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Just Found Out I'm Pregnant (At 40) and I'm 30 Lbs. Overweight! Help!

Hello fellow mommies!

I just found out that I'm pregnant....we are talking early, early stages.....like maybe 2 weeks and I'm concerned about my weight. I am 40, almost 41, and I'm about 30 lbs. overweight. This will be my 3rd child and I'm absolutely ecstatic about being pregnant. Yes, I was trying and this is no accident :)
I am a big walker and I plan on walking every day. Food is a weakness for me and I really want this pregnancy to go well and to be healthy. Do any of you have any advice or good websites that can help me get some good nutritional advice. Is it possible maybe to lose some of this weight and still be nutritionally sound? I normally gain about 40 lbs. with pregnancies which would put me way up there by the end of the 9 months.....yikes! Let me know if any of you have had any similar situations. I just want the best for this little person that has begun inside me!

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I followed the nutritional advice of the Bradley Birthing Method. A lot of their course was emphasizing nutrition...especially how much protein you eat.I would not go on a weight-loss program now....just focus on feeding your body the protein it needs and with walking...you will be much healthier than before no matter what the scale says.


Hope you find this information helpful.

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How wonderful, God bless you and your growing family!

Try to eat 6 meals a day (protein with carb), so you never get truly hungry and want to binge. For example: an apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter, a yogurt with 10 almonds, cottage cheese with a small can of mandarin oranges. Your portion size for lunch and dinner should be protein the size of the palm of your hand, carbs the size of your fist, and as many vegetables as you want anytime. Eat whole grains, much more filling than processed. Your body weight divided by 2 is how many ounces of water you should drink every day. Water and fiber (whole grains and vegetables) are a natural appetite suppressant, yet important for good health. You and your baby will get plenty of good nutrients with this plan and your walking routine will help you burn unnecessary fat. Good Luck!

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Oh Congratulations :)
I really would like to help you explore some options, I am hosting a Wellness Presentation tomorrow evening at 7pm in Corinth. Contact me at ###-###-#### if you would like directions. It is completely free and I think you will really enjoy the info. The company I work with Melaleuca has the only prenatal vitamins that have an 85% solubility which means your body actually gets what it needs. Bobbie McCauley, mother of septuplets took our prenatals for this reason. Also I used them during my pregnancy and still take them now. You will not have iron issues if you know what I mean due to the increased solubility. We also offer Omega 3 supplements and great Fiber choices. Adding the correct fiber to your daily meal plan will allow you to get rid of toxins and in turn you may lose some weight, I know I have.
Blessings to you!
PS I homeschool my 5 year old too :) Feel free to bring the girls if you need to :)

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I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor. Although YOU SHOULD NOT DIET while pregnant we have meal replacement shakes and meal bars that are very nutritional that you could use to supplement your diet and help you maintain while getting the nutrition you and your baby need. Losing weight may need to go on the back burner for awhile. Feel free to email me if you would like to hear about them. CONGRATULATIONS!

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I'm in your exact same boat. I'm about 30 lbs over, too. I've tried really cleaning up my diet (eating more fruits, veggies) and cut out the sugars, flour, starches...And I've started exercising with Wii Fit every morning.

I think making those lifestyle changes, pregnant or not, is a good thing. Good luck to you :)

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I am currently pregnant with my third and overweight by about the same. I drink tons of water & try to watch my carbs (for me that is my weakness & it's also what makes me gain) I eat only whole grain breads (whole grain is the best & is different than whole wheat) & try to watch my pasta & rice, when I have it I try to only eat about 1/2 a serving of that & eat more veggies. also watch your veggies that are high in carbs such as potatos & carrots. I am not trying to "diet" but really I am just eating how I should be all the time so I gain only minimal weight. I must say that my morning sickness actually helped me out a little because I couldn't keep much down for weeks & ended up losing weight before I started gaining. For my weight my dr. recommended I gain only 15lbs. I am still under that just from eating right. Good luck! & congrats!!

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Congrats!!! I can tell you this, eat healthy and drink a lot of water. I have been a little overweight all of my life. I had my last child at the age of 32, however, I only gained 6 lbs during my whole pregnancy. I get really healthy when I'm pregnant, I think it's mental, but whatever it is, I eat much better. I stop drinking soda all together, I have about one a day. I drank a lot of water. I did walk more too, I didn't starve myself by any means, I just ate healthier. I craved fruits, especially watermelon when I was pregnant.
Since you walk now that's great, I wouldn't add too much. Your precious little one does need good amount of food, and the walking will get more oxygen going through your bloodstream.
Enjoy your pregnancy! God Bless!

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Congrad's! You can always do Weight Watchers while you are pregnant you just need to allow for extra points to feed your baby. If you go to a meeting they can help you calculate the amount of points you need. It is a great, healthy way to diet and it teaches you the good/bad things to eat.

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A dr. of nutriton gave me some advice a year or so ago, and eathing fresh veggies and fruits of course, but she said eat a snack the size of the palm of your hand mid morning and maybe afternoon, keeps you from being too hungry at meal time, and the snacks could be almonds, walnuts, or a left over peice of chicken. somethng that wasn't sweet, as sweets make you hungry, besides the calories. Cut down on fried, and sweets, of course. A receipe I found that is healthy is chicken brests put in a pan with some olive oil drizzled on it , cover with chopped garlic, (you can buy some in a little jar in olive ile at the grocery, if you don't want to get the whole, bake for 20 to 30 min. it is quick and tasty, doesn't seem like a (diet food) Also you can saute green onions, green or red bell peppers, mushrooms, yellow squash , maybe a little brocolli or whatever veggie you have in a little olive oil and it is real tasty and very little caleries. Keep up the walking and I think you'll be fine.

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I had to go on a diabetes diet for gestational diabetes and it was GREAT! I was about 15 lbs overweight, and didn't gain too much while pregnant. Of course, temptation got me after the baby was born and I went off the diet (SIGH!)

Anyway - the key was balancing protein/fats, carbs, and vegetables, and not having more than 2 servings of carbs with each meal (30 grams). Also, attention to portion size (palm of your hand for most things) was important. You can eat ANYTHING on this diet, if you eat it the right way - example - I had CHILI FRIES!!! just a smaller portion - fries/carbs, chili/veggies & protein. Super tasty. Had a salad with it and voila!

Also, on this diet you ate 6 TIMES per day. Breakfast, snack about 2 hours later, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Snacks were also protein/carb combo for energy and balanced sugar intake.

You might be able to find something at your library or online to use as a guideline. Good luck!

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