yet!

My pediatrician said three is about the recommended time to move a child, but stressed that this is just a very general suggestion, not a deadline. As long as your child isn't climbing out and isn't over the weight-limit, there is no need to rush things!

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Keep him in for as long as you possibly can! Once a child has freedom, it throws off nap schedules and bedtime. If he's not climbing out or potty training, let it be.

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