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Just taking a poll...how many of you have used a product called the Miracle Blanket??? What was your experience with it? Do you really think it made a difference. I'm just curious to see what other people think of it. Thanks for your input.

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I didn't like it long term. With swaddling parents have to be aware of risks associated with hip dysplasia. Plus once babies are strong enough to wiggle their way out of the swaddle the blanket becomes unsafe. Loose blankets and bedding could increase the risks of SIDS. I like the Halo Sleepsack swaddle. The swaddle feature only goes across the arms and chest area. Baby's legs are covered and warm, but the sleepsack is loose enough that baby can still wiggle and kick. I also liked that we could swaddle our baby arms in or out. I prefer the Halo wearable blankets. I thought they were much more practical and promoted safe sleeping.

Amazing product!! I wish I would have had it for my oldest dd who was and still is a terrible sleeper. We used it for our youngest daughter and she is a great sleeper. We also used the Swaddle Me blankets. Those work really well also. They use velcro and are a little easier to wrap your little one in. Both products are definitely worth every penny!!

YES!!!! This was a lifesaver with my 2nd baby and I wish soooo much that I had bought one for when my daughter was newborn. We could tell that our son enjoyed it because as soon as we started wrapping him in it, he would calm down. I highly recommend it to anyone with a baby that is colicky.

I used it for the first 4 months of my daughters life. She was colicky and always wanted to be held, so this was truly my lifesaver, I would recommend it to anyone having problems getting their baby to sleep on their own!

I did not use the Miracle Blanket for my 11 month old; I didn't really need to; however, my best friend did use it for her now 8 1/2 month old and she swears by it. She said it was the best purchase ever for him. Good Luck.

Love, love, LOVE IT! My baby would only sleep for 45 minutes at a time all through the night. I was so exhausted. With the Miracle Blanket, she would sleep several HOURS at a time. Saved my life. We stopped using it when she was around 3 1/2 or 4 months. I thought the transition would be hard, but it was easy... by that point she was used to sleeping for several hours.

I've not used the Miracle Blanket, but after receiving advice about calming down my fussy baby through a request here, I SWEAR by swaddling my baby when he gets wound up and for bedtime. I use a Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe wrap and he is soothed within minutes. It's literally saved my sanity, not to mention has allowed my 4 1/2 week old son to get on a 'sleep schedule' for night time (eat around 10, sleep til 2 and eat again, sleep til 6 and eat again), which is something I can totally deal with!

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