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Jury Duty with Baby?

Hi there. I just got a summons for Jury Duty and I'm really stressing out over it because I don't know what to expect. I can put my baby in daycare for the two weekdays, but I don't know if I can make it back in time before the daycare closes, and my husband works odd hours, I can tell him to pick her up and just hope he does :( The summons says for those two days or the length of the trial served. Have any of you done this, do they keep you there late into the night? They recommend taking the bus instead of driving because they don't pay for parking, and I'm afraid of taking the bus late at night. Have any of you had to do this, and what can I expect? Any advice or reassurance is greatly appreciated, many thanks! *Peace*!
EDIT... I sent in my juror questionnaire with a note that I had to be able to pick up my daughter at daycare before 6:00. I'm hoping someone gets back to me on that. I'm still scared to take the bus at night but if they can promise me I can pick up my daughter maybe I should just serve and get it over with. I appreciate all of your thoughtful responses, many thanks to you all! *Peace*!

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Hi everyone! I just finished my Jury Duty. I had to be there Monday at 9am and waited all day and didn't get picked. I got let out around 4pm and took the bus home and was able to pick up my daughter on time. The cool thing about yesterday though, was they had a blood drive, so I got to donate,so I feel like I did something constructive. I was told to come back at 8:30 today, so I did, and waited 'til noon, then was dismissed with a letter I could take to my employer. So my worst fears about being kept late didn't come true, and even though it would've been cool to have been picked, I'm glad my Jury Duty is over for now. Many thanks to all who wrote me! *Peace*! :)

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Try and get out of jury duty. Tell them your husband and you are seperated having marriage difficulty and your the sole caregiver.

I'd be screwed too if I was summoned. I am a single mom to 2 and have no help, no daycare so I know where you are coming from you can't put your life on hold and tell your kids to fend for themselves mommy has jury duty.

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I would NOT lie.......

Usually you just call in the night before and see if you actually have to show up. More often than not, even if you have to stay for the day, you get let out early....

Ask a relative or a teen babysitter if they could be "on call" in case you would get delayed. OR could you talk to your provider and ask her to help you out??? (IF it's a center, I doubt they would but I did childcare for 5 years and ALWAYS worked with my parents who had something come up!)

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Hello...I had jury duty a couple years ago...and I saw you are from Milwaukee...I am too:) Anyway, I actually called the number and was able to reschedule it a couple times...they actually asked me what date/day I preferred and I was able to make it for a time when my husband was off of work (I stay home with my kids during the day and don't really have any options for someone to watch them if need be)--he's a teacher so I did it over his spring break. I started on a Monday and it went until Thursday...it all depends on whether or not you get picked for a trial or not and how long it lasts. I don't believe they ever kept us past 4pm...probably would be 5 at the latest...it started at 8am every day. I didn't take the bus; my husband dropped me off...I know there's a parking garage but you have to pay and street parking is VERY limited. Anyway, I don't know if you could call and try to reschedule like I did maybe for a more convenient time...hope this helps; let me know if you have any other questions.

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I have been summoned a couple of times and excused because I stay home and care for my children during the day. I wrote a letter stating this and had no problem being excused.

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I also have been summoned several times to federal court. Call the number and tell them you are the sole provider for your child without childcare other than you. You should be released from the list.

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I've been summoned twice.

The first time, I was never selected, and there didn't happen to have that many trials going those days, so I ended up being able to leave mid-day.

The second time, I did have a conflict with the original dates, so I followed the instructions to get assigned to another day. When my new dates did come up, I was selected to be on a jury. It ended up being a one day case and we deliberated just long enough that supper was provided, but I want to say we were done around 7pm.

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My Uncle is a court officer and no lie... he says if you're chewing gum during the Jury selection you will not be picked. Sounds crazy huh! He has no idea why it is, but it's been like that for the 30 years he's been w/ the courts.

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I wouldn't lie, but I would present my case to them using as much of the difficulty of appearing in jury duty as possible. I got out of it once because we lived in one county, and I taught and had daycare in another--about 30 miles, or a 50 minute drive, away, and I would have had to drive my son to daycare (50 min) and drive back to where the courthouse was (1 hr 15 min) just to start my day, and then do it all again at the end of the day. I think I've also heard of breastfeeding moms getting out, so if that applies, use it, although your daughter is 22 months and if you're still nursing, she probably doesn't actually need it during the day.

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